Internet celebrities who have become famous by controversial videos and earn more than 100 million yuan a year are taken over by the FBI

 Internet celebrities who have become famous by controversial videos and earn more than 100 million yuan a year are taken over by the FBI

A few days ago, Jake Paul, a video blogger with 13 million fans on ins and 20 million fans on youtube, had an accident!

Jake Pauls $10 million mansion in Calabasas was surrounded by FBI agents, who came to the house with a federal search warrant.

Boy, this is not a small scene. The FBI is fully armed and even armored vehicles are out!

People who dont know think that Jake Paul made such a huge amount of money in order to shoot the video. The scene is as fierce as the American police and bandit movies.

FBI officers found several guns in the entire mansion, including the large spear directly placed in the hot spring bathtub next to the swimming pool in the backyard.

According to related reports, these are illegal guns, and the reason for the search was that Jake Paul, who has more than 20 million fans on youtube, was involved in a robbery.

Death is very popular

From 6ix9ines release from prison, we can see that 69 is not only not by R.I.P., but also more unscrupulous.

Jake Paul is also a 6ix9ine in the video industry. With his controversial video content, he has become one of the most profitable video bloggers in the world.

Born in 1997 and 23 years old, he has not attended school since he was 16 years old. He has earned 21.5 million US dollars (about 147 million yuan) just by making videos, and he easily has a fortune of more than 100 million yuan.

On the other hand, he was reported for doing things because Jake Paul often held crazy parties at home and was accused by his neighbors.

In the past, Jake Paul played pranks on a rented mansion. When he was about to leave, the house became a mess, and he was sued by the property company for $2.5 million.

After a series of death, his reputation gradually declined. He was terminated by Disney in advance. But at this time, he had accumulated more than 850W fans on social media. Since then, he began to focus on business activities of personal brand.

She tied firecrackers to her legs, filmed controversial videos, played with all kinds of side ball videos, publicly harassed supermodel gigihadid, and was scolded by her on social media.

And during this years epidemic, Jake Paul played even bigger! At the height of the epidemic, Jake Paul had a big party at his mansion in La Paz, South Carolina.

There was no social distance and no mask in this party. It seemed that the new crown did not exist at all.

Whats more, its not a small party with a large number of people gathering. Theres a regular Jake Pauls nonsense game. Whats the use of the excavator???

This recklessness has been strongly condemned by the local mayor. Bill melugin, mayor of Calabasas, said publicly:

In addition, Jake Paul was involved in the massive black movement that broke out a while ago.

From protest to looting, smashing and robbing shops, Jake Paul also joined the ranks of robberies, shouting and even insulting the police.

In addition, his method of cashing in traffic is extremely bad. Under the banner of teach you how to become an Internet celebrity, he began to cheat and deceive. He paid $7 for the first unlock and $57 for the follow-up to enter Jake Pauls so-called internal social circle.

However, this so-called internal social circle has not been realized. Many fans have already paid $57, and some teaching contents have been promised to be updated, but there has been no news.

Whether its shooting controversial videos, all kinds of bottomless rubbings and cutting fans leeks, Jake Pauls various behaviors are really too bad for ordinary people. It is said that half of the 13 million fans are black fans.

The illegal gun found in Jake Pauls home is suspected to be related to the theft case two months ago.

This super Internet celebrity with millions of fans and more than 100 million a year has been investigated. Many people said that it was his crime and deserved it. Many even applauded.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }At present, Jake Paul has been released temporarily. Do you think that the Internet Red Cross, which is based on the controversial video, will be cool because of this? Source of this article: chaoplay headline editor: Dai Lili_ NN4994