Guangzhou abnormal killer raped and killed 19 people in 2 years police: girl was raped after death

 Guangzhou abnormal killer raped and killed 19 people in 2 years police: girl was raped after death

The victim died of murder, with obvious pinching marks on his neck, protruding and congested eyes, and protruding tongue, which was obviously pinched to death. The victims body is half naked, with clothes on the upper body, but the lower body is naked. It seems that the victim was raped by the gangster. Judging from the victims fingernails, it seems that he had a fierce fight with the gangster before he died. Nail inside is full of human dandruff and a little blood, is caused by scratching. There are no signs of fighting in the land near the body. It seems that this is not the scene of the murder, but the place where the body is thrown. According to the analysis of the corpse, the murdered girl was raped only after her death, which is more popular.

Autopsy proved that he died of mechanical asphyxia, but also found the killers semen, which can be identified as a rape homicide case.

According to the forensic analysis, the dead was killed at night, and the body was found in the morning by the masses, indicating that the time of throwing the body was late at night. There were no people or vehicles around, and no people saw anything suspicious.

Soon a year later, the case became a headless one. The body of the unnamed girl who died unjustly can not be cremated in the mortuary for a long time.

On February 10, 1991, the devil reappeared. A girls body was found on the side of a road in the suburbs.

The girl was in her early 20s, with obvious pinching marks on her neck. Her mouth and nose were bleeding and her tongue was protruding. Her death was very tragic.

The body was naked, without any clothes, shoes and hats, only a pair of earrings and a ring. Although the scene is well preserved this time, no clues can be found. The murderer obviously had some anti reconnaissance experience. He walked along the grass without leaving clear footprints. There were no witnesses around. It seems that the body was thrown away at night.

The corpse proved that the dead were also raped.

Only half a year later, in August, another female corpse was found.

After being raped, young women were strangled alive. Naked, he was abandoned in the roadside grass. His breast and part of his skin were missing. He was cut off and taken away by the murderer.

The gangster destroyed the body with a sharp knife. The technique is very unskillful, using ordinary fruit knife and so on. It is expected to cut for at least 2 to 3 hours. The girl was raped and killed by a gangster before her death, and then raped by a gangster after her death.

After the third case occurred in August, Guangzhou Public Security Bureau began to focus on these cases, testing the vaginal swabs of the three victims. Test results confirmed that the three girls were murdered and raped by the same gangster.

Since August, the police began to go door-to-door to investigate the missing persons, none of whom were missing in Guangzhou.

According to the scene and autopsy, the girl was dumped within hours after her death, which means that the victim must have lived in Guangzhou.

Since living here, there must be family members, relatives, at least friends or workers. So why dont these people report their disappearance?

In October, a fourth case suddenly occurred.

The dead, also a young woman in her early 20s, was strangled and thrown away. She was raped many times before and after her death. The victim was put in a sack and left on the side of the road.

Whats terrible is that the girls back large skin, breasts and vulva were all cut off by gangsters, and the whole body looked like it had been slaughtered. Later DNA tests showed that the girl was also killed by the same gangster.

Guangzhou Public Security Bureau was deeply shocked. From the first one year to the second one, half a year to the fourth, only two months. We can see that the interval between murderers is getting shorter and shorter.

The facts of the case are very important. This case was listed as the number one case that must be solved in the city.

Fortunately, the police found a witness. The scene of the fourth murder was not far from the home of a local truck driver. When the driver drove home at night, he once saw a small four-wheel truck parked on the roadside of the body dumping site. The lights are on, but there is no one in the cab and the doors are open. Truck drivers feel very strange, because there are few cars passing by during the day, how can there be cars parked on the side of the road at night. However, he guessed that the driver of the pickup truck might be getting off to urinate, so he didnt care.

The next day, I heard that there was a homicide case here, and the driver knew that the matter was wrong. He quickly reported it to the Public Security Bureau.

Even so, this is the most significant clue so far.

The special group immediately transferred 30 police officers from the Criminal Police Brigade and the relevant police stations. Focusing on the night investigation, the special group set up checkpoints at all major traffic roads to check the small four-wheel freight cars passing through the area to find possible criminals.

At the beginning of March, 1992, the Criminal Investigation Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau specially printed more than 30000 copies of emergency assistance investigation circulars with photos of the murderers packed body in sacks, which were sent to the hands of the police in each district. They asked the police and public security personnel to carry out the search and platoon work from house to house and unit by unit according to the conditions that the criminals listed in the circular may have.

However, Guangzhous economy is developed, and there are more than ten thousand small four-wheel freight cars. This small four-wheel freight car can carry people and goods, all over the city in all walks of life, it is impossible to investigate, especially sacks.

During a large number of vehicle investigations by the ad hoc group, the gangsters were still committing crimes crazily and even more unscrupulous.

The police tried their best to block the news, but there were no airtight pants. Many people knew that there was a perverted milk cutting murderer in Guangzhou who killed beautiful girls and then cut their milk. Many young women dare not go out alone at night, nor dare to take remote roads.

The ad hoc group changed its approach and expanded the number of investigators to 60. They focus on the investigation of the released personnel of reform through labor and reeducation through labor with hooligans and rape records in recent years.

Time soon came to 1992, and the killer was still killing people.

By the end of the year, as many as 10 girls had been found. The girls were thrown in sacks, and most of them had their bodies cut off, mainly breasts and vulva.

The case shocked the Public Security Department of Guangdong Province and sent criminal investigation experts to Guangzhou for assistance. Criminal investigation experts believe that there are several very strange aspects in this case

First, the identity of the victims cannot be determined.

Criminal investigation experts believe that these girls are probably not local people, but migrant workers.

So many people have been missing in a row. Why dont their employers and workers report them to the police? This is something that cannot be explained.

Second, there are many strange things about the scene of the murder.

According to autopsy, almost all of the injured girls were raped several times by gangsters. According to the analysis of the remains, the girl did not resist at least the first time she was raped.

And girls are mostly in the first rape, was suddenly stuck in the neck by gangsters leading to death. Why dont girls fight the first time? This is obviously out of the ordinary sense.

Strangely, the first case is different. The first girl fought fiercely with the gangster and was not raped before she died.

Third, it seems that this is not the first time the gangsters committed crimes.

The first case is the most analytical, with the most strange places left by the gangsters.

According to a fuzzy footprints left at the scene, the gangster was short, about 1.6 to 1.65 meters, and his weight was no more than 100 Jin. According to the traces of dragging the sack when the murderer threw the body, the gangster was not strong enough.

The victim of the first time was about 1.65 meters in stature, with thick arms and thighs and a strong physique. She was a strong woman, and both sides should be equally matched. But the gangster strangled the victim in seconds. It seems that the gangster may not have committed the crime for the first time, and had the experience of killing people. He knows exactly where the human body is, but also master certain killing skills, which can kill a girl in a very short time. Gangsters should have a record of murder, at least serious injury!

Fourthly, the gangsters have quite strong anti reconnaissance experience.

In the scene, the gangster basically did not leave any trace, deliberately avoided all the witnesses. No one has seen the appearance or even the outline of the gangster. The gangster should have had a criminal record of imprisonment or arrest, and have a certain understanding of the way the police handle cases.

After the killing, he raped the girls body without exception, destroyed the body, and cut off part of the tissue and skin of the dead.

In this way, the police were quite at a loss. For a time, they did not know what kind of person the murderer was and why he did so?

According to the analysis of criminal investigation experts, the police changed the way of handling cases.

Several investigations have been conducted before, and the targets are all criminals with criminal record of rogue rape. The scope of investigation is too narrow, so we must expand the scope of investigation.

Is the gangster a native or a stranger? If it is an outsider, it is meaningless to investigate the released prisoners in Guangzhou.

Criminal investigation experts held many meetings to analyze the key points of the case, and finally most people judged that the gangster was from Guangzhou.

Half of the sites were around Xinjiao town in the southeast suburb of Guangzhou city. Criminal investigation experts believe that the gangsters may have lived or lived in Xinjiao town in Haizhu District.

Based on this judgment, since the end of 1992, the ad hoc group has expanded to more than 100 people and launched an all-round attack. In Xinjiao town alone, there were more than 3260 suspicious people queuing up to find out. More than 600 key clues were put forward, and they found out one by one. At the same time, other police forces were deployed to set up 50 vehicle inspection posts throughout the region at night.

During the period, the police have found two people with serious suspicion, Xu Yilun and Peng Yongqiang. Both men had criminal records, and the latter had been sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted rape and murder. During the period of the crime, both of them had time to commit crimes and both had activities near the scene, so they were highly suspected. More importantly, the former also has a pickup truck.

However, the two men did not admit to involvement in the case, and no relevant evidence was found.

Subsequently, the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau specially invited Luo Yuyun, a senior engineer of Beijing Public Security Bureau, to use a lie detector to test Xu Yilun and Peng Yongqiang, and ruled out their doubts. Facts have proved that the conclusion of lie detection is in line with reality.

In 1993, the number of injured girls increased to 12, but they still did not know the identity of any one of them, let alone the general identity, occupation and psychology of the gangster. The case had no clue and the investigators were in a state of anxiety.

For a while, especially in the vicinity of Xinjiao town in Haizhu District, all the women, up to 80 years old and down to 8 years old, dare not go out at will. When women go to work at night, they all need male relatives and friends to pick them up. No ones women are escorted by men from factories or schools, otherwise no one goes to work or school.

At that time, it was said that the murderer specially attacked the women who spread red clothes. For a time, no one dared to wear red clothes. All the local red clothes were unsalable, and no one even dared to buy red shoes and socks or even scarves.

There are all kinds of strange folk legends, which make the place a mess.

The abuse of Guangzhou Polices incompetence is even more numerous. Some of the news even reached Hong Kong and was widely reported by the local media.

This case is very similar to the case of Lin Guoyun, the butcher on a rainy night in Hong Kong, but there are more victims. The Hong Kong media hyped the butcher on rainy night in Guangzhou, and even some tabloids wrote unofficial history novels.

By the beginning of 1994, the number of victims had risen to 16, becoming the most serious case in Guangdong Province.

As a result, the police in Guangzhou City and Guangdong Province feel enormous pressure.

These experts are famous in criminal investigation and have solved numerous cases.

Through the analysis of the case and the scene, the following conclusions have not been found before.

The victims remains and body analysis, they unexpectedly identified the victim.

After 1992, Guangzhou has extended the scope of the investigation to the whole Guangdong Province, and only the first victims identity has been confirmed.

The injured girl is from Panyu city (today called Panyu District), surnamed Huang, only 22 years old, unmarried, long-term work in Guangzhou! Before February 7, 1990, because her mother was seriously ill, the girl surnamed Huang quit her job in Guangzhou and returned to Panyu to take care of her mother. Unexpectedly, her mother died soon. She returned to Guangzhou on February 7 to find another job.

After leaving home, the brothers and sisters lost contact with the girl surnamed Huang, and no one ever saw her again. The girl surnamed Huang had a bad relationship with her brothers and sisters. Her family mistakenly thought that she did not contact her family intentionally in the factory, and did not take it seriously at first. It wasnt until a few months later that her family found her missing, which made a flustered report.

The girl surnamed Huang is not from Guangzhou and was not included in the list in previous investigations.

Unfortunately, finding out the identity of the girl surnamed Huang is of little help in solving the case.

According to the memories of her former boss and co-workers, the girl has not seen her for more than a year. It is said that she has gone back to take care of her seriously ill mother.

Several of her friends recalled that after February 7 (the day when the girl surnamed Huang returned to Guangzhou), they had never seen the dead come to them.

It seems that she was on her way to Guangzhou on February 7 when she was suddenly attacked and killed by gangsters.

The gangster and the girl surnamed Huang do not know each other. Without social interaction, it is impossible to find out who the gangster is (again on the importance of monitoring probe).

Whats more strange is that all the victims, except the first one, are unidentified and are not on the list of missing persons in Guangdong Province.

If the identities of the dead cannot be determined, it is difficult to find out the law of the murderer.

Unexpectedly, the criminal investigation experts of the Ministry of public security have made great achievements in a very small place.

The experts found that although most of the victims were naked, some still carried some jewelry. Some of the earrings and rings are glittering and seem to be made of pure gold and should be valuable.

Previously, Guangzhou criminal investigation experts have also noticed this, inferring that the murderer is robbery, not robbery.

However, the Ministry of public security experts have carefully found a new situation.

If only one or two people wear fake jewelry, it is not hard to understand. After all, there are always different people in the crowd. Now almost all the injured girls have fake jewelry, which is very, very strange.

Its hard for old experts.

Their average criminal investigation career also has 30 years, who has never met, instantly know what these people are!

In Guangzhou, there is only one kind of occupation of women, will carry a large number of seemingly expensive fake jewelry, that is, escort miss.

One of the rules of accompany miss is to bring one or two fake jewelry cleverly. Once encountered robbery, escort miss will take the initiative to offer fake jewelry, the purpose is to protect life. Some of the robbers who dont know what to do with their money often dont want to die or hit people.

There are not many clothes left at the scene. After analyzing the existing clothes, it is found that the clothes are more exposed, sexy and cheap, which are in line with the identity of the escort girl.

Autopsy also showed that some of the girls had had sexually transmitted diseases.

This explains why the identity of the victim has not been found for as long as two years.

Accompany the young lady, especially the street girl, general liquidity. Being here today and going there tomorrow is not fixed at all. If the escort miss, especially the girl standing on the street, suddenly disappears, no one cares, and no one calls the police. Even if the young lady working in the hair salon disappeared, the boss did not dare to call the police. After all, prostitution is still illegal.

The police immediately reviewed the materials taken in by the escort girls, especially comparing their fingerprints. According to the information left in the womens education, their identities and home addresses were determined.

The police rushed to their hometown to investigate their relatives and found that the two men were prostitutes indeed, and they were all from other provinces to make money.

Miss escort is a special profession. Once killed, it is almost impossible to trace the murderer, and she does not know who the clients are! The determination of the career of the escort girl can explain some other questions before.

Why didnt almost all the victims resist when they were raped for the first time?

It seems that the murderer pretended to be a prostitute, and the two sides had sex trade. Naturally, the escort Miss would not resist. It was too late for the killer to fight.

Why did the first victim resist before the rape?

Shes not a maid, shes the only woman in a good family. After being attacked by gangsters, she instinctively fought to death.

It is also a terrible job to investigate the two escort girls who are familiar with their clients. Take a lady escort, for example, who left her address book with the contact information of more than 100 men. However, the ad hoc group had no choice but to visit one by one and found that there were all kinds of industries, from cadres, teachers and even some judicial personnel to migrant workers, hawkers and farmers.

According to the police, it is not accidental that the gangsters chose to commit crimes with escort girls. The main reason is that they are more sure to kill them. Moreover, Guangzhou people were conservative in 1992. It was not easy for gangsters to lure good women to a certain place.

So the question comes: since you can have sex with your escort directly, why do you want to kill them and then rape or even destroy them?

After the intervention of experts from the Ministry of public security, they believe that this can precisely lock in the nature of the case.

This is a very standard case of sexual perversion. Killing, raping and destroying corpses can be a great pleasure for gangsters, far more than having sex with a lady escort.

This kind of homicide cases with abnormal surnames are rare in the history of Guangdong Province. The ad hoc group has no experience and can only consult similar cases nationwide.

In July 1992, a similar case was found by the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau.

After killing a woman, Zhang Qide, a soldier stationed in 6807 army, also cut off her breast and pudenda, which is suspected of committing a crime. Guangzhou police went to Henan to take part in the arrest, and finally arrested Zhang Qide.

However, Zhang Qide has never been to Guangzhou, and the case has nothing to do with him. Through the interrogation of Zhang Qide, Guangzhou police learned about the psychological characteristics of this kind of abnormal murderer and the inner world of the murderer in Guangzhou.

As far as the case itself is concerned, the murderer had already had sexual relations with these escort girls, but he still had to kill them and rape their bodies, and then cut off some parts of the bodies. It can be seen that his narcissism is very serious.

People who love corpses are mostly cowardly and incompetent. In this kind of person, there is a strong desire to control the object of sexual intercourse, and the satisfaction of this desire occupies a very important position in his sexual satisfaction. The corpse would never resist their orders, so they would rather choose the body as the object of sexual intercourse. In their social life, they may be a loser who has suffered many setbacks. Unable to control the world of the living, they turned to the world of the dead. He is not the master of his body, nor the master of his body. In short, he is in the dominant position in this kind of behavior, and does not have to worry about failure and frustration. Most of them are accompanied by obvious mental illness.

For the systematic study of sexual abnormality, let the criminal investigation experts make the following judgment.

First, the murderer has obvious sexual abnormal tendency, so we should investigate the mental patients in the psychiatric hospital or special outpatient department of the whole city.

Secondly, the murderer should be cowardly, and special attention should be paid to the cowards and introverts in the key groups.

Third, the murderer can easily take away a large number of escorts. It is obvious that the murderer is proficient in whoring and is an old whore. People who have been punished for whoring or sexual crimes should be investigated in the whole city, and the murderer is likely to be found.

In addition, the criminal investigation experts analyzed the scene again and again, and got four important results.

The murderer was very careful in throwing away his body. He never drove on the dirt road for fear of leaving evidence of rutting.

At one of the dumping sites, a section of the road was broken. When the killer drove by at night, he suddenly found that there was a big hole in front of him. In a panic, he turned the steering wheel urgently, causing the vehicle to drive into the dirt on the roadside, leaving clear tire marks.

Through repeated analysis and comparison of tire traces, criminal investigation experts spent a lot of energy and finally locked the vehicle model.

Its a mini truck with only 0.6 tons.

As a result, the scope of the murderer has been greatly reduced.

In addition, according to the fact that several of the corpse dumping sites are close to Xinjiao Town, Haizhu District, it is judged that the murderer is likely to live in this area.

Strangely, the police have multiple checkpoints on the road near the town, but the bodies are often thrown right under their noses. It can also be inferred that the murderer was from this area, who was able to bypass the sentry post through the familiar path.

Whats more, all the killing takes place at night, and the destruction of the corpse is usually late at night, but the body is thrown away in the early hours of the next day. All behaviors were completed within 12 hours, never delayed until the next day.

This objectively shows that the murderer has a family and is not simply living alone.

From the fact that the murderer can rape and skin the body for a long time at night, he should have an independent and undisturbed space, such as in the basement or attic. At night, his family will never come.

According to the psychoanalysis of sexual perversion crime, the murderer will not stop the crime voluntarily without pressure.

Now the murderer suddenly stops committing a crime for half a year, and the only possibility is that he is forced to do so.

Criminal investigation experts believe that during the period from May to November 1992, the murderer was either attacked by the public security organs, or was objectively unable to continue to commit crimes because of illness or injury.

It seems that the experts of the Ministry of public security are really good, and they have gradually targeted the murderer.

Whats more, this man is likely to have been attacked by the public security organs or suffered from serious illness or injury between May and November 1992.

The main leaders of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau saw this analysis and said with a smile: you just solved this case?

The same is true!

Since 1994, according to the analysis scope of criminal investigation experts, the police have increased the investigation on the men who meet the requirements in the surrounding area of Xinjiao town.

After investigation, they are all escort miss.

As the investigation continues, the scope is becoming smaller and smaller, focusing on dozens of people. It seems that the murderer will be arrested.

To our surprise, the case was solved by itself.

The girl named Huang Yanhong claimed that she met the serial abnormal murderer in Guangzhou last night. She was cheated into the villains house, raped and nearly strangled. Finally, relying on her feign death and superb climbing skills, she managed to escape.

According to Huang Yanhongs memories, director Lu Guangrong, with two policemen, rushed into a civilian house in the town with guns.

Director Lu Guangrong knows that this is the home of Luo Shubiao, a villager. Director Lu once thought that Huang Yanhong was wrong.

Luo Shubiao is a character of cowardly, short and thin man, see others quarrel fight all hide far away.

When he was young, Luo Shubiao was jailed for theft, but he has been doing well since his release. However, in 1992, Luo Shubiao was arrested in Guangzhou for whoring with prostitutes. However, many men in Guangdong are lecherous, and it is not uncommon that prostitutes are arrested.

Director Lu asked Huang Yanhong: did you remember correctly? This one?

After director Lu knocked on the door, a middle-aged woman opened the door. This is the hostess, named Liu Meiting.

Liu Meiting met Lu Guangrong, and was surprised to ask: Director, what can I do for you?

Liu Meiting: not at home, early in the morning? Whats going on?

Director Lu: dont shout, stand here and dont move.

Left a policeman looking at Liu Meiting, director Lu with another police began to search Luos home.

Two people searched several bungalows where Luos family lived.

Luos family is relatively poor. There are only some simple furniture, almost no household appliances, and the cabinets are basically empty.

After a simple search, director Lu found nothing.

Helpless, they climbed up in the small attic that Huang Yanhong almost killed.

The attic is locked. Director Lu asks Liu Meiting for the key. Liu Meiting answers: I dont have a key. This is a room that only my man can enter. He said that he made money by carpentry here. The carpentry had chemical pollution and would not let me and the children go in.

Director Lu can only find a hammer and break the door lock open.

Opening the door, director Lu saw the Yellow Yanhong handbag and put it on the table. It seems that Huang Yanhong didnt talk nonsense. She was robbed by Luo Shubiao.

Director Lu looked again and was startled.

On the bed in the house, there are a pile of womens clothes, at least a dozen. Inside the bedside table, there are hundreds of female underwear and brassiere with wearing traces, all of which are old.

Director Lu couldnt help cursing: Luo Shubiao is such a dirty boy, stealing womens underwear.

When director Lu inspected these underwear, another policeman was interested in the locked wardrobe.

The wardrobe is very large and has two locks on the door.

The police smashed it with a hammer for half a day, and it took a lot of strength to break it open.

Who knows, just took a look, the police in his early 20s suddenly covered his mouth with his hand, turned and ran downstairs at full speed.

Mr. Lus zhanger monk was puzzled and asked: whats the matter? Run what?

Here, the policeman vomited violently on the stairs, even yellow water.

Director Lu looked suspiciously into the wardrobe and was stunned.

There is also a female model dummy made of wire, covered with several pieces of stitched skin.

Director Lu has done more cases. He thinks its not cowhide or pigskin, but human skin.

For a while, director Lu also felt his stomach churning and couldnt help vomiting.

Obviously, Luo Shubiao is the murderer of these serial cases. He is the murderer of abnormal killing and milking.

Now that he has disappeared, can the police catch him?

Director Lu: where is your husband?

Liu Meiting: I really dont know. Before dawn, he suddenly told me that he had work to do and left home without driving the car.

Director Lu: you didnt lie?

Liu Meiting: why should I tell lies? director of an institute? What happened to my husband? He was really bad before. He was jailed several times for theft, but he has been in good order since he was released.

Director Lu: rules? Wasnt he detained for whoring?

Liu Meiting: ah. He is a lecherous. He often goes whoring on my back. My eldest brother and second brother have seen many times that he accosted the station girl and then got on the bus and left together. But I cant control him. He and I have two children, so we can only make do with it. But whoring is not a big deal, is it? You want to detain him again?

Director Lu: its not about whoring, its a big thing. If you think about it, what bad things has he done?

Liu Meiting: Oh, oh. Director, I remember.

Luo Shubiao has been doing decoration business and transportation business in recent years. He often goes home late at night. On the pretext that he had carpentry to do, he stayed in the attic at home for many times at night and locked the door instead of allowing Liu Meiting to come in.

Late one night in 1992, Liu Meiting saw that the light in the attic was on again. A few hours later, at 3 a.m., he suddenly heard the sound of a truck moving at home. Because her little son has a high fever these days, and now she is burning very badly, Liu Meiting has no choice but to pursue her husband in the yard.

My husband is carrying a big box to the truck. The lid of the box has not been closed, and there is nothing in it. Liu Meiting looked at it carefully, and she screamed and sat down on the ground. Inside the box was a naked woman with a large amount of blood on her chest.

Hearing his wife scream, Luo Shubiao was very nervous. After half a day of emotional stability, Luo Shubiao told Liu Meiting that he accidentally hit this woman while driving outside that night. On the way to the hospital with her, the woman lost too much blood and died. Luo Shubiao said he decided to throw the body away for fear of losing money. As for taking off the clothes of the dead, they are afraid that the identity of the dead will be determined soon after others see the body.

Liu Meiting knows that her husband usually has a lot of bad deeds, but thinks that he is not brave and weak in character. She absolutely dare not kill people, so she believes her husband.

She watched her husband drive out of the car, and later did not mention it even to her eldest brother and second brother.

The next day, Liu Meiting thought of a strange thing: why hit people, but there is no sign of damage to the truck at home?

Obviously, the husband is lying.

After listening to Liu Meitings story, Lu Guangrong is more sure that Luo is the murderer. Later, Lu Guangrong and Liu Meiting went upstairs to see with their own eyes the organs that had been cut off. Liu Meiting almost fainted, then lay down on the ground crying, scolding her husband is not human.

Lu Guangrong said: he is a murderer now and he must be shot. You have lived with him for so long, who will believe that you do not know? If both your husband and wife are arrested and jailed, what will happen to your two children? Think about it yourself! You must help us to catch him now so that we can clear your cover up.

At this time, Liu Meitings hand to death.

Director Lu decided to fish and let Liu Meiting rush to the spot with money. When Luo Shubiao appears, the police in ambush around him will seize him.

Although she hated her husband and let her participate in the arrest, Liu Meiting hesitated.

Director Lu: do you want to make contributions? You just need to help us catch Luo Shubiao. I promise youre OK. Your husband committed a terrible crime. Even if he ran away this time, he could not hide from the first day of junior high school, but he would be shot if he caught it sooner or later. Do you deserve to be tied up with him and go to jail?

Liu Meiting with her bag arrived at the door of an agreed shop. Director Lu and three policemen were lying in ambush in plain clothes.

Director Lu said coldly: do you still say your wife is cruel? Ive been a policeman for 20 years. Ive seen a lot of murderers. None of them are half as cruel as you.

As a result, Luo Shubiao was successfully captured.

To be sure, Luo Shubiao is: in four and a half years in a row to kill 16 young female devils.

According to the criminal investigation experts of the Ministry of public security, Luo Shubiao probably did not commit the crime for the first time in 1990.

After the arrest of Luo Shubiao, the police looked through the backlog of homicide cases that had not been solved in the past.

What we didnt expect was that when we compared Luo Shubiaos fingerprints, we found that they were the same as 17 years ago, that is, in early 1977, the murder scene of the Municipal Institute of household electrical appliances.

In 1977, just after the cultural revolution, public order was still in chaos, and robberies occurred from time to time. A gangster sneaks into the dormitory of the City Electrical Appliances Research Institute and steals. It happens to be discovered by the hostess Feng Liyun who is back from the night shift. Feng found that there was a man who made a living in his family, and he cried out for help. Seeing this, the gangster strangled Feng Liyuns neck and strangled her to death. The gangster also used an iron to hit the victims head continuously, resulting in brain burst, and the method was extremely ferocious. As there were no traces on the scene, only a few bloody fingerprints were left, and the case has not been detected.

It seems that Luo Shubiao has killed people as early as 1977.

He knew that he had killed too many people, and the evidence of his crime was conclusive. Luo Shubiao did not resist. He quickly explained his criminal experience over the years.

Luo Shubiao: I know that I have done so many cases. You must catch me sooner or later. If I say it or not, its better to say everything before I die, but I hope you dont embarrass me (dont fight).

Police: you have been in the public security organs several times. As long as you are willing to cooperate, we will not embarrass you.

Luo Shubiao: it has nothing to do with my wife. Dont arrest her.

Police: according to our investigation, there is no evidence that your wife Liu Meiting was involved in the crime, most of them are suspected of harboring. Shes now on bail and taking care of her children at home. You see, we are reasonable.

Later, Luo Shubiao gave up resistance and told about his 19 years of killing experience.

In middle school, he was caught in the habit of theft, began to steal things from his classmates, and later evolved into stealing money everywhere. He was also abducted and sent to the police station by the shopkeeper. For this reason, Luo Shubiao was repeatedly warned by the school and detained by the Public Security Bureau. Because he was young, Luo Shubiao was not sentenced. For this reason, his father beat him, he didnt know how many times, but it didnt work.

After graduating from high school, Luos father arranged for him to work as a carpenter in a factory, hoping that he would work hard and return to normal. Only two years later, in 1974, Luo stole the expensive wood from the factory and was arrested by the police.

In his father repeatedly pleaded, Luo Shubiao was sentenced to two years of reeducation through labor.

During these two years of reeducation through labor, Luo Shubiao did not repent. Instead, he got to know a group of inmates in prison, which became worse and worse.

At the beginning of 1977, Luo Shubiao committed another major crime less than three months after he was released from reeducation through labor. One day, he turned into the city electrical appliances research institute dormitory theft, just met the hostess Feng Liyun. Feng Liyun saw a stranger in the dormitory and immediately called out arrest the thief and help.

Afraid of being arrested again, Luo rushes up in panic and pinches Feng Liyuns neck. Dont let her shout. Feng Liyun struggled desperately, but also grasped Luo Shubiaos face. Luo Shubiao is a small man, not strong enough to subdue Feng Liyun. Panic, Luo Shubiao can only force Feng Liyuns neck, and finally strangle her to death. Seeing that Feng Liyun had no breath and Luo Shubiao was afraid that she would not die, he smashed her head with an iron until her brain fluid came out. Luo Shubiao with stolen goods, escape from the dormitory window! At that time, the polices ability was poor, and the case had not been detected, leaving only a few fingerprints on the scene.

Because he was only a thief, the police did not check Luo Shubiaos fingerprints and the 1977 homicide.

After their release in 1982, Luos parents hoped that Luo Shubiao would follow the right path, and in September they told him a daughter-in-law, Liu Meiting. Liu Meiting looks ordinary, is an honest peasant woman, gentle personality.

After Ren Ting got married, she took care of her family. Unexpectedly, Luo Shubiao was not changed. In February 1983, he was arrested for theft.

In 1983, Luo Shubiao was not sentenced to reeducation through labor, but was directly jailed for five years. Luos parents were very disappointed with the son, who never changed his mind.

After he was released in 1987, he was 33 years old. He had been in prison and reeducation through labor for eight years, and had killed one person.

During Luo Shubiaos sentence, Liu Meiting took care of her mother-in-law with her two children. She had to work in the town to make a living. It was very hard.

But Liu Meiting did not ask for a divorce, which made Luo Shubiao very moved and felt that there should be no such a wife.

After he was released from prison, Luo Shubiao promised his wife to be a new man and gave up stealing as expected. He first engaged in individual decoration, and later has been engaged in the individual transport industry. Due to work needs, Luo Shubiao bought a 0.6-ton minitruck and moved his family to Xinjiao town in Haizhu District.

Luo Shus character is cowardly and introverted. He never dare to have a direct conflict with others. His wife thinks that he will not have any serious crime.

During this period, his wife was very satisfied with him! In fact, Luo Shubiao at this time is totally dual character.

In front of his wife and children, he pretends to be a good man, and he is ten times worse than before. In prison, due to long-term abstinence, Luo Shubiao began to have some abnormal behavior.

When the armed police supervised their work outside the prison, Luo Shubiao had stolen womens underwear and brassiere. Its a fetish, a form of sexual metamorphosis.

After he was released from prison, Luo Shubiaos abnormal psychology gradually became serious.

He is not interested in the sex life with his wife, instead, he is attached to many abnormal thoughts.

Luo Shubiao explained: after his release from prison in 1987, he often watched pornographic and violent videos. One of them is a video tape based on Lin Guoyun, a taxi driver who kills and cuts corpses in Hong Kong. The catalogue is butcher on foggy night. The English video tape describing how a murderer rapes and kills a young woman and cuts vulva and breast has the greatest and most profound influence on him. He thought it was exciting and challenging, and he gradually developed a strong desire to imitate. In order to vent his sexual desire, Luo Shubiao stole and dried womens clothes everywhere. His notebook alone recorded as many as 208 times. Since 1989, Luo Shubiao picked up some plastic plastic full-length model glue statues discarded by fashion stores, assembled them into complete female models, put them on their stolen dresses and put them in front of bed to enjoy them. At the same time, Luo Shubiao also made an inflatable doll with a screw cleaver welding gun, which was used to vent sexual desire.

On the night of February 7, 1990, he wandered for more than two hours and found Huang, a young woman in Panyu, who was on the way to Xinzhou.

Luo Shubiao lied that he was a customer and could give this woman a very low price. After gaining her trust, Luo Shubiao took her to a secluded place in Pazhou dairy farm to try to rape her.

Huang, a strong young woman, refused to obey, fighting to death and calling for help. Luo Shubiao, who is small in stature and small in strength, can not subdue her. He is afraid that her cry will be heard by others, so he immediately decides to kill people. Since he killed Feng Liyun in 1977, Luo Shubiao is very experienced in killing people. He stuck the young womans neck with his hands and soon strangled her alive. After killing people, Luo Shubiaos sexual perversion thought sprang up, and then raped the body, and then the body was thrown into the grass in the town and roadside.

Although it is not the first time to kill people, Luo Shubiao is also very panic. The next morning, he went to the scene with the police. After a period of time, Luo Shubiao was very scared and in constant panic, and he never committed a crime again in a year. After a whole year, see the police did not find his head, Luo courage again.

He was jailed three times before and after eight years in prison, and he has a certain understanding of the polices means of handling cases.

Luo thinks: the police can only find out the cases with causality. I dont know the victims at all. How can you do anything to me?

After the murder, Luo Shubiao did not dare to attack the good women again. These women are very vigilant and are not easily deceived. Once they find out that the situation is wrong, they often shout for help and fight to death to attract the attention of passers-by and police!

At this time, Luo Shubiao has two lives in the body, afraid to make any contact with the police.

Abnormal psychology is a cycle! This abnormal thinking will continue to accumulate, for Luo Shubiao, often only through killing people to vent. After that, people have to be killed again.

Perverted killers commit crimes until they die or are arrested. Soon, Luo Shubiao has a strong abnormal thought, need to vent. This time, he chose the lady who was easy to handle.

Since 1989, Luo Shubiao began to prostitute, almost once a week. The economic situation is not good, he is looking for low-cost Street women. It is impossible for the prostitutes to accompany the girls in their hometown. They are usually in other places. All the women standing on the street are all foreigners.

According to the contact with Miss escort, Luo Shubiao thinks that she can easily go to remote places with him and start at will. The female escort often doesnt pay much attention to the clients. Even if her hands are stuck in her neck, as long as she doesnt exert herself, she will not shout. But when she pinched them hard, the escort Miss couldnt call them out.

In February 1991, when Luo Shubiao was whoring with a prostitute, he made a few complaints because of his rude behavior. Luo Shubiao is very angry! After the sex transaction was completed, Luo Shubiao expressed dissatisfaction and the two quarreled. Luo Shubiao suddenly choked the young ladys neck and strangled her to death. Later, Luo Shubiao raped the corpse for many times and then threw the corpse into the wilderness.

After the murder, Luo Shubiao was nervous for a while and did not dare to commit the crime for half a year.

Six months later, the police did not move, Luo Shubiao thought that it was impossible to be caught, and began to commit a crime without fear.

Then, until May 1992, he committed several crimes in a row, basically killing one person every two to three months.

During this period, the police conducted many large-scale investigations, including Luo Shubiao. However, Luo Shu didnt commit any crime again after he marked the prison, which gave people the feeling that he was honest and cowardly, so he was not taken seriously by the police.

Luo Shubiao did not take the police checkpoints seriously. Based on his familiarity with Xinjiao Town, he took a straggling alley and took a remote route. In the second half of the night, he drove around the polices sentry post and inspection post box, and threw his body leisurely under the eyes of the police.

The only accident was that Luo Shubiao packed a young ladys body in a wooden box and was ready to abandon it outside when his wife Liu Meiting found it. He lied to Liu Meiting that it was a traffic accident that killed people.

Luo Shubiaos self confession: after he has successfully committed the crime, he has a kind of pleasant feeling that he can do what he wants. Some of them are allowed to leave their own underwear and check their own in the game.

After the crime, Luo Shubiao recorded the female youths physical features, color of clothes, the process of adultery, his own feelings and the process of throwing the corpse into his notebook for later appreciation and aftertaste.

Later, after hearing the news, the public security organs checked and prosecuted them too tightly, so they destroyed the notebooks and recorded them again in another outline.

Late in the night of May 25, 1992, Luo Shubiao was arrested by the police of Tianhe District Public Security Bureau for whoring and sent to work study school for half a year.

He was terrified that he would be forced to test his DNA. He thinks its all over this time! Fortunately, the police think that Luo Shubiao is just an ordinary whore and doesnt pay attention to him. Luo Shubiao spent half a year in Gongdu school before he was able to go home.

During this half year, he can only give up the crime.

He has stopped committing crimes for nearly half a year, but his evil thoughts of committing crimes have never been dispelled. His mind is always itching, and he always feels bad if he does not commit rape and murder.

Since the end of November 1992, Luo Shubiao, who was unable to control himself, continued to commit crimes. From March to September in 1994, he raped and killed four escort girls.

In September, Luo Shubiao gradually became bored with the rape and murder of the escort. He thought that it was too easy to kill a lady escort, and there was no challenge. He began to try to kill a good woman.

To Luo Shubiaos surprise, Huang Yanhong was not an ordinary young woman, but was born in a rural acrobatic family in Hunan Province. She practiced acrobatics under the supervision of her father since childhood, and worked in the county acrobatic troupe as an adult, and later married a member of the troupe. The business of the acrobatic troupe was not good. Huangs husband decided to give up acrobatics and go to Guangzhou to start a business. A year later, Huangs husband opened a snack bar in Guangzhou, and the business was good, so Huang Yanhong came to Guangzhou to live together. Huang Yanhong came to Guangzhou by train and met Luo Shubiao, a driver who looked very honest.

Huang Yanhong is a little wary of Luo Shubiao when she first comes to Guangzhou. Once the car drove to a relatively desolate place, Huang Yanhong kept asking where he had gone and asked him to drive to a crowded place.

Luo Shubiao tried several times to drive the car to the uninhabited field, but Huang Yanhong spoke loudly and even yelled every time. Luo failed. In desperation, Luo Shubiao is out of the ordinary and decides to start at home.

He falsely claimed that he went home to get some things for his son, took Huang Yanhong to his home in Xinjiao Town, and invited Huang to sit down and see his two children. Confused by Luo Shubiaos cowardly appearance, Huang Yanhong thinks that this person is timid and has no threat, so she agrees to go upstairs.

Walking into the attic, Luo Shubiao showed his ferocity and suddenly strangled her neck with a rope from behind.

Huang was caught off guard and soon passed out. Luo Shubiao thought she was dead and then raped the corpse. After that, Luo Shubiao went downstairs to get the sack containing the body, and Huang Yanhong slowly woke up. She was naked, neck pain, attic from the ground as high as 5 meters, and Luos courtyard wall is also 4 meters high, there are many pieces of glass.

Im afraid that ordinary women will die. Fortunately, Huang Yanhong is an acrobat with strong climbing skills. Regardless of her lack of clothes, she broke the window with her elbow and climbed out of the window. Acrobats skill, let her effortlessly climb down the attic, and unarmed climb up to 4 meters high wall, finally turned out.

After escaping, Huang Yanhong, who did not know the real situation, did not dare to run around and hid in an empty house where no one lived. The next day, she dared to go out of the house and met an old woman who bought breakfast. The old lady was almost scared out of breath when she saw that she was naked and didnt even wear underpants. The old lady quickly took her home and gave her a windbreaker and a pair of underpants. After a little calming down, Huang Yanhong decides to call the police. At 8 oclock, under the guidance of the old lady, she even didnt care to put on her clothes, so she rushed into the town police station to report the situation.

After Luo Shubiao came back, he was shocked to find that Huang Yanhong had disappeared. Knowing that the matter was about to be revealed, he grabbed his wallet and ran out of town in a hurry. For fear of exposure, he didnt even dare to drive.

After escaping to the railway station, Luo Shubiao found that there were only dozens of yuan in his wallet. This money can buy a train ticket at most, eat a few meals, and then can only starve to death. Helpless, he made a phone call home to find out the real situation, and then asked his wife to send the deposit to a place near the railway station. Unexpectedly, at this time, the police had already laid a charge on him, and then captured him alive.

Luo Shubiao has 17 lives on his back, which is the most vicious and natural death. Just over 20 days after his imprisonment, the Guangzhou Municipal Peoples court sentenced Luo Shubiao to death according to law and executed immediately.

A few days later, Luo Shubiao was shot at the execution ground.

Sadly, until the case was solved, two thirds of the female escorts who had been killed did not know their identity. Their mutilated bodies are still in the morgue and cannot be cremated. Even the police have known the name and address of one of the victims when they come to ask his parents to collect the body! His parents insisted that the dead was not their daughter and refused to collect the corpse! Why? In conservative rural areas, it is hard for the whole family to raise their heads when their daughters are prostitutes. Who will admit it.

The net of heaven is large and wide, but it lets nothing through!

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