Hong Kong Chief Administrative Officer Zhang Jianzong: no fear of sanctions, Hong Kongs unique advantages are not bestowed by western countries

 Hong Kong Chief Administrative Officer Zhang Jianzong: no fear of sanctions, Hong Kongs unique advantages are not bestowed by western countries

Zhang Jianzong (information map)

Zhang Jianzong said that the SAR Government firmly opposes and severely condemns the so-called sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department on a number of key officials of the Central Peoples government and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Hong Kongs affairs are purely Chinas internal affairs and no foreign interference is allowed. The United States governments blatant and high-profile so-called sanctions is outrageous and unreasonable. It violates international law and basic norms of international relations and deliberately discloses the personal data of government officials. It also seriously violates privacy and endangers personal safety.

Zhang Jianzong stressed that integrating into the overall national development situation will be a great opportunity for Hong Kongs long-term development. He believes that the difficulties facing Hong Kong are temporary. As long as the epidemic situation is controlled and the economy and society gradually return to normal, Hong Kongs future will be full of opportunities.

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The following is the original content of Lin Zheng Yuees Facebook:

The U.S. government made a high-profile announcement of the so-called sanctions against 11 central and SAR government officials, including me. The SAR government has issued a stern statement in response.

Some people wonder why, when publishing my personal data, they say that my address is Victoria house, which is the residence of the Chief Secretary for administration. Do the American officials in charge not even know that the chief executive of the Special Administrative Region lives in the government house on upper Albert Road? Another point is that some of the targeted officials of the SAR government, including me, have been disclosed even their SAR passport numbers, while others have not. Do my colleagues even have no SAR passport? These careless practices remind me of the US governments proposal to extradite Edward Snowden to the SAR government. However, the documents submitted by the US government confused his full name.

Anyway, why is my address wrong? I believe that the responsible U.S. officials used the information when I applied for an entry visa when I visited the United States as Chief Secretary for administration in June 2016, but forgot to update it. The colleague whose passport number has not been disclosed may have not applied for a visa to visit the United States in recent years. If my conjecture is accurate, it is open to question whether it would violate the protection of human rights to hand over the personal data for visa application to the financial department for purposes other than entry.

By the way, my U.S. visa is valid until 2026. Since I dont want to go to this country, I can cancel it on my own initiative.