Jingdong Baitiao can help you to buy online. Dont panic if you are shy!

 Jingdong Baitiao can help you to buy online. Dont panic if you are shy!

(Jingdong Baitiao belongs to Jingdong finance, a subsidiary of Jingdong)

Fast payment and theft prone areas

With the rise of the third-party payment, fast payment has been widely accepted by users, but fast payment not only brings us fast and convenient, but also brings security risks to our bank card money.

Recently, there was a news that the bank card was stolen and swiped. Mr. Yang from Xian was paid by a third party to swipe the bank card in other places. Although he stopped the loss in time and froze his account, the lawbreakers had already swiped 31 transactions in nine minutes and lost nearly 15000 yuan.

In fact, the phenomenon of stealing and swiping traditional bank cards has been common. Such things happen every day. If Mr. Yang used the safer Jingdong white paper, this phenomenon would not happen.

More secure Jingdong Baitiao escorts online shopping

Jingdong Baitiao has such strong self-confidence, which is due to the security attention of Jingdong Baitiao and the application of Jingdong financial mature anti-theft brush technology.

It is understood that Jingdong finance monitored and intercepted more than 100 million yuan of high-risk payment orders last year. By using big data resources, various big data models and strategies have been collected, and powerful risk control systems such as TianDun and Tianwang have been created to effectively crack down on illegal behaviors such as fraud and cash out.

Jingdong financial risk control experts said that under normal circumstances, as long as financial services are involved, the user identity verification and transaction verification process will be set up. If there is an exception, an early warning will be triggered immediately and the transaction will be intercepted in time. In the aspect of invisible risk control capability research, we have invested a lot of resources, such as risk control experts, which can effectively protect the safety of users.

Although the risk of stolen brush is almost zero, Jingdong Baitiao is still very concerned about the protection of users rights and interests. Jingdong Baitiao also advances the amount of money to the stolen users, and timely reports the case to the public security organ and follows up with the police work. Such comprehensive protection also makes users feel more confident about Jingdong white paper.

Therefore, in the process of daily life and online shopping, we have every reason to consider using Jingdong Baitiao, not to mention that the possibility of Jingdong Baitiao being stolen is extremely low. Even if it is unfortunately stolen, a series of complete measures of Jingdong white bar will let users stop loss in time and reduce the loss to the minimum, and there will be no worries at all.