Would you like to attend the dinner party that day? Dont say I have an arrangement. All the masters know these three etiquette

 Would you like to attend the dinner party that day? Dont say I have an arrangement. All the masters know these three etiquette

First, the boss of the enterprise initiated the invitation. I was responsible for communicating with the director of the other partys Office (Lao Zhang) to propose the invitation. Second, Lao Zhang, director of the Bureaus office, reported to their boss. If the boss agreed, they would look at the schedule and reply that next Wednesday night. Third, I report to the boss of the enterprise. We look at the schedule and respect each others time in principle. If there are special circumstances, we cant do it next Wednesday. Fourth, I immediately communicated with director Zhang, explained the reasons, obtained the understanding of the other party, and then communicated with the director again, such as next Thursday. Fifthly, director Zhang will tell the other party who will participate and send the list of positions. Sixthly, I report to the boss of the enterprise, discuss who our counterpart will participate in, and then send the list of positions to both sides for confirmation. Seventh, according to the number of participants and levels, I determine the level of the hotel and the standard of reception. The eighth is to inform our personnel and confirm one by one. If there are special circumstances, can not participate in the meal, according to the principle of similar theme, looking for replacement personnel, one by one to confirm. The ninth is to distribute our list of posts to Director Zhang for printing. Ten is to reconfirm the participants on the day of the meal. If there are special circumstances, they need to be replaced temporarily.

On the day of temporary replacement, generally speaking, it is also close to the theme of the meal. For example, we invite the environmental protection system to have a meal, and there are one or two people from other systems on the wine table. The rate is probably the number of people who are replenished on that day. The staff who are on the same day or on a temporary basis also know that they are old people in the lake. They dont have a disrespectful mentality. Besides, the meal arranged by the boss makes you look up to you.

Of course, would you like to attend the dinner party that you were informed of on the same day or temporarily? It should be divided into high-level workplace, grass-roots workplace, position height, age and specific problems. In the high-level workplace, all the people invited have a purpose. As long as they are invited, they should participate in it in principle. Even if it is to make up for each other, it also reflects the consciousness of supplementing the stage. If you are a leader at a higher level, you will never be invited by a genius. If so, you will certainly refuse, which is disrespectful to you. There is not so much emphasis on dinners in the grass-roots workplace. Its normal to save a sentence on the same day, and its normal to arrest people temporarily. Therefore, since the dinner is not important, whether you go or not depends on your mood. If you are middle-aged, if you want to have a dinner party temporarily, especially if you are told to go at the beginning of the meal, in principle, politely refuse it, because you no longer need to look at peoples faces.

In the grass-roots workplace, there is a common situation, people call you dinner on the same day or temporarily, and the rate is polite. For example, when someone makes an appointment for a dinner party, he happens to meet you and politely says, have a drink at night? For example, when you hear about a dinner appointment, you politely ask, why dont we go together in the evening? Dont be silly. They dont know how to annoy you?

Therefore, treat dinner, is also a social technology, but also a workplace rule. What is written above is the mentality change of the informed person. Then, the host of the treat should abide by the rules of treating and eating, so that both parties feel respected.

u30101u3011 Treat in advance.

Northerners attach importance to etiquette, treat and eat, three days for the invitation, two days for call, the day for Tira. When walking in the workplace and having a formal dinner, the principle is to invite people three days in advance to consult the schedule of the main guests. One is insincerity and the other is impolite. People may regard you as polite and seriously think you are hypocritical. Who has nothing to do? Since you invite someone else, you cant say that today is today, and its impolite to disturb their schedule.

u30102u3011 Treat to communicate.

A meal without a theme is called wine and meat sentence. Since there is a theme, there are main guests, which are called main guests in the north. The people brought by the chief guest are called deputy chief guest, three guest and four guest. The host of the treat should invite the equivalent person as the companion, including the Deputy principal accompany, three Pei, four accompany. In principle, you should inform the guests of your participation, and make sure that the other party has a good idea. Dont arrange people who are not liked, contradictory or irrelevant by the other party. If there is any unhappiness in the dinner party, you have to compensate your wife and lose your soldiers.

u30103u3011 You should pay attention to the skills of temporary treat.

There are also temporary dinners in the workplace. For example, if an enterprise wants to invite a local department to eat, people may be more alert and refuse. Smart office directors will invite them to check and guide the work. They will deliberately arrange the time to start at 9:30 a.m. or 3:30 p.m., and delay the time until the meal time. It is natural to leave the other party for dinner. Although it is a temporary meal, it is also carefully planned.