I just want to say, you can have a better life

 I just want to say, you can have a better life

You are singing in a bar. The first time I heard your singing, I felt that you must be a person with a story, because only those who have experienced it can sing out the feeling of vicissitudes and fearlessness. After listening to you singing that day, I would run there as soon as I had time, just to listen to you sing and to have a few words with you. At the beginning, I didnt know your shift, so I went to the sky a few times. Later, when I got familiar with it, I would go there on the days when you were singing.

Maybe I go too many times. The staff in the bar know me and Im here for you. They often tease me, but I dont care. Slowly, we become familiar with each other, also have the way to chat with each other. After I understand what I mean to you, I take the initiative to pursue you. At first, you didnt agree. You said you had a wonderful relationship, but it ended up in vain, so you dont want to take any more risks. But I didnt give up, and I succeeded in catching up with you.

After we were together, I was really happy, so I always wanted to take good care of you and let you know that being with me is the right choice. Although you are not cold to me all the time, but I want to do, or want, you will accompany me to achieve. I have always believed that time can conquer everything, and I believe you will be enthusiastic for me sooner or later, but I did not look forward to such a day.

We have been together for more than a year, you still put forward the separation, you said you cant control your heart, do not want to delay me, you say you are still suitable for one person, you say you are not suitable for two peoples life. No matter how much I stay, you have not changed your mind.

Im not a proud person, but I really want to give you happiness, I just want to say, if we can be together, you can have a better life, but why dont you want to try again?