Former first Secretary of Sanhe Village, Zhaojue County, Sichuan

 Former first Secretary of Sanhe Village, Zhaojue County, Sichuan

In February 11, 2018, general secretary Xi Jinping went deep into the investigation and research of the hinterland of Liangshan, and worked with the cadres and masses around the fire pond to plan a precise strategy for eliminating poverty in Sanhe Village, Sancha Township, Zhaojue County, Sichuan. The general secretary pointed out that the most arduous and arduous task of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way lies in the poor areas, especially in the deep poverty-stricken areas. No matter how hard this hard bone is, we must win the battle no matter how difficult it is. We must not forget every nationality and every family on the road to a well-off society in an all-round way.

Zhang Ling, the first Secretary of Sanhe Village at that time, accompanied the general secretary to inspect the village. In February this year, Zhang Ling changed his position and no longer served as the first Secretary of Sanhe Village, but he also served as the deputy leader of the village comprehensive help team. We will always bear in mind the general secretarys instructions and continue to work hard to ensure that Sanhe Village will get rid of poverty on schedule this year.

We should fulfill our promises to the people one by one

Sanhe Village is located in the hinterland of Daliang Mountain, with an average altitude of more than 2500 meters. It is a typical deep poverty-stricken village inhabited by Yi people. In 2013, there were 151 poor households out of 355 households in the village, and the poverty incidence rate exceeded 46%. For a long time, 90% of the villagers in the village lived in the humble low Adobe houses, maintaining the traditional production and lifestyle.

In 2015, Zhang Zhaohe, the first director of the office of Yinghe County, took the initiative to ask for reform. I grew up in the countryside, and Im also a Yi nationality. Its easier to get along with my fellow villagers.

After more than two years, recalling the scene of general secretary Xi Jinpings inspection on that day, Zhang Ling was still very excited. I accompanied the general secretary in Sanhe Village to investigate. The general secretary in the villager Ji Hao also asked for the home and the list of Russian A Mu family to look at the poverty alleviation contact cards for the poor families who set up the archives.

The general secretary took it seriously and asked carefully. In addition to understanding the basic situation of my family, I also feel the bedding, ask whether it is cold, how to eat and wear, and what source of income. Jihao also asked.

In front of amus home in Russia, Zhang Ling, holding a display board, introduced the relocation work of Sanhe Village to the general secretary, and showed the planning renderings of nine resettlement sites. The general secretary nodded happily when he heard that all 151 villagers would move into the new house.

At that time, I was also responsible for translating, telling the general secretary the villagers wishes, and then conveying the general secretarys concern to the villagers. Zhang Ling said, the general secretary said that in order to win the battle against poverty, it is particularly necessary to build strong grass-roots party branches. The first Secretary of the village and the working team stationed in the village should do solid work, do not seek fame and form, and push forward the battle of poverty alleviation in a down-to-earth manner. Zhang Ling kept the general secretarys request in mind.

At the end of the investigation and before getting on the bus, the general secretary took Zhang Lings hand and ordered: you see, the villagers still have a lot of expectations. They should fulfill their promises to the common people one by one.

General Secretary Xi kasasha (thank you), were in the new house

On February 11, 2019, on the seventh day of the first month of the first month, AKI community in Sanhe Village was in a state of jubilation. All of the 168 people from 29 families, including the two families of Jihao Yaqiu and jielieoamu, bid farewell to the adobe house and moved to the new home of the resettlement site in Japan and Poland.

General Secretary Xi, kasasha (Yi, meaning thank you ), we are living in a new house - on the outer wall of the new house, villagers put out bilingual banners in Yi and Chinese to express their gratitude to the general secretary.

The beautiful new houses are scattered in different places, with brick and wood mixed structure, with green tiles and yellow walls, carved wood windows, showing the characteristics of Yi people. In the future, we are preparing to develop rural tourism and are building hotels and other tourism facilities. Zhang Ling.

Sanhe Village covers an area of 19.24 square kilometers. Nine resettlement sites are scattered on nine different mountain ridges. The construction will be started on April 27, 2018. A lot of coordination work needs to be done for each resettlement site. We should not only connect with the county and township units at all levels, but also closely communicate with the construction party and do mass work. Although there are many clues, Zhang Ling is busy but not disorderly.

Infrastructure projects have damaged some roads in the village, making it inconvenient for vehicles to transport building materials. In addition, Liangshan has a long rainy season, and the construction is intermittent and slow. The villagers must be allowed to live in new houses as soon as possible! Zhang Ling patiently and carefully did the work of the construction party, and organized the villagers to set up a housing safety supervision group to supervise the construction period and construction quality.

Building a house needs workers, Zhang Ling first thought of poor households. He actively negotiated with the person in charge of the construction to get job opportunities for 35 poor families. We are happy to build our own house and earn money. Zhang Ling said.

When the house was built, the villagers of Luogu family were unwilling to move. The new house is too far away from the cultivated land, which is inconvenient. It turned out that in the new housing settlement, the Luogu familys families were divided into the second row by lot, far from the cultivated land and scattered. They were somewhat reluctant.

The old house may be in danger at any time. The new house has water, electricity and network, so it is convenient to go to the countryside. We will work together to solve the problem of being a little far away from the cultivated land. Zhang Ling and his team members worked door to door and finally convinced the last few villagers.

To live in a new house, you have to have a new look

That day, at a forum held by the family of a mu in jielie, a villager told the general secretary that she had been ill before and always thought it was possessed by a ghost. . The general secretary jokingly said that there were ghosts in the past. Ignorance, backwardness and poverty were ghosts. When these problems are solved, the ghosts will naturally be driven away if they are educated, hygienic and have a good life. Zhang Ling recalled.

For a long time in the past, many Yi people still maintained their traditional way of production and life.

To live in a new house, there has to be a new look. Zhang Ling led the cadres stationed in the village to adjust measures to local conditions to help poor households to do a good job in the five ones: raising a cow, a pig, a group of chickens, and planting one mu of potato and a pepper garden per capita. We also plan to let poor households raise Simmental cattle, which will be effective in more than two years. One head can be sold for 10000 yuan!

We should set up a red and white Council to change the old concept of thick burial and thin maintenance At present, Sanhe Village is still developing a new style of civilization.