US media report: trump wants to add his statue to the presidents mountain!

 US media report: trump wants to add his statue to the presidents mountain!

In Rushmore National Memorial Park, there are four famous portraits of former presidents in American history. They are Washington, Jefferson, old Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt) and Lincoln. These four presidents are considered to represent the history of the United States since the founding of the peoples Republic of China.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park is the most famous tourist attraction in South Dakota. It is also known as the Presidents mountain because there are statues of heads of four former US presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. Now, according to US media reports, current president trump also wants to add his statue to the presidential hill.

Business insider: according to reports, the White House asked the governor of South Dakota how to add another president on Mount Rushmore, and the governor of South Dakota later gave trump a 4-foot-high replica with Trumps face on it

The New York Times recently quoted a Republican source as saying that a white house assistant contacted the office of Republican Kristi NOEM, governor of South Dakota, last year and asked about the process of adding more head sculptures to Rushmore mountain.

According to the report, trump is very interested in Mount Rushmore and hopes his face can appear next to the statues of the four former presidents. In the face of Trumps demands, Noam was not surprised. NOM said trump made the request when they first met in the Oval Office.

He said, Christie, come here. I shook his hand and said, Mr. President, you should come to South Dakota sometime. We have Mount Rushmore. . And he said, you know, its my dream to have my face on Mount Rushmore.. I started to laugh, (but) he didnt, so he was serious

It is worth noting that, according to the New York Times, when trump, as a close friend of trump, went to Mount Rushmore in early July to deliver a speech to celebrate Independence Day, Noam used a 4-foot-long model with Trumps face engraved to greet the arrival of the US president.

On July 3, Trump and his wife Melania attended the Independence Day celebration on Mount Rushmore.

The news comes at a time when there are rumors that Noam may replace vice president burns as Trumps running mate in the 2020 general election, but the New York Times quoted a source as saying that norm had indicated to burns that she would not try to replace him.

However, the website business insider said in a report that it was impossible to add another head statue on Mount Rushmore.

Picture of trump (left) and Christie nome

Pick a mountain, Noam said to trump.

Trump: Ive done more for black Americans than anyone else except Lincoln

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Trump: Ive done more for black people than anyone else, probably worse than lyncan

Ive done more for black Americans than anyone else, except maybe Abraham Lincoln. On July 22, local time, in the face of criticism from Biden, the formidable enemy of the general election, trump once again moved out of former President Lincoln to correct his name.

Trump spoke at the press conference on the 22nd. Source: NBC

According to the reports of Capitol Hill and NBC, Biden attacked Trumps comments on the new coronavirus when he attended an event on the same day. Before Bidens speech, a South Korean immigrant shared his experience of receiving racial discrimination in supermarkets and expressed concern about Trumps use of the Chinese virus.. NBC said Biden was angry at her story and attacked trump for spreading racist remarks.

Capitol Hill: trump compared himself with Lincoln in response to Bidens racist accusations

The way he treats people depends on their skin color, their nationality, where they come from, which is absolutely disgusting, Biden said. No president in office has ever done anything like this, never, never, never.

Biden went on to say, there are racists among us, theyve been there, theyre trying to be president, but hes the first one to do that. His way of making people compete with each other is to split the country and the people, not to unite them.

Biden map

For Bidens remarks, trump made a response at the White House press conference on the same day.

Before the end of the press conference, when asked about Bidens calling him a racist, trump said before turning away from the briefing room that he had contributed most to the black community, except for former President Lincoln.

Ive done more for black Americans than anyone else, except maybe Abraham Lincoln. No one is closer to him than I am. Trump said.

Capitol Hill mentioned that since taking office, trump has frequently faced racist charges. He promoted the groundless conspiracy theory that the first black president, former President Obama, was not born in the United States. He called African countries cesspit States, claiming that Mexico was sending criminals across the border, and suggested that four ethnic minority women legislators should return to their countries, even though three of the four were born in the United States.

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