In the coming week, Acacia becomes sick, tears whirl, old love defected, embrace again, touch happiness

 In the coming week, Acacia becomes sick, tears whirl, old love defected, embrace again, touch happiness

In the face of feelings, the traditional Taurus is as stubborn as ever. They want to meet a life-long partner, so at the beginning of the relationship, Taurus hopes that both sides will have enough time to get to know each other and choose their love partners carefully. So it is difficult for Taurus to enter into a relationship directly and use it to the depth. Taurus will spend more time to resolve the problem. In the coming week, Acacia becomes sick, tearful eyes are whirling, old love is falling apart, and Taurus embraces her predecessor again, touching happiness.


Aquarius always gives people a cold feeling, can only be seen from afar. They have a kind of nobility that doesnt eat peoples fireworks. Standing beside Aquarius, they will be ashamed of themselves unconsciously. Aquarius, however, never neglect the kindness and beauty of the people around them because of their unique temperament. They strive to integrate into everyone. Even though they always feel lonely in their hearts, they never want to show their discomfort too much. Its about trying to be close to others, trying to empathize with others, and trying to be friends.

In fact, this is not because Aquarius is so lonely, they just dont want people who are good to themselves to be let down. Aquarius is rarely entangled by a relationship. Most of the time, they adopt an attitude of following the fate. After all, Aquarius itself can become a world of its own, rich enough. However, when love comes, Aquarius will not refuse, but will devote themselves to the other half. In the coming week, Acacia becomes sick and tearful. Aquarius finally falls in love and embraces again, touching happiness.


Leo always gives people the feeling that a person is an army and does not need too much foreign aid and help. They do everything with their own plans and goals, and have their own rhythm. They dont want to be disturbed, and they dont like irrelevant people around. Leo has a special opinion, do not allow people to question, whether in life or work are used to saying the same thing. They dont want to spend too much time and energy on unimportant people. They need to save time to do more important things and meet more important people.