Academician Wu Hequan: technology is not once and for all, inclusive of trial and error culture

 Academician Wu Hequan: technology is not once and for all, inclusive of trial and error culture

Author: Li Na, editor in chief: Ning Jiayan

Wu Hequan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, told reporters that all technologies are not always ahead, but whether they can continue to innovate

The change of the next generation information technology evolution cycle affects the overall situation of Chinas digital, networked and intelligent development.

Standing at an important time point of historical development, how to break the inherent scientific and technological research and development mode, technological innovation mode, industry application paradigm and Industrial Synergy pattern, and reshape the new pattern of technology, application and industrial development has become the topic of concern at the summit of Chinas 100 peoples Congress of informatization in 2020. Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said in an interview with the first finance and economics reporter at the above meeting that, with the development of informatization, enterprises are undergoing rapid digital transformation, and China has come to the stage of co creation, sharing and win-win in various fields.

We hope to have a good industrial ecology, but a breakthrough in only one field is not enough to support the high-quality and sustainable development of Chinas economy. We must develop more fields. China may surpass the United States in some areas, even in some aspects, but the United States is relatively balanced. Co creation is the need for common development in more fields, to create a good ecology of the whole industrial chain. Wu Hequan told reporters that to strengthen independent innovation and seriously consider the safety of the industrial chain and the supply chain, it is more important to start with the most basic industries, including precision manufacturing, fine chemical industry and precision materials.

In Wu Hequans view, Chinas integration into the process of globalization has also brought about disadvantages. First, he always thinks that we can not start from the bottom. People already have the bottom, so they can do a lot of systematic development on it, forgetting that this bottom can be removed. Second, following others saves a lot of trial and error risks and costs, but it becomes a road that only follows others. It cant jump out of the original box and follow without thinking.

For technological innovation, he believes that the domestic environment and mechanism should be more tolerant of trial and error.

I always feel that as long as we do it, we must succeed. If we cant get the national project, its a big crime. If we must succeed, we can only choose the conservative scheme. Who will innovate? Therefore, I think that we should reflect on taking the road of others. We have no innovation, and the fixed framework is just like this. There is no cultural atmosphere of trial and error, and it will not involve cross domain work. Hisilicons chips are not good. They say that there is no lithography machine. The photolithography enterprises say that they have no chemical materials and no advanced manufacturing technology. Of course, you dont have to start from the original business Wu Hequan believes that some of the most critical short board countries want to take action, but also to change the situation in which schools were only required to study instead of seeking truth and justice.

Wu Hequan told reporters that all technologies are not always ahead, but whether they can continue to innovate. Take 5g as an example, now we are not aiming at how much 5g can sell and what it can do, but also aim at the ability of sustainable development in the future.

Before 5g, we were also talking about informatization, but more of them were single technologies. The Internet of things is the Internet of things, and cloud computing is cloud computing. The role of 5g is because of its high bandwidth, large connection and high reliability. It integrates these new generation information technologies into powerful new technology empowerment. Otherwise, 5g alone does not have such a large capacity, but it can be combined, including with the blockchain, and also with the technology of industrial production. Wu Hequan said.

He stressed that 5g will surely produce applications that are still invisible in the future. The current 5g applications are all preliminary, and the demands of ultra clear, HD, Internet of vehicles and VR / Ar are visible at present.

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of the first finance and Economics_ NT2541