Time makes everyone gentle

 Time makes everyone gentle

For your sharp and piercing edges and corners, they will gently say: because I always know that you are such a person.

They may no longer stand on your side without any principle as before, firmly attacking all forces against you. At this age, their focus is whether you are happy or not.

Occasionally think of their own age, has gone through 30 years of life, sometimes trance always feel that they still have a lot of time can waste the little girl, but it seems not long ago.

On second thought, it is hard to believe that time has passed so quickly because of too little growth in recent years. But paradoxically, there are many things happened in these years.

I remember telling my friends some time ago that I was so sad, why my parents are getting old, I havent really grown up, how can they be old.

I also remember telling my old friend two days ago that I was really tired to live in this high consumption city, but I still couldnt do so well without stopping efforts.

But when were sad, what we really want is someone to help you identify the pros and cons of a fork in the road? Sometimes, a sentence that doesnt matter, sounds like theres no principle or irrelevant tone, but its enough to motivate people.

Self reliance is a person with high self-demand. Although I occasionally hesitate about the way to go, after experiencing some choices and reluctance, I gradually understand that everything will become clear in the end.

Sometimes the mood is a little bad, but life, should be far from bad.

What I love, what I love, what I love, what I love, what I love, what I love, what I love, what I love, what I love, what I love, what I love, what I love, what I love.

In the past two years, I occasionally heard old friends say that you are no longer so stupid.

The performance is proud, but the heart is always a little depressed. If you can, dont you just prove that you have something to rely on.

If we say that after leaving school, a great change of concept is that children are just as righteous as ever, and adults weigh the pros and cons, then this time the concept change is probably as follows:

There is no need to weigh the pros and cons and live to the fullest.

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