Media: compulsory family planning for Uyghur is just ridiculous

 Media: compulsory family planning for Uyghur is just ridiculous

Recently, they have concocted new rumors, claiming that the Chinese government has imposed compulsory sterilization, abortion and family planning on Uygur and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, and has continued to abuse and suppress ethnic minorities, thus promoting disguised genocide.

This is another way for them to slander Chinas human rights situation. The wolfs ambition is obvious, but it is doomed to be futile.

Compulsory family planning for Uyghur people is just nonsense. Facts are the best refuters.

As a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, from 1978 to 2018, the Uygur population in Xinjiang has increased from 5.55 million to 11.68 million, 2.1 times that of 40 years ago. It can also be seen that the Chinese government has always protected the legitimate rights and interests of people of all ethnic groups, including ethnic minorities, without discrimination. The population policy has long given preferential treatment to ethnic minorities, including Uyghur people.

If what those with ulterior motives say is true, how can Xinjiangs Uygur population grow dramatically?

In 2016, according to the new situation and changes of the national population, economic and social development, the CPC Central Committee made a major decision and deployment of the comprehensive two child policy, and the Xinjiang population and family planning regulations were revised accordingly.

From one couple of urban residents can have two children, and one couple of rural residents can have three children, to if female employees meet the requirements, they will be given 60 days of maternity leave in addition to the states maternity leave. The new regulations adhere to the people-oriented principle, which further demonstrates Chinas care for every citizen, including ethnic minority women.

Peoples happiness is the greatest human right. In recent years, Xinjiangs human rights cause has achieved new development, from the implementation of free health examination to the realization of 12-year free education, and then to supporting the employment of key groups such as rural women.

The proportion of female cadres is close to 50%, the maternal mortality rate has dropped to 33 / 100000, and the planned immunization coverage rate has reached more than 90%

Data items show the comprehensive protection and full protection of women and childrens rights. Happy life is hard won, and the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will never allow anyone to destroy it.

Xinjiang related issues are not human rights issues, but anti violence, terrorism and anti secession issues. Facts have proved that a series of anti-terrorism and de extreme measures have built a protective wall for the better life of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. The overseas Anti China forces turn a blind eye to the achievements of human rights protection in Xinjiang, but maliciously slander them. This fully shows that human rights are just a mask in their hands. Their purpose is to defame Chinas image with the help of the so-called Xinjiang issue, to win sympathy from all countries through the so-called human rights issue, so as to stir up ethnic relations and curb Chinas development. People of insight all over the world can see this clearly and will never agree to it.

A reporter said with emotion: tell the world, Xinjiang Anlan! Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the people of all ethnic groups in China, including the 25 million people in Xinjiang, are like pomegranate seeds tightly held together. The protection of human rights in Xinjiang will surely rise to a higher level, and the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will usher in a better tomorrow!

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British media releases self-made video of men in Xinjiang Education and training center? Response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin presided over a regular press conference on August 5, according to the Ministrys website.

Wang Wenbin: I dont know what you said. But you mentioned that this is a BBC video. I remember that the BBC also broadcast a video some time ago, claiming that the Chinese government imposed compulsory sterilization on Uygur women. It turns out that this video is totally untrue and a fabricated lie.

As a principle, I would like to point out that China is a country under the rule of law. It protects the legitimate rights of citizens according to law, combats illegal and criminal activities according to law, and everyone is equal before the law.

At present, Xinjiang has sustained economic development, social harmony and stability, continuous improvement of peoples livelihood, unprecedented cultural prosperity, and religious harmony and harmony. The so-called Xinjiang issue is not a matter of human rights, nationality or religion at all, but an issue of anti violence, anti separatism and de extremism. The government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has cracked down on violent terrorist activities in accordance with the law, attached importance to source control and actively pushed into the work of extremism. These measures have achieved remarkable results. There has been no terrorist attack in Xinjiang for more than three years, which has guaranteed the basic rights of people of all ethnic groups, such as the right to life, health and development, and has been widely supported and wholeheartedly supported by the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

As for your reference to the Xinjiang Education and training center, I can tell you that the rights and freedoms of the trainees in the training center have been fully and practically guaranteed.