The third generation of the rich took drugs to drive a Ferrari and killed the police. He escaped by private plane. He was acquitted of a good grandfather

 The third generation of the rich took drugs to drive a Ferrari and killed the police. He escaped by private plane. He was acquitted of a good grandfather

In this way, hard-working Gran Poulos was admitted to the citys University, and after graduation into the police station, became the first person in this ordinary family to eat official food. But he didnt forget his roots. He helped his parents pay for medical insurance, subsidized a sister suffering from cancer, and in the future he helped a nephew go to college.

Behind the granpoulos motorcycles, a silver black Ferrari is coming at a gallop. The driver is wallayu, 27, and his face is bright and rich. He stepped on the gas pedal and enjoyed the roar of the multi million dollar car with banknotes.

Wallayu in Red Bull Racing Suit

Warayu is the young master of Thailands rich family. He shouts that the golden spoon was born. His family ranks second on the list of Thailands richest people. And he had all this, thanks to his grandfather. Walayus grandfather came from rural China. When he was young, Thailand became a duck peddler. However, he accidentally invented a drink. After drinking it, he could refresh his mind and be full of energy. His grandfather gave this drink a resounding name:

Red Bull.

In 2012, at the age of 90, Xu Shubiao, the founder of Red Bull group and the grandfather of wallayu, completed his legendary life. He has been very low-key all his life. Although he is one of the worlds richest people, and although the Red Bull logo has been pasted all over the major sports venues and sponsored a number of football clubs and extreme sports, Xu Shubiao has always maintained an approachable dress, and has not been interviewed by any media for 30 years.

In an instant, the electric light flint, the granpoulos motorcycle was rear ended by the silver and black Ferrari of wallayu. At the moment of collision, the speed of Ferrari reached 177 km / h. The huge impact force let Ferrari pop out the airbag and the bumper was smashed.

It was the first encounter between grampulos and vorayau, and their destinies were as different as their families.

After applying for a search warrant, more than a dozen policemen went into the house of the Thai rich man. The fact is clear, because the silver and black Ferrari that caused the accident was parked in the middle of the yard. The sunken front of the car and the air bag popped out silently told a tragedy.

Later, a suspect was pushed out by the Xu family and handed it to the police, but not wallayu, but the driver of the manor. However, the police soon found that the driver was just a scapegoat when he came out of the bag. The driver was the young owner of the luxury manor and the future successor of Red Bull group, wallayu.

After smelling the bloody smell, the worlds major media flocked to Red Bull group and the Xu family became the center of the storm. Xu Shubiao didnt expect that his 30-year silence in front of the media was broken by his grandson with a century scandal.

In the blood of walayu, Thai police found excessive alcohol and illegal drugs.

Thus, in Thailand, prosecutors charged him with speeding, dangerous driving and escaping after causing death.

Grampuloss brother told the media:

We believe in Thai law.

Walayu appeared at the police station

Bangkoks public security chief karoway also made a promise to the media:

I will not let this police brother not get the sunshine of justice after his death, and I will resign if the criminals are not brought to justice!

But for these accusations, vorayus lawyers explained them with very good reasons

Drunk driving? Thats because walayu drank his fathers wine to calm his nerves after the crash home;

Poison driving? Thats because walayu took the pain medication prescribed by the dentist the day before the accident;

Escape? Wallayoun left the scene to hurry up and tell his father.

As for the charge of speeding, the lawyer also found out the key witness. A man named jarucat madeton said that he saw the Silver Black Ferrari of vorayu at a safe speed of 80 km / h, but it was the grypoulos police motorcycle that suddenly changed lanes without warning, causing wallayu to dodge.

Thai netizens ridiculed wallayas treatment of toothache with illegal drugs in the form of cartoon

Walayu seems to have a lot of reasons to refute the charges, but when the Thai court issued a subpoena against him, he disappeared from the public view

In fact, shortly after the accident, wallayu was released on bail by his father, the current boss of Red Bull group of Thailand and the son of Xu Shubiao, with the sum of 500000 baht.

A few weeks later, before granpoulos was cold, wallayu boarded the luxury business plane with red bulls huge logo and flew to London, England. In the VVIP box of Red Bull, he watched the F1 race of Silverstone with his mother.

In the UK, he also got a new car, but no longer the hapless Ferrari, but a Porsche with a license plate number: b055rbr - Red Bulls car.

He celebrated his birthday at the top Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London; enjoyed the sunshine on the beach of Casablanca; experienced the excitement and joy of snowboarding in Japan; and at Universal Studios in Osaka, he put on Harry Potters robes and immersed himself in the magic world that could bring Voldemort back to life.

Photos posted on wallayus social media

A human life did not affect wallayus luxurious life.

The victims family quietly dropped the civil charges against vorayau after receiving a $100000 compensation.

In April 2017, the Thai court summoned walayu again, and his lawyers still applied for an extension for various reasons. At this time, the Thai police finally couldnt bear it. They issued a wanted order to vorayau, revoked his Thai passport, and issued a red investigation notice to him through Interpol.

A month later, walayu and his family appeared in the holy city of Luang Prabang, Laos, burning incense and praying for Buddha in a temple donated by his family, and then returned to the $1000 a night hotel to enjoy the holiday.

Two years, two years Eight years have passed. In the eight years since grampulos died, wallayus social media has been updated 120 times, almost all of which are related to cars, travel and parties. And his accusation, along with this extravagant life, is gradually withdrawn.

According to Thai law, the prosecution period for speeding is one year, so Thai prosecutors cant sue vorayau for speeding one year after the accident. Five years later, in 2017, the hit and run also passed the prosecution period.

The most serious of the three charges, the death caused by dangerous driving, will also expire in 2027. Just when everyone thought that the matter would end in the end, in July 2020, Thai prosecutors suddenly dropped all charges against walayu, who finally became a normal person eight years after he killed a policeman.

Thai prosecutors have not given a convincing explanation for why it was withdrawn. This decision also completely angered the Thai people. They launched a boycott of red bull in the University and on the street. The label of boss walayu on Twitter has always been hot.

Anti Red Bull slogans posted in Universities

More bizarrely, two days after prosecutors dropped the charges, the Thai man who had testified for him that he did not exceed the speed limit died in a car accident in Chiang Mai.

In addition to TCP pharmaceuticals, Thailands deputy prime minister, who is believed to be related to the walayu family, also practiced in front of the media, denying the incident. The other members of the Xu family jointly issued a statement urging wallayu to return home as soon as possible and accept the investigation of the relevant departments, so as not to let the Xu family be shamed.

Prime Minister of Thailand

On July 26, 2020, in the face of the turbulent public opinion, the Thai government finally could not sit still. The current prime minister, bayou, announced that a seven member committee, mainly composed of police, medical and traffic experts, would be set up to thoroughly investigate the vorayau incident and give an account to the public.

Wallayu posted ski photos on social media

Earlier this year, wallayu updated a picture of himself skiing on social media, and friends commented on it

The snow is so white.

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