My mother sees her daughter being sexually assaulted

 My mother sees her daughter being sexually assaulted

This is not, recently Europe and the United States entertainment circle has come a big melon, the stimulation degree minute challenges your three views

It starts with a name

Speaking of her, the most famous are dolphin voice and Superman lung capacity, and she is also a common idol in the eyes of many popular female singers.

How good is Niu Jie?

If she opens a tour directly, the name is all my No. 1. It is more than enough to sing her own crown list!

For example, every Christmas, the song all I want for Christmas is you will ring out in every street and every persons heart in foreign countries, just as you will hear Andy Laus congratulations on becoming rich in various shopping malls and supermarkets in China every new year.

At present, this song alone has earned Niu Jie 70 million US dollars in royalties, and has returned to the list every year. She does nothing in the rest of her life, and she can also properly lie down and receive a large amount of money every year, which can be called the strongest endowment insurance in history.

In addition to all I want for Christmas is you, her hero, Ill be here (cover from Jackson 5), one sweet day, without you, when you believe and other singles are also popular to the extent of rotten ears.


On the whole, such a bright, and can lie down to make money, should not worry about it?

Youre wrong to think that

Niu Jie is still very upset

This root comes from her family

Niu Jies childhood has been very hard. She was born in Malia, long island, New York, USA. she was of black blood. She was ostracized since childhood, and her family was poor. Her parents divorced at the age of 3 and raised by her mother alone.

When it comes to Alison, her life is just the opposite of sister Niu. In eight words, she is very unfortunate and extremely failed.

As a sister, Niu Jies career is so successful. In the face of such a sister, Alison would like to have a hand?

The relationship between Niu Jie and Alison was very good in the early years. When Niu Jie first appeared in 1990, she gave Alison a signature album.

When Alison was addicted to drugs, sister Niu helped her with three rehabilitation exercises,

But Alison is in a decadent state that cant be mentioned all the year round. Maybe its because of this that they no longer contact each other.

The state of unconnected has lasted for more than 20 years. According to the truth, where is the trouble?

Recently, several media reported a lawsuit case of Marias sister Alison, which solved a terrible secret of the family

In Alisons lawsuit, she said that her childhood experiences are to blame for all her current miserable circumstances

At the beginning of the ceremony, people who participate in the ceremony will sing in another language,

I dont quite understand what those people want. I remember about 20 people standing around a table or altar singing in a circle.

Under the gaze of many members, her mother forced Alison to watch adult videos and give her to other members of the black robed cult to enjoy. Her sister was only 6 years old when she was first taken, and her brother was also of the same age when she was taken. This experience lasted for several years

At the mention of these, she was full of fear.

Because Alison is sister Niu, and sister Nius mother is also exposed. Naturally, everyone will focus on Niu Jie.

However, according to the elder brother and sister of Niu Jie, they did not see Niu Jie at the ceremony. When they were taken, Niu Jie was very young, and they were not sure whether Niu Jie had been hurt.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Niu did not respond to the media. So far, it is not known whether the elder sister lied in order to rub against the heat or it is true, but in any case, if the situation is true, we hope that the abusers will be punished as they deserve_ NN7379

In this regard, Niu Jie did not make any response to the media.