Is Jingdong fund unreliable? Follow up and invest in Xiaobai

 Is Jingdong fund unreliable? Follow up and invest in Xiaobai

It can also be seen from the data above that the three major stock indexes have increased by more than 20% at their lowest points, which is generally known as a technical bull market.

With the structural market of A-share highlighted, more and more investors joined the fund investment army in the first half of the year. A large number of investors have bought funds wildly in recent two weeks. Fund companies have also launched a number of new fund products to help investors get on the train. However, investors who have not received professional training and have not experienced bull bear conversion only rely on their simple experience, knowledge reserves and gossip lists Fighting alone is easy to be affected by emotions.

Thats the most important question. As a retail investor, how can you avoid losing money? In July, the scale of new fund issuance has reached more than 500 billion yuan, a new historical data. In the face of such a large-scale new fund market, investors fund selection task is even more arduous.

Looking at the current domestic fund platforms, in fact, there has been a trend of differentiation. First tier platforms like Jingdong fund have obvious competitiveness compared with other platforms. Stable and innovative funds are constantly improving with the changes of the times. On the Internet fund sales platform, Jingdong fund relying on Jingdong finance has a natural flow advantage, Take the recently issued two fund products of Guangfa robust optimization holding hybrid and Jingshun Great Wall competitive advantage for six months as an example, focusing on mining the long-term competitive advantage enterprises to share the long-term development dividend of high-quality enterprises. Therefore, once launched online, it has been widely concerned.

(Jingdong finance relies on Jingdong branch)

For retail investors, the lack of professional skills is the biggest defect. If you want to invest in the stock market by choosing funds, it will be relatively simple. As long as you choose excellent fund managers, you can make it easy to invest in the stock market. On the other hand, relying on the large platform, Jingdong fund will strictly select good fund companies and good fund managers, and ultimately let investors buy good fund products. At the same time, they can also enjoy 10 second account opening, rate discount, customized investment strategy, and Jingdongs genuine products and other intimate services.

Therefore, in the current situation, retail investors should choose carefully if they want to follow the bull market. If they want to rest assured, they still have to look at Jingdong fund in such a big platform as Jingdong finance.