Depression: a netizen shared 5 regulating methods to cure depression, which is worth learning from

 Depression: a netizen shared 5 regulating methods to cure depression, which is worth learning from

First: Im better than the disabled, Im better than the Syrians, Im better than the poor people in America, and so on.

Second: I should learn to save myself and get more help from books.

Third: as long as the body can bear, eat dumb as exercise.

Fourth: financial sources as long as not hungry or according to ones ability to make some happy money is OK.

Fifth: never regret spending money.

Indeed, this is what I often advocate some healing ideas. After all, apart from the comprehensive causes of depression, such as their own personality and environmental factors, as well as the original family and biological reasons, there is also a reason that causes depression: that is, people with depression, frankly speaking, are unable to get along with themselves, they are struggling with themselves, and they are in a dilemma Self, and then lead to their own mental tension and depression for a long time. Therefore, from a certain point of view, to cure depression, we must learn to lower requirements, delay gratification, learn to forgive ourselves, accept the fact that you are sick, do not tangle or feel sad about some things that hit us, and learn to let go of ourselves and not embarrass ourselves.

Dont always immerse yourself in the self sad, sad thinking. If you lock yourself in such a cage, you will become a person full of negative thoughts. Look more at your own advantages and gains, reasonably look at the things that are lost and hit you, and separate from them, then you need to analyze and balance your own gains and losses.

When you are negative, get more positive energy and spiritual support from the book, which will make you stronger and stronger.

At ordinary times, dont be fussy about the loss. Only by looking down on those who are open-minded can we win more happiness.

Delay gratification, reasonably pursue what you want according to your own ability. Dont aim too high. If you cant get something for a while, tell yourself that as long as you work hard, your dream will always be close to you.

Willing to invest for themselves, if you spend money, and feel heartache, then you will fall into self blame and sad mood.

A Qiu is a national second-class psychological counselor, well-known emotional tutor, well-known emotional psychology writer, and disseminator of physical and mental health; she has written a new book Family Guide and out of the heart devil, the former is a guide book to guide families how to help patients with anxiety and depression to tide over difficulties! The latter is to help patients with anxiety and depression to heal the soul of books, they can accompany you strong together.