136 good morning and 23 appointments (Sichuan)

 136 good morning and 23 appointments (Sichuan)

Lin Huawei, a temporary cadre of heguluo Township, Meigu County, Liangshan Prefecture

After eating some instant porridge and putting on his running shoes, he began to walk the mountain - following the village road for a circle, which was his daily fixed project, rain or shine. Starting from heguluo township government, you can walk all the way to Mahong village at the top of the mountain. You can do morning exercises and visit poor households by the way.

Good morning, hogullo Through the wechat circle of friends, he will record what he saw when he was on the mountain. During the 136 good morning in three years, heguluo has changed the appearance of the four seasons.

Photos of heguluo township (photos provided by interviewees)

In June 2020, heguluo Township, a new safe housing

In addition to roads and houses, what else is left in the village after the poverty alleviation team leaves? Developing industries may be the best answer to this question, Lin said.

Standing at the gate of the township government, he pointed to the plan of heguluo Township and said that Mahong village has Alpine Shenzhou fragrant grass planting and Simmental cattle breeding; luojue village has a brewery project; caiga village has established a cattle farm and goat breeding cooperative; Siji village Gaoshan Paoshan chicken farm

Li Zhimin, first Secretary of rehabilitation village, zhiermo Township, Zhaojue County

Rehabilitation village, zhiermo Township, Zhaojue County

Many young people in the village dare not and do not want to go out to work because they do not know Putonghua, have never been far away from home, and lack of channels. If you go out, you should find your girlfriend better. He could only persuade him little by little. Fortunately, everyone was willing to change. The young people in the village began to work outside, and they were out of control.

Once you go out, you see a big world. As their wallets grew bigger and bigger, many people left the village and settled elsewhere. Within five years, 80 families in the village have moved to Xichang, Puge and other places to settle down and start a new life.

Shi Yila, who has been away from home for a few years, said that these telephone calls of concern from time to time have given him little comfort.

Now, the village has changed. The new house is spacious and beautiful. The car can drive to the door of the house. The collective economy of the village develops and the cash crops are planted. People can live a good life without leaving.