Collection of the knowledge of beating people

 Collection of the knowledge of beating people

Cuzu opened the bag again, and it turned out to be a piece of tofu! Isnt it a hint that his stick skills are weak?

The cudgel ancestor was mad with anger, but he thought: Ill give you two bags of gifts. Thinking of this, he immediately packed two packages to return the gift..

Stick Zu opened the big bag in front of Yang Sheng. It turned out to be the big green brick, but it was wrapped in a piece of paper. When Yang Sheng saw this, he couldnt help joking: why do you send me big green bricks? Im a scholar.

The cudgel ancestor looked at the four walls and said with a smile, they all say that Mr. Yang is very clean and honest. It seems that it is indeed so. You see what your brick walls look like. Im a bricklayer, and Ill mend your house today.

No, no, just one piece. The cudgel Zu looked around, then picked up the headpost behind the door and slapped it against the big green brick.

When the fight is over, the stick ancestor squats down and unties the paper wrapped with big green bricks. Yang Sheng looked at it and couldnt help laughing. The big green brick lay on the ground intact, nothing happened. But the cudgel Zu was still, turned around and scooped out half a ladle of water and poured it on the big green brick. Suddenly, a lump of brick ash was lifted with a puff sound

My God, the thin paper on the outside of the bread is fine. The big green brick inside has been beaten into powder. Its the turn of the stick ancestor to tease: put the brick ash together, enough to slip the brick seam on the wall, so that there will be no air leakage in winter.

The people around him were scared out of their wits. Even Yang Sheng began to beat the drum in his heart. To his surprise, the cuzus cudgel skill had reached the level of perfection.

See Yang Sheng faintly have timid idea, stick ancestor smile say: dont be afraid, dont be afraid, I still have a gift to give you. Then he put the small bag in front of him, swung the headpost and hit him, Pa Pa Pa sound was heard all the time. When the package is finished, you can see the tofu inside. Tofu looks tender and smooth, nothing happened, but the leather wrapped outside has been beaten beyond recognition.

Everyone was stunned: the paper wrapped with green bricks, the black bricks inside were beaten into vermicelli, but there was nothing wrong with the paper outside; the tofu was wrapped in leather, and the tofu remained the same, but the leather on the outside was totally different. This cudgel ancestors cudgel skill has reached the condition of freely retracting and releasing!

Yang Sheng understood that if a gift was given, it would be like beating tofu. Although the skin was scarred, it was safe inside; on the contrary, it was a big green brick, which had no injuries on the outside, but turned into meat paste inside.

Isnt that extortion? Yang Sheng angrily pointed to the cudgel ancestor and roared: get out! Im not afraid

Well, well see tomorrow. Cudgel left with hatred.

Talking about iron bars has a long history. There is a snake Valley in Taihang Mountain. There is wangquan water in the valley. There is a cluster of red sandalwood beside the spring. Snake likes shade, so it often entangles in the red sandalwood to cool off. The red sandalwood is surrounded by snakes for a long time. It grows very slowly and has a hard and compact texture. This stick is made of red sandalwood. When the finger flicks, it makes the metal sound of dangdangdang, so it is called iron stick.

Yang Sheng is worthy of being a man. Facing the iron stick of cuzu, he lay down on the ground without fear. When the cuzu beat him, he called out good. But later, he still couldnt hold on and passed out.

After 30 strokes, Yang Shengs skin looked as good as before. But when Yang Shengs family took him home, he asked his doctor to check and found that the meat inside was rotten. Fortunately, Lang was treated in time and cut off half a basin of rotten meat, which saved Yang Shengs life.

A year later, Yang Shengs body slowly recovered. He secretly vowed: once promoted, he must eradicate the royal guards, especially the cuzu!

Unexpectedly, three days later, cuzu came to invite Yang Sheng and apologized. Yang Sheng couldnt resist his love, so he had to drink birthday wine.

Boy, the scene is really grand. Many civil and military officials came to the scene. It is no wonder that no one is afraid of the power of cuzu. Now is a good time to curry favor.

Cuzu personally helped Yang Sheng to the top of the main table. Yang Sheng was not polite and sat down carelessly. Seeing that cuzus action was so abnormal, all the officials kept murmuring in their hearts: did cuzu regret beating Yang Sheng last time and take the opportunity to make amends today? Its not like his style!

After the birthday banquet, everyone began to show the birthday ceremony. Good guy, the Pearl, agate, antique, calligraphy and painting were simply piled into a hill, and the cudgel ancestors face was full of joy. Yang Sheng was the last one to give the birthday gift. He opened a delicate small box. Inside was a piece of rice paper, on which two sentences were written, meaning that he had never seen such a shameless one!

Its ridiculous to say that the cudgel ancestor cant read at all. He still praises Yang Sheng for his good handwriting and wants to hang it in the hall and pass it on to his descendants.

At this time, an official wanted to flatter cuzu, so he ran to his ear and whispered. Cuzus face immediately became gloomy, but it soon cleared up. He said with a smile: today, please come here. Drinking birthday wine is secondary. The main purpose is to show you a treasure and open your eyes. Then he clapped his hands.

After a while, the servant pushed a delicate wooden frame, which was covered with red silk. Cuzu opened the red silk personally. Everyone had a look: there was a long line of dried meat hanging on the wooden frame. Everyone is inexplicable, stick Zus words startled everyone. It turns out that this is the rotten meat that was cut from Yang Sheng last time. It was specially dried for everyone to see. Yang Sheng was so angry that he almost broke out on the spot.

Five years later, Yang Sheng was promoted to an important official of the imperial court. On the night of the decree, cuzu came to congratulate him personally. Unexpectedly, he also sent back the dried meat.

Yang Sheng hated his teeth, but cuzu was not in a hurry. He said that Yang Sheng should not only hate him, but also thank him.

Cuzu said that with his cudgel skills, even the bricks wrapped in leather can be made into powder. Isnt it easy to shatter the internal organs? But Yang Shengs flesh was smashed and his internal organs were not hurt at all. Its not because he wanted to be kind to his family in yangshengzu, so he was merciful under the stick!

Yang Sheng thought for a moment and then asked, since you are merciful under the stick, why do you show those dried meat in public? Isnt that a shame to me?

Cuzu laughed: wrong, Im making a name for you. Good wine is afraid of deep alley! Everyone knows that you are a forthright and outspoken counsellor in my exhibition, otherwise you can be promoted so fast?

Yang Sheng pondered for a while, but it was really so. It seems that the knowledge of beating people is really deep.

Author: Liu Chunshan