This is street dance 3: Wang Yibo is forced to open a business, and he is very shy and coquettish

 This is street dance 3: Wang Yibo is forced to open a business, and he is very shy and coquettish


Huang Bos IQ and EQ are among the best in the entertainment industry. Acting is the power of the bar, which makes people speechless. I cant believe hes still the king of dance. In fact, I already knew this in some interviews a long time ago. But at the scene of this is street dance 3, I saw him dancing in front of hip-hop dance students. I believe it. He really has the demeanor of a master dancer. Wang Yibo, Zhang Yixing, Wang Jiaer and Zhong Hanliang, sitting in front of Huang Bo, looked like good students. That picture is so cute.


However, thank him for his praise of Wang Yibo. Ha, Wang Yibo doesnt have to blush. Mr. Huang Bo said: Yibo participated in a program together before Yibo. He also taught others how to dance. At that time, he exclaimed that it was so good-looking, it was necessary to be so comprehensive and dance so well. The standard of movements, expressive force, including the movements of girls, were very good. It was really a kind of performance ability. Yes, Wang Yibo was a tutor in creation 101. He also took the students to dance the womens group dance. OK - as Huang Bo said, Wang Yibos expression is good.


However, Wang Yibo just finished. Over there, Huang Bo starts to do something wrong. Wang Yibo is a good boy and can only follow Huang Bos instructions to complete the task. But this is really too difficult for baby, he still honestly accept Huang Bos remote control. Huang Bo encourages Wang Yibo to dig at the foot of the wall. He believes it. He directly targets dating. The dancer is all-round and has good choreography. Wang Yibo thus slowly rushed to the target. Huang Bo gives instructions: Wang Yibo is required to put on a greasy look and wink to let dating drink water.


In the face of big Ting, Wang Yibo is really at a loss. Huang Bo is still playing with the children. Poor Wang Yibo can only do what Huang Bo says. For a moment, my mind was in disorder in the wind. I saw him: with a smile on his face, clenching his teeth and clenching his fist, he was particularly shy. After hearing the incredible instructions, I still have to continue to sell cute to the end. The most pitiful, or in the dark big ting. Wang Yibo is still blowing the bottle of mineral water, which seems to be very hot. The bottle is still moving around in your hand. Is this magic?


Da Ting looked at Wang Yibo with such vigilance: he first held hands affectionately, then looked at himself with affection and said a paragraph, and then acted coquettish to himself: drink it quickly. Oh, my God. The sounds have changed a lot. On the other side of the screen, Huang Bo and other captains are all laughing and falling back, and Wang Yibo has a face full of love. Even if dating is thirsty after practicing dancing, she doesnt dare to drink the mineral water handed over by Wang Yibo. Wang Yibo, you are no longer cool. (article / piaoyutang) I also saw once again that Wang Yibo was forced to open up business, and people were hard to dismantle.


Just, whats the reaction after Da Ting knows the truth? Ha ha, Im looking forward to knowing the result