Ten signs before girls break up

 Ten signs before girls break up

At the beginning, it often reaches the peak.

Once the contradiction is not properly resolved, it will begin to decline.

Many boys asked me after breaking up: Why did she leave me suddenly?

As you probably know, the sun doesnt set in a moment.

Although the worlds feelings, there are thousands of reasons for breaking up.

But there will always be some similar moments;

Let her in the heart, secretly give up you many times.

Do you want cilantro?


You jokingly said: you are very picky.

She frowned: I said, I dont eat coriander.

You just ooh and you end the conversation.

It was supposed to have barbecue at the weekend, but it rained.

She excitedly takes out her new umbrella, and you say:

The light in her eyes went down, pursed her lips and said:

You are very happy to say:

Yes, the barbecue can be served at any time.

Turn around the circle of friends and see that your best friend shows her love. She is coquettish to you

Why dont your circle of friends send us a group photo?

She didnt give up. She held your arm

Its naive for two people to fall in love~

You stand up, throw your cell phone to her and say:

Do it if you want.

Its not just your cold reaction that makes her sad.

On the eve of Valentines day, she kept beating around the Bush asking what you wanted.

You said perfunctorily, nothing is missing.

On that day, she suddenly took out a big box.

Open, inside carefully arranged petals, feathers, small colored lights

In the middle are the shoes you put in the shopping cart and are reluctant to place an order.

She smiles very complacent, ask you: like it!

You smile very uneasy, say in a hurry:

I love it. Thank you, honey.

The other hand in the back, quietly sent her a 200 red envelope.

Only the next day, until the red envelope returned, she did not receive it.

I think youve been a little cold to me lately.

You reply: have you?

Youre a little unconvinced:

I told you that day. I was in a meeting and I was a little busy.

It took her a long time to reply: well.

You dont realize that she likes to send out mm-hmm at ordinary times.

She is very excited to be sent abroad to study.

Take your hand and go to the supermarket to buy things to take on business trip.

You turn over the mobile phone while perfunctory her: en, OK, buy it.

The next morning, you ask her:

What time is the flight?

She sighs and you slide up the chat record;

Yes, she sent you flight information yesterday.

You ha ha ground prevaricate the past, let her go out carefully.

Two people nest on the sofa playing with mobile phones, she pursed her lips and asked you:

Why did you give me the full name of wechat notes? Its not romantic at all.

You shrug: used to, my family notes are full names.

She holds up her mobile phone to show you, and her note to you is:

The best and most handsome pig boy in the world

You cant help but open the note and add a after her full name.

In fact, the questions she didnt say were:


As soon as she was told that there was a crash, the mobile phone turned off without power.

Voice assistant prompted that more than 30 calls were not answered.

She contacted almost all your relatives and friends.

I havent closed my eyes all night waiting for a message from you.

She called immediately and she cried as soon as she heard your voice

Do you know how worried I am about you?

In my memory, it was the loudest time she cried.

And for the last time.

You suddenly realize that you havent had a fight for a long time.

She has not been coquettish with you and lost her temper.

You say: take you for an outing this weekend. The weather is fine.

You said: that out of stock lipstick, I entrusted to buy for you.

You said: I drink too much, head pain, miss you very much.

She replied: go home early and have a good rest.

There was no feeling of waves, it was so frightening.

You dont even dare to ask if she loves you.

The real break-up started when she changed her circle of friends.

You deliberately sent her a message: delete me, or I always want to find you.

But she didnt answer you at all.

You say: I dont know. I feel she has changed.

She said: its not that Ive changed, its me who understands.

Disappointment is like a coin;

And she finally saved enough money to leave the ticket.

I remember that in the legend of Zhen Huan, Zhen Huan was put to practice in Lingyun peak, and the emperor went to see her.

When I saw Zhen Huan, I praised her for being more gentle and sensible than before.

From then on, Zhen Huan didnt love him any more.

When we separate, we can be cruel.

Few girls can dig their hearts and lungs out of others several times;

Love is the joy of their life;

Love wrong, is their lifelong regret.

She can walk ten thousand steps to see you, or she can take ten thousand steps to leave you.

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