Zhang Yuqi and tranquility are so popular, why do you want to come to the elder sister who rides the wind and waves?

 Zhang Yuqi and tranquility are so popular, why do you want to come to the elder sister who rides the wind and waves?

Im afraid the hottest movie and TV program this summer is sister riding the wind and waves. For a period of time, my circle of friends was discussing this variety show.

That is to say, I want to pick white ice, because she seems not to fight, but always silent efforts, let people believe that womens gentle and firm is also a kind of strength.

This variety show even attracted a lot of male audience. My husband is one of them.

He hasnt watched TV program seriously for many years. He was bored to watch it with me on the first day of the broadcast. Then he went to become a member and said that he would like to watch Wanxi and Jinchen.

But, he also has doubts.

Its very red, OK!

Do they need this? The degree of success is just when you need to maintain your dignity. Why do you want to be commented, scored, voted, or even defined?

I said to him, I understand that they are both women.

Not only Zhang Yuqi and tranquility, but also the vast majority of these sisters, such as Yi Nengjing, Zhong liti, Huang Shengyi, Zheng Xiyi, Zhang Meng Too many, too many. Which one of them needs to rely on the draft to change their fate?

I think that even if the troupe is successful, Zhang Yuqi and Jing Jing, who are mainly engaged in acting, will not really make a living by singing and dancing from now on.

When they are invited, what makes them excited is the exuberant ambition, the exuberant desire - I, 30, 40, 50, can live on stage with full enthusiasm.

It is this kind of upward desire that my life is up to me and I will not let others make them so popular, which also makes them fight so hard in the elder sister who rides the wind and waves.

So, its too shallow to speculate on them only by turning red. Of course, I admit that there may be some psychological factors that will make the career go further. But more importantly, they have proved that they should not be defined.

Whether its age or identity.

30 year old women no longer suitable for singing and dancing? Well, sister will jump to show you, a word horse back somersault, you think impossible, sisters one by one to achieve it.

White ices soft and charming, Zhang Yuqis refreshing, tranquil and hot, which one is not good-looking?

Why do these sisters who dont need to ride the wind and waves so hard? Because they are here to open the door of the world. With them, I believe that womens life after 30 years old is not to look up at the ceiling, but to open the window and see the sea of stars.

Just like before, I only knew that tranquility was a good actor, but in sister riding the wind and waves, she began to sing orchid grass, I was stunned.

This is not a matter of talent. In addition, in the version of Jiageng, we can see that tranquility is not good at dancing at first, and then the amazing performance on the stage is made by hard knocks.

During the assessment in the practice room, because of the short time, she couldnt keep up with her. When the judge said that she had reduced her movements, she would firmly say, dont worry about it. Later, she really forgot to eat and sleep, so she didnt make mistakes.

Put together like this, but quiet care is not really a group or not.

I especially like her saying:

Its not about how well you sing or how well you dance, but that your spiritual strength is there. We cant play tricks just because we are 50 years old. Whats more, we should let some 50 year old female audience see some light, and let them know that if they get to this age, they can also do well.

For example, Wu Xin and Shen Mengchen.

Their two real careers are actually hosts. With their abilities and resources, they could have gone to some more relaxed programs, but they still chose to come to this stage.

Both of them have demonstrated quite good singing and dancing abilities beyond the hosting business. Wu Xin later really is more and more good, I saw her in her body before the rare self-confidence.

So is Zheng Xiyi.

Although I said that I was mainly a mother in recent years, but I knew that my business had never been left behind.

Do you do your best to win? Zheng Xiyi said that what she really wanted was to let her daughter know that when she was a mother, she could go out and do uncertain things.

Im really touched by the sentence being a mother can also do uncertain things..

Because in too many peoples eyes, a woman when a mother, in a sense, even if the end of their own life.

This is why Gu Jias sentence I suddenly feel that Gu Jia is dead and Xu Ziyans mother is alive in just 30 can resonate so much.

However, Zheng Xiyi let us see another possibility, and also let me have a little thinking. Maybe what can really make a child grow up is not the comfort circle made by her mother, but the figure she bravely walks out.

Yuan Yonglin and Zhang Meng are also out of the comfort zone, although they have been eliminated in the latest public performance.

Yuan Yonglin did not have a chance to return, but she did not think it was important. She thought that she left with full skills and the courage not to play safety cards. She thought this was the biggest lesson she learned this time.

Zhang Meng doesnt care about being eliminated. She said that she will be 80 years old. Recalling this summer, she will feel very beautiful.

The bravery and tenacity shown by the sisters in this summers battle and the vigorous and lively power they bring to the audience are far from what the so-called ranking can give.

We always say that drama is like life, so in fact, many audiences are taking the stars on the stage as mirrors.

The sisters confusion in the program is also the puzzle of 30 + women in real life.

Dare not change the track, dare not let go, do not believe that they can be more courageous than when young

Years of this thing, say good, said annoying also annoying.

Many of the sisters in the program need not red, fame or group qualification, which have been given to them in these years;

20 is to win.

30 is to break and reshape.

With a brave, to rebuild their tired repeated daily and began to have cracks in the heart.

It is burning to fight for survival;

The most precious strength of the sisters is that they still open up unlimited possibilities at an age when it is not so easy to change.

Of course, 30-year-old people can live a lazy, casual and comfortable life because they have some things. But if they still dare to try things that others think can only be done when they are 20 years old, is it a great incentive for the audience?