The strongest uncle in the universe is on fire! Eight nephews came to summer vacation to eat 6 Jin rice

 The strongest uncle in the universe is on fire! Eight nephews came to summer vacation to eat 6 Jin rice

In recent years, Gong Lingjuns home has become a childrens nest in recent years. Nephews scattered all over the country have come to his home for the summer vacation. This year, there are eight.

16 nephews, 8

Gong Lingjun lives in a small area of tea garden in Nanan District of Chongqing. He is tall and fat. Although he is from Jiangxi Province, he speaks a relatively standard Chongqing dialect. I came to Chongqing in 2002 to do clothing business with my sister. After staying for a long time, I not only learned Chongqing dialect, but also married a daughter-in-law from Chongqing. Gong Lingjun said with a smile.

Gong Lingjuns family has four sisters. His parents also have an adopted daughter. With the sisters getting married and having children, his nephews add up to 16. The oldest is 23 and the youngest is more than 1 year old.

A large group of people eat around the table, at least seven or eight dishes per meal

Gong Lingjun said that he is the only uncle of these nephews. In addition, he likes children and doesnt restrict them. Therefore, every summer vacation, nephews come to his home one after another. Especially in the last two or three years, the children have grown up and dont need special care, so they come a little bit more. This summer vacation, there are 8 children in the family and 2 children in his family. This summer vacation, there are 10 children at home, sometimes elder sister My sister will accompany me when Im free. There are six or seven adults at home, which makes it even more heated.

Gong Lingjun is going to make Coke chicken wings that children like to eat. He said that if one piece is cut in half, two chopsticks can be added

It takes nearly five hours to cook every day

With the arrival of the children, the family added a lot of lively atmosphere, especially every night a group of children crowded in a bed, either playing games or playing some recreational activities, which is very lively. The reporter saw that Gong Lingjuns family has four bedrooms. Most of the boys sleep in a bed at night. If they cant sleep, they will make the floor. The rest will squeeze one or two children. Last night, I was sleeping on the ground, and my wife took three girls to bed. Gong Lingjun said.

This summer vacation, Gong Lingjuns family is busy cooking every day. Gong Lingjun gets up in the morning and goes downstairs to buy breakfast. He only buys steamed buns, steamed buns or fried dough sticks. He doesnt dare to buy soybean milk. Because one person cant take so much away, his wife cooks a pot of porridge at home, waiting for the children to eat when they get up.

After breakfast, Ms. Mo, Gong Lingjuns wife, was responsible for going out to buy the ingredients for the day. Each meal should have at least seven or eight dishes. Basically, Ill come back after buying the dishes. Ill start to cook lunch before 11 oclock. Sister in charge, Ill start. Ms. Mo said that after dinner, she was responsible for washing dishes and cleaning, and at about 4:00 p.m., she had to start cooking dinner. Every day, it took nearly five hours to cook. We all eat what we make. Children are not picky about food, but they choose the taste. As long as the food is fried well, they like it very much.

When eating, when there are so many people sitting on the table, they divide some dishes that children like to eat to the tea table. A group of children eat around, talking and laughing.

Gong Lingjun takes the children to the supermarket

Count the number of people at any time when you go out

Gong Lingjun now runs a cake shop in Dazhu County, Sichuan Province. Its off-season and has clerks, so she spends more time at home. Occasionally, she takes her children out to the park, hot springs and swimming. Last week, we went to Bishan Xiuhu Park, driving a car, and taking two taxis. We need to count the number of people on the road at any time. Gong Lingjun said that the family spent more than 100 yuan to eat cold noodles near Xiuhu park that night. The boss of the shop usually left work at 9 oclock, and left work at 7 oclock that day. Usually, taking them out to play, a cup of milk tea is more than 10 yuan, steak is 68 yuan, and buying other snacks will cost thousands of yuan, let alone eat better things.

However, for consumption, Gong Lingjun and his wife are never stingy, and their sisters never care about them. When they go out to play, their sisters will also pay for food when they are there. Its not important to spend money. Its the emotional communication that sisters have had before. Gong Lingjun said that the sisters are scattered in various places. At the end of each year, everyone is busy, and the holidays are short. They have to go back to their hometown to spend the Spring Festival with their parents. It is rare that a family like summer vacation can get together for such a long time.

Although the summer vacation in Chongqing is very hot, nephews also like to come to Gong Lingjuns home for the summer vacation. Xiao Feng, who just graduated from junior high school, is 16 years old. Because she has no summer homework, she has a good time at her uncles house. She said: every year, my uncles family has a lot of friends. We can play games together and eat a lot of food. My uncles care for us is relatively loose. We can play as much as we like. We are very happy.

Even Xiao Qiu, 23, who has graduated from college, especially likes playing at Gong Lingjuns house. I havent been working this year, so I have time to play at my uncles house. Xiaoqiu said that he was strictly controlled by his father, and he was more indulgent when he came to his uncles house. He also played with these younger brothers and sisters all day long. Everyone regarded him as a brother.