Help! Human beings cant stop this Japanese actress!

 Help! Human beings cant stop this Japanese actress!

What really made him famous overnight was a Japanese variety show.

The program group recruited a group of folk experts with their own unique skills. Each of them will make you offer your knees.

For example, the master of rubber gun who can shoot matches from a long distance, the master of stone balance who can pick up two stones with different shapes at random, the dice king who can stack n dice at a time, the water drifter who can hit 15 times in one breath, the speed master of competitive cup folding, and the high hand of fancy billiards.

Kawasakis Apprentice is not like learning in primary school.

Be careful, this video may surprise your chin!

For example, the president of the other peoples sword ball Association shows his unique skill: insert the tip of a 1 mm sword into a 2 mm hole, and students who have no concept can find a ruler to compare. This difficulty, how can you succeed without ten or twenty years of hard training?!

But Kui got it right away.

Another example is how to play 15 times in the water just after a demonstration by a master of water rafting. Brother Kui came along with him. Well, it was 7 times more than 15 strokes.

The competition cup folding master shows how to fold the cup. Brother Kui tried it, and the result was just so so, which broke the third record in China

The third player in the world of rubber gun (how can there be such a strange competition) demonstrated shooting matches from a long distance. Brother Kui was a success.

In the following programs, Morikawa successively showed you the unique skills of table cloth pumping, billboard stunts, and l-stroke skills

As the saying goes, the master is in the folk, but Morikawa told them with his own strength: No, the master in the film and television circle.

Human beings cant stop this girl. Shes not Gods pet. Shes Gods daughter, OK? biological!

The most interesting thing is that every time the talent shows his unique skills, Morikawa is stunned and exclaims, its so hard! :

But once you start, why is it so simple?

Is this irritating? Does it look like the Xueba around us when we went to school? Every time I didnt read a book or review, but I was the first in the exam.

People may not really review, is a simple genius.

In this program, Morikawa showed her strong learning ability and observation ability.

When learning to fold dice for the first time, she didnt look very proficient. She only folded three dice (its much better than ordinary beginners, and I cant do it for a month).

But the dice King explained a little bit about the principle and skills, she understood in seconds, and when she folded again, she could easily stack four, and her hand speed was too fast to even compare with a few experts.

The difficulty is no longer to be afraid of. The king of dice spent half a year working hard to develop the ultimate killing move of folding dice -- dolls stacking method. Morikawa learned it for half an hour and practiced it.

Compared with the ordinary people who are not left by seconds, I love those talents more.

Dare to feel lonely in front of this talented girl?

And sisters expression, also along with the increase of challenges and produced changes. At the beginning, it was full of excitement and curiosity, but in the end, it was a little boring to be defeated alone. How lonely is invincible.

It felt like Edison met Tesla.

Edison said genius is 99% perspiration + 1% talent. He said himself. Which 1% is enough to be proud of the world, ordinary people even have no one in ten thousand.

But 99% of them are talents!

Morikawa Kui said that he usually one mind and two uses, such as while making a phone call while memorizing words, otherwise there is no place to restrain the small universe in his body.

Its not worth trying to be in front of her.

The biggest revelation of this incident is to admit that genius is genius, and not everything can be solved through efforts.

It is impossible for you to let a child who is always chasing after the food can take the initiative to eat a large bowl. In turn, its hard for a child who can eat less. The only thing you can do is to make the food delicious and eat as much as possible.

Learning is also the same, is a genius, even in the valley can be admitted to Peking University. Ordinary children, can do not tired of learning has been very good, what bike?

What we can do is to enhance his interest in learning and cultivate his concentration.

Many parents like to set the benchmark on the line of Xueba. They cant be the first in the exam or compare with other childrens children. They just dont work hard enough.

Little did not know that his efforts to the limit, even the starting point of others are not enough.

Recognize that most of us are ordinary people, and the children of ordinary people are ordinary people. Its useless to envy. You cant give birth to other children.

This is not to advocate ordinary people to give up their efforts. On the contrary, only ordinary people need to work harder. Geniuss hobby is sleeping.

Its just that the object of your efforts is not to surpass genius, but to yourself.

During my years in school, I found an interesting phenomenon. Some of the students in middle school quickly disappeared when they got to university. They even struggled to graduate from playing games. However, some students who did not do well in middle school went against the trend.

Its very simple. In middle school, the pressure of entering a higher school is placed there. The effort of everyone is not too bad. The disparity of IQ is reflected. Some students, even if every day head hanging beam cone thorn, also cant spell others.

But its not the same when you go to university. With all kinds of temptations, you have surpassed 80% of the people around you as long as you are willing to work hard.

Believe in the 10000 hour theory. If you put your energy into a certain field continuously, no matter how ordinary people will get something.

Sometimes life is a race between the hare and the tortoise. You are doomed to be unable to compete with those who are talented and hardworking, but what if you give up before those who have talent?

Its good to see the story of genius. Compare with yourself more, and you will feel more happy.