Ma Sichun and Jingtian get better on live TV

 Ma Sichun and Jingtian get better on live TV

After the live broadcast, the studio also showed a beautiful picture of Ma Sichun. She posed to the mirror style. It seems that the state is much better than before.

In June, Ma Sichun once revealed in a variety show that she used medicine to control her mood. She said that she had gained eight pounds of weight three days after taking the medicine. When she was in the worst mood, her body would become stiff and her legs would be soft. She could not walk from the bed to the door of the house. She felt very helpless, and she was still panting and couldnt see her eyes.

There are also media photos of Ma Sichun working in the studio. When he is in the working state, Ma Sichun is flexible and smiling. He looks relaxed and comfortable. However, at the break, the whole person is extremely depressed and listless, with great contrast. It is reported that after working late at night, Ma Sichun seemed to be out of strength because of his weak body. With the help of the staff, he got on the bus to have a rest. The whole persons state looked rather worried.

Recently, some netizens reported that Ma Sichun went to the psychiatric department of the hospital for treatment. Judging from the photos, Ma Sichun is haggard and cant hide. At present, she is actively cooperating with the doctors treatment. She believes that with a period of recuperation and adjustment, her condition can be alleviated as soon as possible.

At present, Ma Sichun is still active in the work site and has been involved in various itineraries in an orderly manner. However, as a public figure, Ma Sichun will inevitably receive various comments from the outside world. Some netizens have been criticizing Ma Sichuns figure. Her words are so fierce that fans feel heartache for her.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Xu Meiyu_ NBJS11310