The worlds first 5g + 8K UHD live broadcast starts at the National Grand Theater

 The worlds first 5g + 8K UHD live broadcast starts at the National Grand Theater

CCTV host Bai Yansong said: tonight is not only the first performance of colorful autumn rhyme series, but also a revolutionary event. On the surface, it is 8K + 5g . In fact, it is an innovation of Art + technology , industry + market

On the night of the concert, people watched the concert synchronously through 8K TV, 5g mobile phone and other display terminals in eight 8K live broadcast sites in the city. The eight 8K live broadcasting stations are located in the flower Hall of the National Grand Theater, the Financial Street shopping center, the Yihe Hall of Haidian Exhibition Center, the central square of Wangfujing pedestrian street, the central square of taiguli South District in Sanlitun, Zhongguancun pedestrian street, the gate of Huaxi live Beijing Times Art Museum and the first floor of Han nationality square in Yizhuang Economic Development Zone. tiktok also provides the HD HD broadcast signal, which is broadcast in the 50 channels of the National Theatre classical music channel, CCTV network, NetEase cloud music, jitter, and Kwai TSE.

It is worth noting that this concert has successfully achieved many firsts. For the first time, 8K + 5g live broadcast of global concert; for the first time, the 8K + 5g rebroader is used in stage art performance, which is the worlds first 8K + 5g UHD video full service rebroadcast vehicle; for the first time, it realizes large-scale 8K UHD network cloud distribution for consumer terminal field, and extends 8K + 5g application from point-to-point demonstration application to consumer level application for 8K TV and 5g mobile phone With, let 8K + 5g technology into peoples consumption life.

Wang Cheng, vice president of the National Grand Theater of China, said in an interview with the media, the transmission of ultra high definition picture quality also means that the details of musicians, actors and dance arts can be seen in front of the audience, which also puts forward higher requirements for our industry and specialty.

There is a 14 meter long live car not far from the performance hall, where 8K + 5g signal recording and production are completed. Compared with the panoramic opera film Li Ming is quiet here recorded by the National Grand Theater with 8K + 5g technology in 2019, the technical problems faced by this live broadcast are more complex.

Gu Jinxu, chief engineer of Beijing Economic and Information Bureau, said that an 8K TV is equivalent to the display volume of four 4K TVs, and can record 40g video signals per second. Therefore, it requires very high storage and production capacity. The fast transmission and low delay of 5g network are more conducive to the real-time transmission of 8K video. After the live broadcast, the technical personnel will also collect the audience feedback from eight live broadcast sites for technical improvement and improvement. In the next step, it is possible to prepare for holographic image presentation in the future.

As for the charging problem that people are generally concerned about, vice president Wang Cheng said that at present, all online viewing is free. As a public welfare project, technological innovation and realization make it convenient for audiences everywhere to enjoy higher-level and high-quality art performances. The investment in this live broadcast has been supported by enterprises and other parties, and more business models will be explored in the future. (Liu Fei)

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