100 men who want to divorce are exposed to reveal the common problems between husband and wife

 100 men who want to divorce are exposed to reveal the common problems between husband and wife

I interviewed 50 married men here. The question is: have you ever wanted to divorce your wife? Because of what?


@50. Married for three years, wife always suffers from Princess disease

My wife belongs to the kind of lovely Lori type, I was also chasing her because of this. However, I began to find out that she was suffering from Princess disease. Before I fell in love, I thought I was a man. If I could pet her, I would pick me up on time. I would buy what I wanted to eat. I would wash the dishes and have dinner with my family. Because she said, Im not in a good mood, I would also push it out.

Before marriage, I thought very good, I thought I spoiled her, after marriage, she will grow up slowly, will also remember my good. Who would have thought that in the past three years of marriage, she was more and more willful and more free of herself.

If I dont do housework at all, I dont have a good word to say. I have to work overtime or have dinner with my colleagues every day. I feel lonely when I get married!

@Wu, married for 12 years, shes too suspicious

My wifes biggest problem is: love me too much. Im not really showing off, its my biggest worry. I was her first love, and her feelings towards me were unquestionable, especially single-minded and virtuous.

Seven years ago, because I was working all night with my female colleagues in the company, she ran into me after work, and my good days came to an end.

To tell you the truth, I really want to divorce her if I dont think about children now. Ive had enough of these seven years.

@K. Married for 5 years, I dont know whether I am married to her or her parents!

My daughter-in-law, which is good, but is a silly white sweet, spoiled by the family since childhood, the whole person has no opinion. She has to ask her parents about big and small things.

Let me give you a wonderful example. I only keep a small part of my hard-earned money and give the rest to her. She is very good. Every 50000 she saves will be turned over to her mother. The reason is that my mother is good at financial management. Anyway, she will not move our money, but will only help us make money.

@Qu, 16 years of marriage, no one is more violent than my wife

My wife is the eldest in the family. When she was a child, the family conditions were not good. When her father died early, she helped her mother to take care of her younger brother and sister. So she has a strong character and a little temper.

After so many years of marriage, my wife has taken care of my family. That is to say, when we quarrel, she has been cold war with me for at least half a month. It is useless to coax me. For a long time, I can ignore me for more than a month, and I have no move at all.

I dont know if youve been cold and violent. Its really bad. Im a big man who always suffers from this. To be honest, Im really frustrated.

My wifes appearance is that kind of southern girl, looks very elegant, the person is also small, small jasper type. But her personality is particularly bold and unrestrained, especially friends are particularly many.

When we first fell in love, we met at a party. At that time, we had 10 men, and she was only a girl. She was brothers with some of our elders. There was no sense of conflict. Because her character is really big and careless, not as much as other girls, also not princess disease.

After I got her, I fell in love for a year and got married. I thought she would be restrained after marriage. As a result, she still played hard and didnt want children.

I was speechless when I heard it. I want to find a woman who can live a stable life, but I dont think she is.

@Teng, married for seven years, she looks at my family like an enemy.

Look at your cousin. He stayed in our house for more than 10 days and didnt even buy anything. He didnt even call me sister-in-law. Why, when we were a hotel? Besides, who agrees to live here? Your parents wont discuss it with me before they agree with others?

Your uncle borrowed our car last time. When he returned it, it was so dirty that I had to pay back to wash the car! Are your family so careless in their work?

My daughter-in-law and I have been married for seven years, but we have no problem. However, she is not satisfied with my relatives every day. Moreover, no matter how old or young, she catches someones pigtail and scolds her head and face. Sometimes, she even shows my family face to face.

My mother scolded me for being hopeless, even her daughter-in-law. Recently, I was in a hurry. I said that if you dont like us, you should divorce quickly. Im fed up with all these years! Now that we havent spoken for more than half a month, I really dont understand why she sees them so hateful.

My monthly salary is 15000, my wifes salary is 10000, and Ill charge more than 6000 rent every month. We dont have children. We should have enough money, but she pursues all kinds of big brands. She almost buys a 2000 + clothes every month. She has to buy a big bag for half a year, or at least 10000.

We have a car with 200000 yuan. Recently, she quarreled with me every day, saying that she would like to borrow a car with a loan of 400000 yuan, because my car is the most popular among my colleagues.

I cant quarrel with her now. I even think shes going to see a psychologist. If shes still like this in the future, Im going to ask for a divorce. Its OK.

Write it at the end

From the answers of the above husbands, we can see that men are less expressive or emotional than women, which makes people think that they are more satisfied in marriage, and wives should pay more attention to the feelings of their partners.

But I would also like to sincerely suggest that all husbands should communicate and solve problems as soon as possible.

Marriage study is a matter for both parties, and men are also obliged to learn how to manage marriage. They say, I can bear it all. Isnt that enough? It cant solve any problems.

Although the sentence marriage is long-term patience is true, it also depends on what is tolerated. If you are left with the road of divorce in the end, I think this kind of patience is meaningless.

Marriage is a duet dance. If either party does not cooperate, there will be problems such as disharmonious dance steps and unskillful dance posture.

If you want to dance this dance well, you need to practice and run in day after day. If there is any problem, you need to communicate and adjust in time.

Dont lose someone who really loves you in suspicion and laziness.

Im pan Xingzhi, your close emotional counselor. If you need professional help, send me a private message. Fortunately, I will help you through the emotional crisis.