Although Zhang Yuhuan was not suspected of a crime, he was still isolated after returning to the village

 Although Zhang Yuhuan was not suspected of a crime, he was still isolated after returning to the village

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On the afternoon of Zhang Yuhuans return home, in Wuhan City, more than 400 kilometers away from Zhangjia village, Zhang Youling, a village doctor in zhangyuhuan village, has been paying close attention to Zhang Yuhuans news with her mobile phone.

On July 9 this year, when the Jiangxi Provincial High Court held a retrial of the Zhang Yuhuan case, Zhang Youling went to the Jiangxi Provincial High Court. She thought that Zhang Yuhuan would be acquitted in court that day, but the court announced that she would be sentenced on another day. At the time of the real sentence, he failed to go to Nanchang to watch Zhang Yuhuans acquittal.

Knowing that Zhang Yuhuan has been acquitted, Zhang Youling feels that the burden that has been buried in her heart for more than ten years can finally be put down. The case of Zhang Yuhuan was caused by me. If I had not advised the family members of the murdered child to report the case, there would have been no injustice in the past 27 years. I have always kept this matter in my mind. Zhang Youling said to the interface news.

In recent years, Zhang Youling often recalled that day in 1993. At noon, he heard that the bodies of two children missing in the village were found in Xiamatang reservoir, so she rode her bicycle there. When he saw the bodies of the two children, their families were ready to bury them.

Zhang Youling saw obvious strangulation marks on both sides of the childs cheek, points as big as thumb, and signs of congestion in many places. One of the children had finger marks on his neck, no mud in his mouth and no water in his abdominal cavity.

He told the family members of the victim that it was a murder and asked the family members to report the case immediately. The murder case was thus torn open. The murder case caused a sensation in Zhangjia village at that time. The police blocked the village and investigated the villagers one by one. The villagers were panicked.

A few days after the incident, Zhang Yuhuan was taken away by the police as a suspect, and the police announced that the case was solved. The circumstances of the case announced by the police were very detailed. At that time, people in our village believed that Zhang Yuhuan had killed the child, and they had no idea that he had been forced to confess. Zhang Youling recalled.

In 2002, Zhang Youling went to the prison to visit a prisoner, and said to Zhang Youling, there is a man named Zhang Yuhuan in your village. He is unjust in prison every day. He commits suicide and makes trouble. Everyone is disturbed and hates him. At this time, Zhang Youling began to know that Zhang Yuhuan was wronged in prison.

Over the years, Zhang Minqiang and Zhang Yuhuan have sent thousands of letters of complaint. Photo source: Liang Zhou / photo

Zhang Yuhuan was called peanuts by his prison friends because everyone thought he was going to be shot. Later, Zhang Youling also heard a policeman say that peanuts did not vindicate him, or he would have gone out early. Hearing this, Zhang Youling felt uncomfortable, and he began to feel that Zhang Yuhuan was really wronged.

In 2017, Zhang Youling couldnt help but talk about the case with a reporter who had a close relationship with her. The reporter provided him with the contact information of two lawyers, one named Wang Fei and the other named Shang Manqing. Zhang Youling also found Zhang Minqiang and told him the story.

For more than a decade before that, Zhang Minqiang and his family members and Zhang Yuhuan had been complaining, insisting on writing a complaint every week. The Supreme Peoples court, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, the central political and Legal Commission, the National Peoples Congress and other departments sent them by turns, but the case has never progressed.

There may be 1000 letters of complaint sent by Zhang Yuhuan and I. in 2008, we received a reply from the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, saying that our letter has been received and transferred to Jiangxi Provincial High Court for handling. We were happy for a long time, and later the case also stagnated. Zhang Minqiang said.

In January 2017, Wang Fei received information about the Zhang Yuhuan case from a Jiangxi reporter, and he began to pay attention to the case. After reading the verdict, Wang Fei felt that the case was very problematic and the evidence was seriously inadequate. The facts of the crime identified in the judgment were also very suspicious, which was not consistent with common sense in terms of criminal motive.

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