After watching thirty, I summarized three traits of cheating man, one of which is that you should stay away from it

 After watching thirty, I summarized three traits of cheating man, one of which is that you should stay away from it

However, not all the mistakes can be made by the people around you.

Xu Huashans infidelity has nothing to do with Gu Jia. His infidelity is not influenced by lard. He is lard.

He has three essential characteristics of the infidelity: no sense of boundaries, self-centered, no sense of family responsibility.

Infidelity is either caused by lust, impulse, or long-term love, and people with the three characteristics of cheating have always been on the edge of cheating.


There is no sense of boundaries

After marriage, there is still no sense of boundary between the opposite sex and marriage, which is the direct cause of cheating.

In the third episode of just 30 TV, Xu Fanshan accepted Li Kes oranges without hesitation. He even praised Li Kes delicious food after work. He also praised Li Kes cooking after work. He fought with customers for Li Kes words.

Such no sense of boundary, I am afraid that Li can not collude with the original intention, have to think.

Fortunately, Gu Jia found out in time that he put out the little fire.

However, Xu Huashans open-minded acceptance of the opposite sex, Gu Jia no matter how to prevent, but also can not prevent 15.

Enjoy Lins careless provocative selfie, smile and reply: youre too bad..

Why do you want to ask Lin Youyou, who knows that Xu Huashan has a wife and children, has to chase after him from thousands of miles to hurt him, so as to get close to Xu Huashan?

Who gave her the courage to be shameless? Its Xu Huashan.

He gave Lin endless confidence and courage because he refused to accept Lin with no boundary between expression and action. Let Lin you think that Xu Huashan is sincere to her and only responsible to Gu Jia, so he dares to resign and pursue Shanghai.

Breaking through the boundaries of ordinary friends is often the beginning of infidelity in marriage.

In the first half of my life, Chen Junshengs infidelity is because Ling Ling Ling worked overtime late at night to help him sort out the information in order, pour a cup of warm water in silence, and give him the usual stomach medicine at any time.

This is the company that Ling Ling Ling shouldnt give, and the consideration that Chen Junsheng shouldnt indulge and accept.

Even, the congratulatory letter betrays Tang Jing and falls in love with Luo Zijun, because the congratulatory letter again and again has no boundary to help Luo Zijun and take care of Luo Zijun.

In the first issue of happy camp, he needs a partner to play the game of foot free fancy hug. He said he wanted to borrow he Jiong.

He Jiong said why he wanted to borrow him. There were women on the scene.

Zhu Yawen only said four words: I am married.

Set up a good boundary, can put an end to all transgressions, avoid all pestering small three.

The most moving thing about love is the subtle sense of the special distance between lovers.

Once the distance with the opposite sex is crossed, it will inevitably lead to a heartbeat.

All of us are married people, and some lovers have experienced their own intimate actions. Why do some men pretend to be Xiaobai after marriage and enjoy this kind of heartbeat stimulation around other women?


Self centered

Xu Huashan has always been self-centered, regardless of the companys interests, regardless of Gu Jias feelings.

In the first two episodes, Xu Huashan designed a fireworks. Gu Jia reminded him of the need to consider the cost while praising him. Xu Fanshan retorted with displeasure, as if Gu Jia was wrong.

In the face of big customers who account for half of the companys business, they fight with customers just because the other party doesnt approve of their own design. They just want to be cheerful for a while. Even the crisis of whether the company can survive is put in the back of his mind. This self is really too inflated.

In order to bring business to the company, Gu Jia also bought platinum bags, made cakes for people, and reported to the equestrian class to follow his wife. After his wife had been around for a long time, Gu Jia came to the business.

This kind of person who pays too much attention to self needs and only regards self satisfaction as the first important person will not hesitate to further indulge himself and cheat after breaking through the boundary and tasting the freshness of the third party, eventually causing great harm to the partner.

Because he never considered other peoples feelings, the famous Japanese actor meize Fumio made a big hit in the show. Facing the camera, he also revealed that he had cheated about 80 times in marriage, without any introspection or guilt, and said with complacency: Im so popular.

For those who care too much about themselves, they only have their own feelings in their eyes.

Before the derailment, they can only think that the junior is really charming at the moment, and he really likes it, so he should respect his feelings at the moment, go ambiguous and cheat.

After cheating, in the face of a broken lover, he will not feel that he has done something wrong, but why she can not tolerate himself? I cant help myself, and Im not good at cheating.

From the beginning to the end, they will not consider what kind of betrayal and harm is to their partner.


No sense of family responsibility

Family responsibility is the last line of defense to prevent a man from cheating.

Unfortunately, Xu Huashan does not have a strong sense of family responsibility.

When Gu Jia saw the explosion of Shenjies fireworks factory and was arrested in prison, she was worried about her own fireworks factory, so she wanted to open a tea factory and make her family a long way ahead.

However, Xu Huashan didnt worry about the future of his family at all. He didnt want to take on the responsibility with Gu Jia. If Gu Jia was busy in the tea factory, he helped to take care of the children and only criticized him.

In the later period, Gu Jia was too busy for the tea factory. Xu Huashan did not help at all except to pour cold water on the tea factory from time to time.

He never realized that as a man and a husband, he should think more about the future of his family, rather than let Gu Jia work hard.

I hope every married person has this charm.

People who are full of sense of responsibility for their families will always think of how to make their families live a comfortable and happy life, and have strong requirements for themselves, so that they can bear a great sense of responsibility and responsibility.

People who have no sense of family responsibility always think that they should enjoy themselves in time and never let themselves suffer a little injustice for the long-term development of their families.

In the face of temptation and infidelity, such a person will not think too much about his family. When he is in trouble, he will first think that he has a family and wants the family to accommodate him and undertake for him, just like Xu Huashan.

A man with a sense of family responsibility will protect his family from the wind and rain after he gets married, while a man without a sense of family responsibility brings all the ups and downs of his family.


Sisters, in marriage, try to learn green tea and prevent green tea, but try to learn from her husband before marriage. If your husband is born to love tea, then you will never be able to identify and stop.

You cant have a husband with the above three qualities.

Marriage is two people working together to fight against the ups and downs of life. Please do not only think about yourself, please take responsibility, and work together with the other half to sail the ship of family to the harbor of happiness.

Marriage is commitment, loyalty, responsibility and responsibility.

Everyone in the marriage should take the responsibility to make themselves and their family better and better.

Dont bring the words no sense of boundary, self-centered, no sense of family responsibility into marriage.


About the author: Ling Jiuyi, a new writer in the field of emotion and psychology.

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