How to judge whether the stepmother really lives with her father?

 How to judge whether the stepmother really lives with her father?

Thank you for writing down your valuable suggestions on todays emotional problems.

Brother, how can you tell if your stepmother really lives with her father?

My father has remarried for 5 years. My stepmother has two daughters. The eldest daughter is married and has children. The younger daughter goes to high school. My father has me and my sister.

My fathers money is in the charge of his stepmother, so I dont know how much money my father has. I dont think my father knows.

Recently, my sister was taking a driving test. My stepmothers little daughter changed her glasses the day before yesterday

Just now my father sent me a message that he didnt pay wages and money. He asked me to give him 1000 yuan, not much.

But every time I ask for money, its the reason. I really dont believe that they cant even take out a thousand yuan.

Because stepmother is very thrifty, I dont want to speculate on her with the heart of a villain.

Its reasonable to give money, but this years work has not been smooth.

Before he asked for money, I was very happy to give, never said what, also did not ask what, this time I long a heart to ask him, he seems not very happy.

And last year, they gave their stepmothers eldest daughter 20000 yuan to open a shop. I dont mind.

I think since they are married, it is their common property. They have the right to control it. I dont know.

But I feel more and more wrong, why give her eldest daughter money so happy.

They cant even give 1000 yuan to my sister.

I really cant think of it. Please give me some advice.


Family affairs are always the most difficult to sort out. Many details can not be explained clearly in one sentence or two.

Some time ago, I saw the secret corner, and I had a lot of feelings.

Whether it is a man or a woman, divorced with a new marriage, will inevitably subconsciously put more thoughts on the new family.

And their life is the end result of the rest of his life, so it is inevitable that he will unconsciously take more care of them, which is human nature.

Therefore, it is not difficult to infer that under the pressure of your stepmother, he is bound to be more generous to her two children.

I personally feel that your father has borne the cost of living whether or not you have been living over the years.

Its normal for you to have a sense of imbalance in the way your father treats you and your sister and stepmothers two children.

But as an adult, no matter how many fathers are not, the blood relationship can not be changed.

Whats more, his fathers property, how he controls it, is his business, not to compare, his own efforts to make money is the king.

Adjust your mind and tell yourself to do your childrens duties and responsibilities first.

Whats more, your father only asks you for money once in a while, and its not much. Every time, youre already working independently.

Regardless of whether your father has any money, he will not leave you any money in the future.

I think it is also the responsibility of children to give their parents some living expenses after working.

Of course, how much to give, according to ones ability, cant live up to oneself, confess your present situation with father.

Its good that he can understand, but he cant understand it. If its me, if I can carry it, Ill give him this money to change my mind.

Of course, this is only my personal choice when dealing with this situation.

In a word, in the future, if you are willing to give it, if you really cant, dont try too hard. Just be frank.

But a yard to a yard, do not go and stepmothers children to do contrast, will only add to their own troubles.

Whats more, as long as your father is not abused by his stepmother, there are some things, one is willing to fight, the other is willing to suffer.

To tell you the truth, in some cases, you almost cant control it, and you cant manage it. If you manage too much, it will backfire sometimes.