If you dont get into trouble, you will feel comfortable

 If you dont get into trouble, you will feel comfortable


That door lock is broken. Its stuck?



Frustrated, she asked me for an answer, and I said with a smile that the door was opened, not pushed open.


Is there a moment when you find yourself in trouble with something that you want to get out of, but you cant get rid of it.

I want to stop my mind and take my attention away from it, but you cant let it go.

Obviously it doesnt matter much. Its a foregone conclusion. The person who holds on most is you.

Obviously, its just a small matter. I have to take a microscope to magnify it, hoping to find out the truth that can conform to his own imagination. But the more we fight, the more opposite the outcome will be.

This is not persistence, nor persistence, but driving ones heart and thoughts to a dead end. The more we drive, the more tired, the more tired, the more we rush, we will try our best to get to the top of the bulls horn until we have no way to go before we give up.

Its like an octopus.

Weighing at least 70 pounds, an adult octopus is one of the most treacherous creatures in the ocean.

Its body is very soft, no spine, predatory ability is very strong, as long as the fish and shrimp approached, they will bite off their heads, inject poison, paralyze them to death, and then have a good meal.

Fishermen make use of this characteristic of octopus, string the small bottles together with ropes and sink them into the sea bottom, and imprison the invincible octopus in the ocean.

Is it really a small bottle that can hold it? No, its its own. It is its preference for small utensils and its insistence on narrow that leads it to a dead end without exit, and can never go back to the vast world.

Its the same with people. When you feel trapped, think carefully. Is it your family, your children, your partner, relatives, or yourself?

It is clear that all roads lead to Rome, and there are 100 solutions to difficult problems. If we cant open the door, we can choose to open it. But when our hearts are locked by ourselves, whats the use of more methods.


If you cant walk, you can turn around. If you cant think of it, you can put it down

NASA has encountered such a problem: a certain part of the aircraft always fails, either here or there.

They thought of many ways and spent a lot of manpower, material resources and energy, but they still couldnt solve the problem until an engineer said, can you take this part away??

It turns out that this part is indeed redundant.

In fact, many things are like this. If you allow your mind to stay in one angle, you cant turn the corner. You are also trying to find a solution, and you are learning to think in a different position. However, you cant go back to the way you can go.

Perhaps, we have never imagined that some troubles are superfluous in themselves.

Uncle fan, I failed in the exam recently. I think Im so bad. My friends have a cold war with me Uncle fan, I quarreled with my husband. Im so sad. Ive been insomnia for the last few days, but he seems to be in no trouble

In fact, our life is full of complaints.

Some people, sensitive and thoughtful, habitual obsession, others said forget it, his mouth echoed, the same thing is still repeated in his mind.

Zhou Guoping once said:

An important aspect of life wisdom is to distinguish what one can control and what one cannot control. You can only let go of what you cant control. As for what you can control, you should work hard. As for the result of your efforts, you may as well let it go.

People are too smart to live happily, too sensitive, too comfortable to live, can work hard, adhere to the end is a complete thing, efforts can not be too persistent is also in vain.

Just as Mr. Lao She said, we should leave room for everything. Dont be so obsessed.

People, you can only eat rotten meat when you reach the top of the ox horn. Its disgusting for people and yourself.

Comfortable heart, comfortable talent

As the saying goes, those who have a mind are tired; those who have no intention do not care.

Those who love to get into trouble are not very happy.

With one annoyance, I pessimistically think that the whole life is bad.

If the heart is not comfortable, how can people be comfortable.

The teacher said, everything should be forward-looking and open-minded.

Mr. Zhou replied, turn a corner and you want to open it.

If you cant get past the point of the ox horn, you will turn around. If you cant walk in a dead end, you will turn around.

There is no absolute way to die. In many cases, it is meaningless to try to be brave. If you want to die, you have to suffer. If you put too much emphasis on your self-esteem, you will feel more and more disappointed.

Its no big deal to admit that youre wrong. If youre not a saint, who can be wrong?

If you lose this game, you can turn the tables again in the next game. If you are lucky, you will always fall there. Dont set limits on yourself. The world at the top of the bulls horn is too small. Only when you jump out of the bottom of the well can you see the diversity of possibilities in the world.

In fact, 80% of the problems are mental problems. When the heart knot is solved, the talent can relax, and the heart can be relaxed. Only when the heart is relaxed can the life become clear and comfortable, and the talent can really live a relaxed life.