Regional dynamic intelligence and linked Commerce: 2020 blockchain enabling entity Seminar

 Regional dynamic intelligence and linked Commerce: 2020 blockchain enabling entity Seminar

In the future, the public chain will be divided into three parts: Baker. New retail of distributed commerce is a new business model first proposed by the founding partner of Baker chain, which helps more small and medium-sized businesses to overtake or change lanes on the basis of their original business through technologies such as blockchain + artificial intelligence + big data. Help enterprises to reduce customer acquisition costs and improve customer viscosity. In short, goods go out, money comes in and people stay.

At the meeting, Mr. Xiao Rong of the Uyghur business alliance made a wonderful sharing on how the blockchain Beck chain combined with the Uyghur business alliance formed a new retail ecological closed-loop of distributed commerce.

The Uyghur business alliance is building a platform for the alliance of ten thousand merchants, and is committed to let the port city have no hard to open physical stores. In the platform of the Uyghur business alliance, the current circulation is the Uyghur business alliance card. There are three roles in the platform of the Uyghur business alliance: consumers, entrepreneurs and merchants. Mr. Xiao Rong mentioned that these three roles will be the beneficiaries and beneficiaries in the platform of the Uyghur business alliance. Firstly, consumers can not only save money, but also make money; secondly, entrepreneurs can not only earn high commission, but also become shareholders of businesses; finally, businesses will get a lot of passenger flow and money flow, and finally form a closed loop. On the platform of the Uyghur business alliance, businesses only need to do two things, one is product, the other is service, and the other is done by the Uyghur business alliance. Finally, we will create a new distributed commercial retail ecology of we have 10000 stores, 10000 stores have our stores, our stores have 10000 goods, and we have got 10000 goods.

The leaders of Lianyungang four leaf grass disability service center and many businesses set up the four leaf grass charity working committee. The activity was awarded by director Chen and Mr. Xiao Rong of the municipal disabled persons Federation. Ms. Mou Xiaoling and Ms. Liu Min, vice president of the four leaf grass, took over the card, which interpreted the great love spirit of helping others, self-help, moving forward for love. The childrens song only mother is good in the world written by the children of the four leaf grass disability service center moved all the guests and guests on the scene, and they all consciously gave their love. At the same time, love also contributed a little to help these vulnerable groups during the live broadcast of more than 70000 people, And our sponsor, Ms. Mou Xiaoling, indicated that the host would donate 1% of the transaction value of the conference to the four leaf grass disability service center. The whole meeting reached a climax in the atmosphere of four leaf grass disability service center childrens charity sale of soap, raising a total of 9432 yuan. President Luo said that he was very grateful to Beck chain and the Uyghur Business Association for giving them the opportunity to get together, and would make every donation transparent, so that everyone could supervise and implement the donation.

With joy and hope, all the contents of the meeting will come to an end for the time being. The dinner party is about to begin. You should drink as much as you like. Dont make the golden cup empty to the moon. Beck chain blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. and weiti technology entrepreneurship Service Co., Ltd. will join hands with you to meet the bright future!

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485