Zhang Liang: everyone is reluctant to waste

 Zhang Liang: everyone is reluctant to waste

Netease Entertainment reported on August 9 that on August 9, Zhang Liang sent an article for Zhao Liying, saying, in these 21 days, everyone has been working hard and under pressure. We help each other and have fun together. Of course, food is indispensable. Some of the dishes are cut too small by our kitchen, and some of the bigger ones are eaten first by our elders. The food containers are very deep, and the dishes are really delicious, so we are not willing to waste. After the latest issue of Chinese restaurant was broadcast, some netizens found that Zhao Liying had been picking up her job with chopsticks, which she thought was impolite and caused heated discussion.

Some netizens found that in yearning for life, Zhao Liying not only picked and pulled vegetables, but also put the dishes picked up again. In the next days lunch, everyone had a small bowl to eat noodles and some dishes together. Zhao Liying was exposed to be holding chopsticks inside.

Not only that, Zhao Liying suspected also brought this bad habit into the TV series. In the TV series know it or not, Zhao Liying plays Ming LAN as a lady of a big family, but she still likes to use chopsticks to pull vegetables, which is criticized as not in line with the plot.

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