Anita Mui was teased, Japanese Diva was forced to cut her wrist, Asias first scum mans romantic love was too fatal

 Anita Mui was teased, Japanese Diva was forced to cut her wrist, Asias first scum mans romantic love was too fatal

The outside world has been talking about why they want to leave in such a good time?

In the suicide note, people seem to see the cause of her suicideu2014u2014

Kondo is dead in my heart.

The crowd sighed.

Japans most beautiful singer, after all, can not escape the hurt by love.

To be more precise, it is that he failed to escape the claws of Masahiko Kondo.

If you have searched Baidu Encyclopedias slag man entry, youll find Kondo Zhenyan (slag man).

Slag man this hat, throughout the life of Masahiko Kondo.

Maybe you dont know him well.

Its just, a promiscuous person. A spoony.

He once won a Japanese Record Award, and he is a senior in the music industry.

A lot of idol mens groups, see him to be courteous three points.

His work was sold and covered.

The most classic is the song of the sunset and the song of thousands of Que.

He started his career at the age of 15, and by virtue of his super-high understanding of music, he walked smoothly.

He is a talented musician.

The girls fell in love with his deep love in his singing.

But such a person, it turns out, eventually became the slag man of ten thousand people.

Whats more hateful is that he destroyed his sincerity by his own efforts.

I cant help but feel pity for Nakasone.

To the chivalrous Meigu.

Mr. Kondo remained unmoved. He was ungrateful all his life.

In his life, there were three women.

In 1983, fate played a trick.

The 18-year-old Nakasone met the 19-year-old Masahiko.

They play a pair of lovers in the film, falling in love in trouble.

Harmonica melodious, moonlight like water. They sat on the beach and watched the sky white.

The girl said, this love is my life.

In the play, they have deep feelings.

The girls mind rippled on her face.

She fell in love with the man beside her.

After the film, Mr. Kondo also offered to show his love to her.

Buy pink roses.

Invite her on holiday.

Sweet words, sugar coated shells.

Nakasone, 18, fell into his woven love without any suspense.

At the film conference, Akiras eyes toward mashiko Kondo are full of shame.

At that time, they were recognized as golden girls. Best partner on screen.

Their career is in full swing.

Nakasone has become a Japanese pop singer.

She is so beautiful that men are fascinated by her.

The famous singer Murakami also wrote songs for her.

The host asked her, have you ever planned to get married about how old?

She said, about 23, 24.

She could even retire from singing for the sake of marriage.

Just because I met mashiko Kondo, I was out of control.

Her greatest wish is to marry her beloved.

She seems to want to form a family rather than a career.

She is the one who is despised.

After adulthood, because of his fame, he was asked for huge property by vampire families.

Perhaps because of this, Mr. Kondo only gives her a little warmth, which is enough to make her do everything.

She wanted to have a home of her own, to be loved and cared for.

Its just that shes been treated badly.

In the end, it was entrusted to the wrong person.

1985 was the second year Kondo and Ming Cai were together.

Anita Muis appearance made the first split in love.

A brief encounter, did not expect to bury a love.

The next year, Kondo went to Hong Kong for a concert.

Anita Mui, as a fan, went to the stage.

She confessed that she loved his singing.

At the end of the concert, Anita Mui still remembered.

Coincidentally, they immediately ushered in their second meeting in Hong Kong.

At the reception, drinking wine, men and women were confused.

Mr. Kondo said directly:

This sentence, Anita Mui hit that.

I didnt expect him to remember me.

In an interview with tomorrow magazine, Anita Mui said.

The joy of secret love appeared on his face.

It turned out that he had left his mark in his heart.

This is a happy thing for Anita Mui.

Mr. Kondo seems to have seen through all this.

In words, he conceals his love affair with Nakasone.

Revealed that he is single.

That night, he frequently invited Anita Mui to dance.

In the intertwined dance steps, Kondo feels Anita Muis affection.

In the moonlight, he said to her affectionately:

May I kiss you?

In her early 23s, Anita Mui was teased.

In the night, she nodded.

The kiss fell between the lips.

The feeling overflows.

Slag mans means are far more than that.

He has a good insight into the minds of girls.

Many years later, in an interview, Anita Mui also mentioned the diamond brooch that Shinto bought for herself.

Im still reluctant to use it.

She locked the brooch in the safe. Treasure it carefully.

Similarly, Mr. Kondo invited Anita Mui to travel with him.

They went to Macao.

Just before leaving, a piece of jade that Mei Gu had been wearing all year round suddenly broke.

At that time, she didnt care. Just vaguely uneasy.

A week later, Mr. Kondo returned to Japan.

After all, from beginning to end, Mr. Kondo never officially gave her a definite identity.

I didnt expect that Kendo would call Anita Mui every day.

They seem to have a lot to say. They can call for an hour at a time.

Anita Mui fell deeply into the gentleness town of mashiko Kondo.

Half a month later, she packed and flew to Japan.

Anita Mui, without hesitation, poured into the arms of mashiko Kondo.

They are lingering, racing against the clock.

When separated, reluctant to part.

During her love, Anita Mui went to Hokkaido seven times for the sake of mashiko Kondo.

Maybe he will wear it for her one day.

In Hokkaido, she bought a house as a temporary home for two.

When Anita Mui recalled that time, her heart was filled with emotion.

Those years were probably the happiest days for Anita Mui.

Until the deep feeling is betrayed,

The truth comes,

Anita Mui realized that she was always an outsider.

Where did he go when he was not by his side?

What is he doing when he doesnt talk to himself on the phone?

With a womans sixth sense, she suspected Masahiko Kondo.

They even had a big fight over it.

Do you have anyone else?

Mr. Kondo did not answer.

A few days later, he broke up with Anita Mui directly and told him that he had always had a girlfriend.

Its also known as Nakasone.

In order to get rid of Anita Mui, he moved out the slag male gold sentenceu2014u2014

You are very independent. You can live well without me. She cant live without me

No retention.

It was packing and leaving Japan.

On the stage, she is still free and easy.

Off the stage, she was painfully strong.

Many years later, someone asked her, when was your most unforgettable love?

She dragged her sick body and said weakly:

I dont want to say the name when I was 20.

It was very real at that time. A little bit of things made me feel very happy.

Two hours a night on the phone, talking all the time.

There are some things you dont have to say thoroughly.

Those young romantic and sad, has been years of wind one by one blow away.

Mashiko Kondo ended his relationship with Anita Mui and turned back to Nakasones arms.

During this period, he also promised the marriage vow of Nakasone.

Nakasone is full of joy.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he tricked her into saying that we should have a home.

Suggestive Nakasone to buy a house.

Without saying a word, she bought a villa of 80 million yen.

But in 1989, the media broke the news of the tryst between Mr. Kondo and Mr. Matsuda.

You know, matsutada is the enemy of Nakasone.

She is known as a generation of lustful women..

Have a face.

Have a figure.

Nakasone, a complete collapse.

She ran to the villa she bought for her boyfriend and killed herself by cutting her wrist.

The news spread out, for a moment, shocked the whole of Japan.

The business has fallen by a nose.

The Japanese Mafia couldnt help but move their hands on him.

Hateful is, slag man is always trying to find a way to blame.

In order to save his career, he once again cajoled Nakasone.

She was deceived by her lack of love and love.

It is said that Mr. Kondo held a press conference.

Golden screen wind was also arranged in the venue.

This battle is very much like a wedding proposal.

In collusion with the brokerage company, Kondo will Nakasone to the scene.

At that time, she still had a glimmer of expectation for him.

But how did not expect, actually is a Hongmen banquet.

Its been very hard for me this half year.

Even small things, as long as I can help her recover, I am doing them.

On one side, Nakai hung his head and said nothing.

The shutter kept hitting Nakasones face.

She just felt it was hard to breathe.

Do you have any plans to get married or engaged? the reporter asked him

Mr. Kondo: not at all.

The side of the Nakai, already empty.

Even if the reporter asked her why she committed suicide.

She just said lightly: it has nothing to do with her boyfriend.

Then tears blurred her vision.

In the world, there are many infatuated men and women.

Anita Mui is.

Nakasone is.

They all fall in love with the same scum man, Masahiko Kondo.

Love with all you have.

The final result is black and blue, love but not.

They could have been a proud woman, but they were still low in the dust.

In 2003, Anita Mui was seriously ill.

Her friends tried to dissuade her, but she was resolute.

Good friend Yan Hui can only arrange a four day and three night trip for her to fulfill her wish.

No, never tell him.

Five months later, Anita Mui died.

The love slag man, such as Nakasone, unfortunately fell ill on the stage.

After that, he withdrew from the entertainment circle indefinitely.

The one who started it,

But still live on the scenery.

Mr. Kondo married her and became his father and husband.

His life was as free as ever, unhurt and untouched.

Do not know a midnight dream back, think of that years hurt people, have tears?