Zhejiang boys are the last to last in the first year of senior high school entrance examination, but they are admitted to Tsinghua University with a score of 705

 Zhejiang boys are the last to last in the first year of senior high school entrance examination, but they are admitted to Tsinghua University with a score of 705

Hes inspiring No one has ever thought that when senior one first came in, the boy who often took the last place in the class would become a black horse with the second grade in the whole school. Interestingly, he applied for Tsinghua University automation major because he loved science fiction.

Thank your parents for never scolding them

In the innovation class of Ninghai middle school, Zhao Qichen thinks he is a bronze Duan. For most of his three years in high school, his grades were not outstanding.

What kind of a time was that?

The reporter learned from Zhao Qichens mother that when he first entered Ninghai middle school, because of his weak English foundation, Zhao Qichens other subjects were also delayed. Poor grades, pressure, he often can not sleep, insomnia. After living in the dormitory for a month or two, he didnt want to live any longer and wanted to breathe. So, apply for day study, moved out of the dormitory.

Zhao Qichens mother made a simple speech. She said, well, I can accompany him every day. When he failed the exam, he complained to me. I comforted him and hugged him. I cant do anything else. Ive been relieved all the time, and its gone day by day.

Zhao added: my mother never scolds me for not doing well. When I was lost, she always encouraged me and supported me. I am very grateful to my parents. Without them, I would not be today.

Senior one, the whole class more than 40. In the second year of high school, I was squeezed to more than 30. In the third year of senior high school, I can get to the top 10 or so. Zhao Qichen gradually mastered his own rhythm, more importantly, his heart also quietly changed. In January 2020, Zhao Qichen scored 136 points in the first college entrance examination. A stone in his heart finally fell, that time I majored in English, the most difficult subject was conquered. Now there is time and confidence!

Chinese 122, mathematics 147, English 136, physics 100, chemistry 100, technology 100, college entrance examination total score 705. When Zhao Qichens grades came out, the whole school was shocked. What a black horse! At first, he was unknown, but watching him step by step, I felt that the child would be brilliant. But I didnt expect it to be so brilliant! Mathematics teacher Lai Qinglong said so.

Have not had the training class, the tutorial class

What is the secret of counter attack from bronze to king?

Zhao Qichen studied erhu for several years when he was a child. After that, he never went to a training class or a tutorial class.

The teachers worked hard and helped me a lot. Students are also very good, the topic can not do, I always ask students, students often help me Besides his mother, Zhao Qichen is very grateful to his teachers and classmates.

Mathematics teacher Lai Qinglong praised him: after awakening, he has a goal, has initiative, and knows what he wants. He often comes to ask me for some homework that suits him

The students also like him very much. Xiang Chujun, who applied for Tsinghua University with him, said: his eyes are small and his smile narrows. And hes always smiling, hes naive, hes very cute

He is most familiar with pan. Speaking of the results of the college entrance examination, Xiao pan is not surprised, he is very hard-working, there is always a reward for his efforts. Its just that we dont know when the payoff will come.

Speaking of his counter attack experience, Zhao Qichen has his own strategy. I think the main thing is to do well in the present. During the period of last to last, I always felt that I didnt master the previous knowledge well, but I had a lot of new things to absorb every day. At that time, I will first master the new knowledge points and put the previous things on. Every moment, try to do the right thing first. In the review of college entrance examination, we should pay attention to planning time and divide the big goal into several small topics. For example, 7 days to review good Chinese pronunciation and form, 3 days to review the arrangement and combination of mathematics, for their own shortcomings, mistakes, targeted training, to ensure the quality of review

He pondered for a moment, then added: of course, the most important thing is a kind of persistent belief. No matter when, no matter you are outstanding or crane tail, never relax. We should neither abandon ourselves nor be complacent. From senior one to senior three, there is no time to relax and waste. Its never too late to work hard. Every effort has its value.

Ive also won awards for writing science fiction

Poster of the movie the edge of tomorrow

Therefore, when choosing a major, he did not hesitate to apply for the automation major of Tsinghua University. From the very beginning of high school, he decided to apply for this major, not to say that it was hot or not, but that automation major had a lot to do with it. Even if this college entrance examination is not good, I will also apply for the automation major of other schools.

When it comes to science fiction that he loves, Zhao Qichens eyes shine. I like reading science fiction very much, and I have collected many masterpieces. In senior three, Zhao Qichen only watched three bodies. A book has been turned back and forth many times. Just watch a little bit at a time, and then connect the other plots together to reflect on it.

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