The last time a man from Guangzhou was caught lost in the surveillance was 22 days ago after his poor Tour to Mianyang, Sichuan Province

 The last time a man from Guangzhou was caught lost in the surveillance was 22 days ago after his poor Tour to Mianyang, Sichuan Province

Where on earth has such a large living man gone? Shi Hai said that the last time the hotels monitoring and Skynets monitoring were taken on July 17. In the afternoon of that day, he passed the head of the Nanhe bridge in Mianyang. For the next 22 days, there was no trace.


I want to change my car. What do you suggest? Its been raining all over the place recently. Im afraid Ill buy a bubble car. Id better find someone who knows how to buy it. This is the wechat chat content between Shi Hai and his third brother Shi Yang on July 12. Stone sea did not expect, this is his last contact with the third brother.

On July 18, Shi Hai found that his brothers mobile phone couldnt get through, and wechat didnt return. He likes to travel in poverty. At first, Shi Hai didnt care too much. He inquired about his third brothers itinerary and found that around May this year, Shi Yang went to Chongqing from Kunming, Yunnan Province. After staying for two months, he took a high-speed train to Guangyuan, Sichuan on July 12, and then to Mianyang on July 14.

After many unsuccessful contacts, Shi Hai finally couldnt sit still. Through his third brothers identity information, he found that the dandelion Youth Hostel where his younger brother stayed, called the person in charge of the hotel, and the other party also said that Shiyang owed the hotel room fee.

On August 6, on the 19th day when Shi Yang couldnt be contacted, Shi Hai flew over from Guangzhou. In dandelion Youth Hostel, he saw Shi Yangs backpack, mobile phone, passport and clothes behind the door of his former room, only people and ID cards are missing. By August 8, Shi Yang had lost contact for 21 days.



According to the hotels monitoring records, Shi Yang arrived at 18:17 on July 14. The last time he was photographed was at 13:46 on July 17, when he ordered takeout. Since then, there is no relevant information, there is no picture of the third brother going out at last. And the hotel attendant also said, do not know when Shi Yang left, his luggage is also in the room, and later has not come back, just moved to the corner.

On August 6, when he arrived in Mianyang, Shi Hai asked Shitang police station of Fucheng District branch of Mianyang Public Security Bureau for help. The police found that at 18:29 on July 17, which was the last time that the hotel monitored him, Shi Yang walked through the bridge head of Nanhe bridge in Mianyang City, wearing a plaid short sleeve shirt and jeans at 18:29 on July 17.



There may be something on my mind. I hardly eat or drink at the beginning

On the afternoon of August 8, the cover reporter came to dandelion Youth Hostel. The police of the police station were investigating the situation of Shiyang during his stay in the hostel.

Xiao Lu has been staying in the hotel since last year and is also a roommate of Shi Yangs roommate. Although Shi Yang has been away for more than 20 days, Xiao Lu still vaguely remembers, at that time, the man by the window was talking Cantonese. Lu said that there were six people living in the dormitory at that time. Two of them were students from Shenyang and Guangdong who took part in the art and sports examination. The other two did not know where they were from.

Xiao Lu said that after entering the hotel, Shi Yang was lying in bed during the day, I didnt see him go to dinner a few days ago. Later, several other people introduced him to the local food, they just made an appointment to go to Majia lane to eat snacks. On that day, Xiao Lu had just returned from dinner and did not go with them.

A hostel maid also said that Shi Yang had been lying in bed almost all the time when he came into the hotel and didnt even drink a mouthful of water. It seems that something may be in your mind. The attendant said that there was no water bottle opened in the hotel, and the water needed to be poured at the bar. Anyway, I didnt see him pour water at the bar when I went to work.


When Shi Hai rushed to Mianyang to look for his younger brother, his father in Guangdong also learned about his third sons loss of contact. I was so anxious that I was admitted to the hospital that day. Shi Hai said that in order to find the third younger brother as soon as possible, the second brother also arrived in Mianyang on August 8.

Shi Hai said that in 2016, the third brother also took part in the police recruitment examination in Guangzhou. Ive had a written test, but I havent had an interview. Shi Hai believes that it may have a lot to do with his introversion. After losing the election, Shi Yang worked in the fruit shop of his second brother for half a year. Later, he fell in love with poor travel and it may have something to do with his long absence from work. Every time, he stayed in a small hotel with tens of yuan.

Hes a man of great affection. He left suddenly this time. Its impossible not to tell us. Shi Hai said that in August 2018, when he took his parents to Guizhou for a trip, Shi Yang rushed over from Yunnan. At that time, they also advised him to find a job, but he was not very receptive. At the end of 2018, my grandfather died. When Shi Hai and his second brother drove back to their hometown, their third brother, Shi Yang, had already arrived home.

In Shi Yangs wechat, the cover news reporter saw a piece of information he once wrote, the first time I dreamt of my father (grandfather), he said that he came back from the sky. It seems much younger and more energetic, but the appearance has changed a lot.


At present, the police have arranged personnel to track down the areas where Shiyang may appear through monitoring, and record every place where it appears, so as to find Shi Yangs track as far as possible.