When your wife is very kind to you, you should pay attention! (daily 83)

 When your wife is very kind to you, you should pay attention! (daily 83)

Someone called me just now. I havent seen the number. As soon as I came up, I asked if I was at home. I had a lot of express delivery recently. Subconsciously, I said yes. What did you send? However, he asked me inexplicably: did not go to the company? I wonder: No, why, are you? He asked: did not go to the company? I thought the bad signal raised the decibel: No, who are you? There also increased decibel, or asked me: did not go to the company? In this way, we repeatedly asked and answered the same sentence ten times, and the more they said, the more irritable they became. In the end, I just hung up. Then I thought, this person is really sick, said did not go, still asked! Wait, didnt you go? Gas? Shit, it suddenly dawned on me that I made an appointment with the gas company yesterday to open up gas in my new home

July 27th

After a busy day, I didnt even have dinner. As soon as I got home, Wang Mu Mu brought me the coconut sparerib soup that she stewed by herself. Although the appearance was average, the taste was passable, and it was non-toxic. Then I ordered my favorite beef and mustard fried rice in advance, and all the fruits I bought in the refrigerator were my favorite fruits. Besides, I only bought some clothes for me last month, but I bought some key items for me for no reason today. When I finished the soup, she washed the bowl and stew cup. I almost thought that I was tired and hallucinated today. After washing my face, I always felt that there was a conspiracy in my heart. I would like to ask the ugly female fans a question: when you women do something sorry for your husband, will you become extremely diligent and abnormal to your husband?

July 28th

Now some fans, can really daydream

July 29th

Do women follow the TV series every day? Last night I went to bed and said to me that my husband should hold me! In the morning, while she was making up and watching the play, I wanted to hug her from behind. As a result, she yelled at me fiercely, dont touch me. then she pointed to her mobile phone and yelled at dead scum man ah ah ah. Then she turned to me and said, what are you looking at? Ill cut you off. I... married Shen Jing Bing

July 30th

August 1st

Does this woman sometimes think about things without thinking? Its really a dream! Wang Mumu has just solemnly told me that he is old and hopes to go to a remote area with me to live in seclusion with me for the rest of his life. I told her: how soon are you going to buy a new cosmetics mask in town? Theres no WiFi in the mountain forest. Dont you want to watch the variety show? Sauerkraut fish, crayfish, milk tea, these takeaway boys are not sent to the mountain forest... She: Um... Shit!! Why are you so annoying. And then she started pinching and hitting me

August 3rd

Just on the bus, suddenly came up a sweaty little brother to sit next to me! Just listen to him sit down and sigh, and then began to call all the time, listen to what he said is not difficult to see that he is seeking temporary work!

On the first call, he said: while you are young, you can make more money and tell me when you can go to sea!

The second phone call should be a more familiar person, his tone seems more relaxed, but also talked about family matters. He said: my wife said that if I always go to sea, she would divorce me, but if I didnt go to sea to work, how could I make money? I wanted to support my family. I didnt mean to do anything sorry for her. Divorce would divorce! He was a little loud when he called. When his wife wanted to divorce him, people around him couldnt help looking at him! At this time, the phone should ask him why he didnt look for another job. He replied: this years work is too difficult to find. I have done electric welding, but I dont want to do it any more. My eyes were hurt during welding before. Its too dangerous! Let me know when you can go out to sea! Ah!

Then the third phone call, should be a friend to call him to introduce his work, he said very reluctantly: because of this years epidemic, XXX can not go (XXX is a certain area, he speaks fast, I cant understand where it is), I am also waiting to start work, so I will inform you when I can go!

I dont know why, I heard the telephone conversation on the bus unexpectedly. After listening to it, I had mixed feelings and couldnt say why. However, the feeling was much worse than the smell of sweat on his body!

August 4th

August 5th

Taste test: I dont say whether I bought it or not! Do you think this set of tableware looks good

August 6th

Busy now, make complaints about the mornings morning. When Wang Mu Mu was making up in the morning, he was watching thirty. I took a glance at it. It was just the picture of the dialogue between mistress and the original. I said that the little three smile is actually pretty good-looking, and then she rose to my heart on the wrong track, a small hand to come to pinch me. I am not a fuel-efficient lamp. Of course, I immediately grabbed her hands. Before I could bang her, she rose to my changed heart and now I dare to beat her. I:??? This is self-defense!! And then he was beaten up for no reason

August 7th

Recently, Im really multi tasked! We should be transporters, cleaners and installers! Its even if its necessary after all! But boring Wang Mumu is just an agent. He even puts on the art of planting flower racks and picking pots... Well, I have to be an industrious gardener now

August 8th