Whether you are married or not, you should have a good time

 Whether you are married or not, you should have a good time

In the big family, I said big or small, but it was embarrassing that my brothers and sisters were married, so I became the object of the whole familys urging.

What my mother often says is to ask why I havent found a boyfriend, saying that she hasnt seen one like me. In fact, this is not the case. People are always willing to see what they want to see, but they always ignore some facts. There are a lot of married people around me, but there are not many single people like me. But in my mothers eyes, I can only see those who have a family, but cant see these single people who are very comfortable.

I dont know when the idea that everyone should get married when they grow to a certain age, but I think that people should have the right to be free when they are alive. What kind of life they want to live is their own choice. No matter whether they are married or not, whether they have children or not, no matter what, they just want to be happy. Isnt that right?

Parents have their concerns, but the premise of worry is that we are not happy in the future, but this kind of thing really depends on fate. Fate to meet the right will naturally get married, fate does not matter, as long as a person can live well, that marriage or not is nothing special.