After a year of divorce, song Huiqiao first talked about love as a complex problem in life

 After a year of divorce, song Huiqiao first talked about love as a complex problem in life

Song Huiqiao and song Zhongji have been divorced for a year, and there have been various opinions in this year. However, both of them later maintained the attitude of one parting, two leniency, and each being happy. Thats good. Divorce means divorce. Its torn around. Its ugly. Besides, it doesnt change much. Its better to accept it as it is. Both of them play an important role in the entertainment industry. Marriage and divorce are not children playing games. So be careful and prudent, but divorce still has a great influence on Song Huiqiao. But people always have to move forward.


At this stage, for her, family and friendship are the most precious, because the most precious thing in life is to let people feel equal, trust and wholeheartedly in a relationship. Song Huiqiao said that she would sincerely face the two relationships. But what about love? Its not mentioned here. Is that not willing to mention, or care carefully, so temporarily inconvenient to mention? Its not known. Its very difficult to express ones emotions. fortunately, the characters emotions can be transformed into his own feelings through filming. Well, why should it be so hard? The role is the role, you are you.


At the same time, song Huiqiao talked about her views on love, in maintaining or preserving feelings, it requires the hard work of both sides and mutual cooperation to achieve. Because every relationship is unique, so when you communicate with your partner, there is no correct standard answer or action. Love is a complex problem in life After the divorce, song Huiqiao also had a deeper understanding of herself. Perhaps, this is her biggest feeling? Some people say that love is very simple. Others say that love is complicated. The key to this is still people.

How much sensation did song Huiqiao and song Zhongji make when he announced his marriage? (text / Piaoyu Tong) from Liu Shi Zhen Jiang Twilight smoke in the play to song Huiqiao and song Zhongji outside the play - what is more perfect than this combination? Soon, news of their divorce came again. We believe that these two people loved each other deeply, but why did they make such a fuss after they got married? Maybe, each other in their own way to love each other. Unfortunately, its not the way they like it. As time goes by, the rupture of emotion is out of control. As beautiful as flowers, it cant resist reality.