Insider: after the murder of Nanjing girl, her boyfriend Zeng Jia looks for someone by wechat

 Insider: after the murder of Nanjing girl, her boyfriend Zeng Jia looks for someone by wechat

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24 days after her disappearance, Li Qianyue, a girl from Nanjing, confirmed that she had been killed. To everyones surprise, her boyfriend Hong Qiao is behind the scenes.

Hong Qiao also lied that Li Qianyue disappeared on July 10, and in the follow-up search, Hong Qiao was also very active, no one saw his flaws.

Li Qianyues father is still very much in favor of the son-in-law to be, but unfortunately, like his own daughter, he made a mistake.

A boyfriend is not an ordinary person

For Li Qianyue, her boyfriend is a mysterious person. After dating for more than a year, she didnt know his specific occupation and identity. She just heard him say he was a war reporter, but her boyfriend didnt show any evidence.

Whenever Li Qianyue and his parents bring up the matter, Hong Qiao will conceal it on the ground of confidentiality.

In order to prove that the work is confidential, Hong Qiao often sends military related photos, even pictures of tanks, which he said were taken in Africa.

The secret was gradually revealed

After being exposed, a net friend who ate melon accidentally found that he had dealt with this mysterious and cold-blooded character.

Are you really a war reporter

I met him in a gym in Nanjing. At first, I thought that he was a bit of a secondary disease. He said that he had fought abroad, worked in a secret department, and was a war reporter.

But then I contacted him too much and found that what he said was not all false.

In the process of catching and fighting, CQC explained to me the key points of capture and fight.

I knew nothing about it. Subconsciously, I thought he was bragging.

But he showed the action of strangling the back of the neck on the spot. He used the inner side of his right wrist to rotate to compress the carotid artery and trachea, which was much faster than the ordinary naked stranding and would also suffocate. If you havent experienced suffocation after his death, you may never know the pressure of approaching death in three to five seconds. Now, when you think about it, you really feel cold in your back.

CQC: (close combat) military close combat, the goal is to kill the enemy.

In addition, he has some things that ordinary people cant afford, such as handcuffs, metal handcuffs, and portable plastic handcuffs for police. He gave me a plastic handcuff.

I dont know where he got them, but there are more posted in his circle of friends, including parachute knives, military computers, and a real guy.

Strong psychological quality

We cant confirm whether this netizens information is true or false, but Hong Qiaos thoughtful, calm and cold-blooded personality is correct.

Cheating a girlfriend who has been dating for more than a year to the Yunnan border, and looking for a girlfriend with father-in-law as if nothing happened. This psychological quality is really strong and terrible.

The girls family said that the preliminary investigation result was an emotional dispute, which could not make sense at all. People with such strong psychological quality would not be troubled by feelings.

There is only one reason for him to get rid of his girlfriend, that is, his girlfriend knows what she should not know, which is enough to pose a serious threat to him, and he is just eliminating the factors that are unfavorable to him.

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