Lin youyou: the quality of the audience to distinguish between inside and outside the play

 Lin youyou: the quality of the audience to distinguish between inside and outside the play

The depth of the audiences involvement in the play can be seen from the collective scolding junior three. Some plots of Xu Huashans infidelity have made many audiences gnash their teeth. Lin youyou has also been criticized as a frequent visitor of hot search. There are even online shops that accompany the scolding forest for some services. 10 yuan an hour, you can make complaints about where you can scold, and you can customize the content of the Tucao according to the progress of the chase.

Being scolded for being a villain, Zhang Yue, a young actor, may have mixed tastes. Especially in the noisy public opinion field, many netizens have long been unable to distinguish between inside and outside the drama, and even lead their anger to the actors themselves. These days, there are not a few people attacking and abusing Zhang Yue, forcing Zhang Yue to close her microblog comments and only allow fans who have followed her for more than seven days to comment. However, there are still fans who have left a message: after waiting for 7 days, I can finally start to scold.

Last night, Zhang Yue, an actor who plays Lin you, said in a long post on Weibo, I dont think the role itself is different in size and quality. No matter what kind of role, its worth my heart to treat it well..

In fact, the role does not rise to the actor itself, is the basic literacy of the audience. The actor portrays a certain role, whether it is to please or scold, does not represent the actors own moral quality. The reason why some villain characters are deeply rooted in peoples hearts and become peoples heartache just shows that the actors really put down themselves and devote themselves to the plot in the process of shaping the characters.

It is not only because a perfect family is broken, but it is also an expression of the defense of marriage ethics. It may also be a reflection of ones own experience. This kind of empathy is understandable, but the simple abusive attack simplifies the complicated marriage problems, turns criticism into anger, and makes the Internet a criticism arena.

The middle-aged marriage crisis should be a topic worthy of in-depth discussion, but the cyber violence of Lin you has closed the discussion space. It seems that any reflection on marriage itself has become a white washing for the little three, and abuse has become the only language for us to express our position. Even in order to cater to the mood of netizens, in order to draw a clear line, the actor himself should take the lead and stand in line with netizens to scold the role. The more serious the self mockery, the worse it is, the more favorable the netizens will get.

As a matter of fact, Lin youyou is reckless, paranoid and immoral, but any story of cheating is not just the responsibility of the little three. Through the role and plot to analyze the social and marital problems, to find the way of husband and wife contact, to clarify the boundaries of family and self, to dismantle and share the responsibilities of all parties in marriage, may be the thinking increment that a TV play should give us.

On the contrary, watching the drama from the perspective of black or white and holding one step may lead to another kind of cool drama, which is to set some negative roles of black and black just to let the audience get satisfaction from abusing and exist for scolding cool.

Life is not as clear as the TV series, nor will it be revealed in advance. When difficulties come, abuse and anger can not solve any problems. We often say that family is a strong harbor, but in fact it is just a rickety ship. Only by seriously living a good life, to a little bit of alignment of the course of marriage, can we make this ship stable and far-reaching.

Zhang Yuefas article tells Belin: what kind of roles are worth treating with heart? Why do the audience always have resonance in abusing villains? Discrimination? Lin youyou microblog is reviled, while Xu Huashan is praised as hierarchical. Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Han Chong_ NBJ11345