No matter how bad you are in middle age, dont do these four ridiculous things. You should seize the opportunity to change your fortune and be safe for the rest of your life

 No matter how bad you are in middle age, dont do these four ridiculous things. You should seize the opportunity to change your fortune and be safe for the rest of your life

Walking in the workplace, for those who have expertise and talent, but are hesitant and worried too much, it is the right way and vicissitudes of life to strengthen their mind, so as to lay a solid foundation for stable and far-reaching. If confined to their own mentality, it will fetter your walking steps. Therefore, at any time, we should bear in mind Zeng Guofans warning: things to adapt to, the future does not welcome, the matter is not miscellaneous, the past does not love.

The absurdity of not doing nothing to adapt

Things to adapt, not only to say that adversity, but also rich in philosophy. That is to say, we should not disobey and oppose the law of development of things, but should conform to the changes of things. Especially in the current era, those who know the current affairs are the heroes. Only by conforming to the trend of the times can we succeed.

Another meaning is also from the point of view of mentality. When we make mistakes, encounter setbacks and suffer failures, we should accept calmly. What should come will come. Dont blame yourself, grieve or sink. We must learn to accept what has happened with a let it go mentality.

This sentence is especially important for those who are too worried. Some people lose their jobs and seek life and death, while some people lose their love and get drunk. In fact, they punish themselves and delay their progress. Things to adapt, this is the highest level of the workplace, in order to reverse in the workplace.

Dont welcome the future

The future is unpredictable. You may have more than half of the worlds wealth forecast, even if you have more than 30% of the worlds wealth. In todays era, science and technology iteration is rapid, business model changes extremely fast, and the workplace ecology is also unfathomable. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. For the future, we should be in awe, neither happy nor worried.

Many people with heavy worries often lose sleep in the dark, because they will feel worried, anxious and afraid about the things of tomorrow. The more they think, the more afraid they are, and even want to choose to run away. What if tomorrows things fail? Some people, too optimistic, bought a lottery ticket tonight and began to plan to book a ticket for a luxury cruise.

Full of hope and fantasy for the future, on the contrary, they will neglect their work, confuse their thoughts and slow down their progress. They are pessimistic about the future and worry too much about failure, which damages self-confidence, destroys motivation and affects work enthusiasm. Whats the point of thinking about those things? Eat what you eat, sleep when you should, and face the things tomorrow.

Not miscellaneous at that time

Some people understand that it was not miscellaneous at that time, while others understood it as that the affairs were not miscellaneous. The truth is the same, that is to say, you cant be half hearted and fickle in doing things. If you are too distracted, you will not be able to do anything well in the end.

In this era, the trend of decentralization is very strong, and many peoples success is precisely focused on a certain field. Some people are very miserable because they dont understand the principle of living in the present, and their thinking goes to the opposite direction: to make themselves busy and to become rich through hard work, I only call myself busy as struggle, and this busy is just a kind of performance.

Never love before

Some people write that they did not love in the past, while others write that they did not love in the past. The truth is the same. There is a Western proverb, dont let yesterday take up todays time. There is a saying of the old man Mao, which is the most classic: put down the burden and move forward lightly.

In todays workplace, the most precious thing is time, time is life. This era changes too fast, life is counting down. Dont worry too much about what has happened. The glory of the past is not mentioned by heroes. In the past, we should stop loss in time, look forward and move forward.

Nine out of ten people are not satisfied with life in the world. There are sour, sweet, smile and tears in life. In the past life, no matter good or bad, dont be nostalgic. You can win in the fierce competition by putting it down completely and advancing light. Especially for those who are worried, dont be trapped in pain for a long time. You still have a long way to go.

Zeng Guofans four words and sixteen words are the wisdom and philosophy of human life. Especially when people are middle-aged, we should understand that people should live in the present and face things calmly, regardless of adversity or prosperity; we should not worry about the uncertain factors in the future, whether it is good or bad luck; we should not be nostalgic for the past glory, nor entangle ourselves with the past setbacks, let alone be trapped by the complicated current affairs. We should do what we should do, not be happy with things, not sad about ourselves Try to fight for it, but let it be. Im lucky to get it and lose my life.

PS: for thousands of years, Chinese culture has never changed, and these words under the precipitation, shining, are the wisdom of life. If you dont love the past, you will not be confused with your heart; if things are to conform, you will not be afraid of the future. When you are in trouble, you can see the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court; if you have to lose your mind, you cant understand Zeng Guofan until you are middle-aged. If you read Zeng Guofan every day, you can live a better life. If you have a good attitude, you will have a higher quality of life.