General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the new charm of opening up: the opening of Hainan free trade port

 General secretary Xi Jinping is concerned about the new charm of opening up: the opening of Hainan free trade port

Strengthening the policy magnetic field

A grain of wheat is processed into high gluten flour through 32 processes in 30 minutes, and the nutrition is locked to the maximum extent by cold processing technology, and the production indicators are detected online throughout the process Located in the wheat flour production workshop of Hainan Hengfeng Hetao flour Co., Ltd. located in the bonded port area of Yangpu Economic Development Zone, the unattended intelligent wheat flour production line composed of original equipment of Buhler, Switzerland, has been completed and put into operation, with an annual processing capacity of 350000 tons.

The General Administration of Customs recently issued a document to clarify that the Yangpu free trade port will take the lead in implementing the import and export management system of first line liberalization and second line control, and implement relevant tax and fee reduction and exemption policies. This makes Yangpu, which has been a hot spot for several times in the history of Hainans opening up, become the focus of attention.

Hainan Hengfeng Hetao noodles Co., Ltd. will enjoy the first meal soup of this new policy. Wei Jiangong, chairman of the company, said: the company came to Yangpu from Inner Mongolia in 2017. At the beginning, it bought 500 mu of land to invest in the establishment of the plant. It mainly focused on the geographical advantages of import and export here. The 30% added value of imported raw materials after processing can be exempted from tariff, which will greatly reduce our tax cost and quickly open up the local and foreign markets.

The policy gift package enhanced the companys development confidence: the board of directors decided to invest 2.1 billion yuan to expand production capacity and build a comprehensive logistics distribution center for cereals, Oils and foodstuffs.

The Boao International Diabetes Center of University of Edinburgh has started trial operation in the international medical tourism pilot area of Boao Le City; in Wenchang International Space City, with the Tianwen 1 flying into the sky, many major aerospace industrial projects are expected to accelerate the landing; in Sanya Central Business District, more than 10 yacht and cruise enterprises such as Sanya Shitian cruise line Co., Ltd. have settled in

Under the policy of zero tariff and low tax rate, domestic and foreign enterprises have rushed to Hainan. Since June, the new growth of Hainan market has increased sharply. In June, there were 50 newly established foreign-funded enterprises, with a year-on-year increase of 92.31%.

In addition, the new tax-free policy of 100000 yuan per year on outlying islands is setting off a new shopping boom. In Sanya International duty-free City, Haikou Sun Moon Plaza duty-free shops, long lines of orders can be seen at any time. According to Haikou customs data, in July, when the new policy was implemented, more than 280000 people visited Hainan Island for duty-free shopping, and the amount of duty-free shopping exceeded 2.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 2 times.

On July 30, hu5971, which was carried out by Hainan Airlines A330 wide body airliner, rose from the new runway of Haikou Meilan International Airport Phase II expansion project in the gorgeous sunset, and landed safely and smoothly on the new runway after nearly four hours of flight. The successful flight test marks that Meilan Airport Phase II project has been put into use by the end of the year, and has more sufficient conditions.

As a major infrastructure for Hainan to build a free trade port, Meilan Airport Phase II, with a total investment of more than 16 billion yuan, can take off and land A380, the worlds largest airliner, with 72 seats. After the completion of the project, Meilan Airport will realize the operation of double runways and double terminals, which can guarantee the maximum annual passenger throughput of 45 million person times and the annual cargo throughput of 600000 tons.

Wang Zhen, chief commander of Meilan Airport Phase II construction, said that with the acceleration of the construction of the free trade port, Hainans aviation industry will usher in great development. In the future, the number of domestic and foreign airlines taking off and landing at Meilan Airport will increase significantly. Recently, five foreign airlines have come to discuss the opening of routes. At the same time, Meilan Airport is planning the third phase project to meet the future needs of the construction of the free trade port.

The transportation is free and convenient, and the flow of people and logistics is increasing, which provides flow responsibility for the construction of an international shipping hub and aviation hub with a new land sea channel in the West.

On July 28, the Tianlong River freighter was loaded with foreign trade heavy containers transported from Yangon, Myanmar to xiaotantan Wharf in Yangpu, and sailed to Tianjin, marking the formal opening of the domestic and foreign trade co ship transportation channel for imported goods from ASEAN to Tianjin via Yangpu transit.

Prior to this, the China Yangpu Port registered two ships one after another, and the domestic and foreign trade shipping bonded oil filling policy for domestic ships began to be implemented Aiming at the strategic positioning of the new land sea channel shipping hub in Western China, Yangpu Port is speeding up its development. In the first half of the year, the cargo throughput of Yangpu Port increased by 11.8%, of which the foreign trade throughput increased by 18.7%.

Under the guidance of the open policy, Hainan passenger flow recovered first after the epidemic. Data show that the number of flights in and out of Sanya in July exceeded that in the same period last year. Sanya Begonia Bay area hotel occupancy rate in the islands tax-free new policy is rising, the one room difficult to find situation is common. Nearly half of the tourists stay in Sanya has been extended from three or four days in previous years to more than five days.

In the piano room of Hainan Normal University Conservatory of music, Russian piano teacher Irina played and explained piano playing skills to students in fluent Chinese.

At the age of 64, Irina couldnt imagine that she could continue to work in Hainan. According to the original rules, my age has exceeded the limit, she told reporters. Now I can continue to teach, thanks to Hainans new policy and the schools communication and efforts.

If we do not reject the crowd, we will be the river and sea. Since last year, Hainan has introduced measures to optimize the management and service of foreign personnel in public institutions, and promote the solution of various post restrictions on employment of foreigners by public institutions. Nowadays, more and more foreigners like Irina are getting permission to work in Joan.

Three coconut prices, you can buy a high amount of global advanced special drug insurance. Recently, a special medicine insurance launch ceremony was held in Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism pilot area. With the huge two-dimensional code popping up on the central screen, ordinary residents in Hainan can enjoy the insurance protection of 70 kinds of new special anti-cancer drugs as long as they pay 29 yuan by scanning the code. Among them, 49 kinds of new special drugs are not listed in China, and the coverage can cover 35 kinds of common cancers.

The river is blue, the vegetation is green, there is no dense high-rise buildings, there is no bustling city. As the forefront of Chinas medical field opening to the outside world, Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pioneer Area has continuously attracted well-known medical structures and pharmaceutical enterprises to settle in, innovate and launch new products benefiting the people, and accelerate the construction of health resort.

The unique wind and rain corridor connects more than 10 functional venues such as teaching buildings, dormitories and gymnasiums. Teachers and students do not need to come and go in the rain after class. In Jiangdong new district of Haikou, along with the gradual demolition of Engineering scaffolding, foreign schools and Lide schools of harrow public school are gradually showing their true features.

As a key project of education internationalization in Jiangdong new area, the project will provide world-class education supporting facilities for the global high-end talents stationed in Jiangdong new area headquarters economic zone. In September this year, the school will officially open.

After sitting for a long time at work, I slide down the pipe slide from the third floor to the first floor, and then climb on the rock climbing wall of the office buildings patio; in my spare time after work, I will go downstairs on the lake plank road to enjoy the fragrance of birds and flowers In Hainan free trade port Ecological Software Park, there are many companies with such luxury office environment.

From the optimization of personal services to the improvement of business environment for enterprises, based on the unique ecological environment advantages, Hainan is making every effort to create a good environment that is suitable for living, learning, maintenance and business. The free trade port is constantly sending out its unique charm.