Sichuan Universitys son, with an annual salary of 2 million yuan, was selected as a talented young man of Huawei, and has been rejected for many times

 Sichuan Universitys son, with an annual salary of 2 million yuan, was selected as a talented young man of Huawei, and has been rejected for many times

After graduation, he will join Huaweis core R & D team, cloud voice semantic innovation lab. he will be tutored by NLP technology leading experts to participate in NLP technology exploration and breakthrough.

Liu dayiheng in life

Gifted teenagers have been rejected many times

Liu dayiheng, a native of Zigong, Sichuan Province, entered Luzhou Luxian No.2 High School in 2009. Before the college entrance examination, he took the independent entrance examination, and got the bonus points of Sichuan University and Chongqing University in advance. He entered Sichuan University in 2012.

From undergraduate to doctor, every vacation is a good time for Liu dayiheng to recharge. As early as he was an undergraduate, he was used to giving up the rest of winter and summer vacation, turning his head into the study room and computer room, training and preparing for ACM program design competitions.

In the study day and night, the cold code program in Liu dayihengs eyes has gradually become cute up, he is increasingly interested in professional. All this made Liu dayiheng decide to follow the computer road all the time. In 2015, he won the promotion opportunity of Sichuan Universitys Bachelors degree and doctoral degree with the first comprehensive ranking, and started a new journey.

During the undergraduate period, Liu dayiheng attended the welcome party as vice president of the student union of the college

Liu dayiheng and his tutor Professor Lu Jiancheng

At the beginning of his academic thesis writing, Liu dayiheng was short of experience and experience, and his paper was rejected again and again. Later, encouraged by his tutor, Professor Lu Jiancheng, and his friends, he tidied up his mood and revised and polished his papers over and over again.

Once, twice, three times Do experiments, write papers, contribute The paper was submitted once and returned again Later, Liu dayiheng gradually got used to this process. He gradually understood that failure is the normal state of scientific research, and what he has to do is to face and try again, and turn failure into motivation.

Liu dayiheng in the laboratory

Until his first year of doctors degree, Liu dayiheng published a paper on ACL2019, which directly realized the zero breakthrough of Sichuan Universitys graduate students at ACL (the most important academic conference of the society of Computational Linguistics) in the field of natural language processing, and opened a new journey for his research journey.

Sleeping directly in the office while studying abroad

In 2017, with the support and help of his tutor, Liu dayiheng went to the National University of Singapore for study and exchange. The strange environment and intense study made him feel uncomfortable when he first arrived abroad. However, after a few weeks, the research atmosphere of the first-class academic institutions and the worlds cutting-edge topics washed away the tension and irrigated his growing thirst for knowledge. Later, as soon as he communicated with his classmates, he often forgot the time and took a brief sleep in the laboratory, waiting for a new discussion and experiment the next day.

Materials left by Liu dayiheng during his exchange at National University of Singapore

Half a year later, Liu dayiheng reluctantly ended the exchange, seeing and feeling all the way like seeds falling into his heart, giving birth to more expectations.

Soon after, the opportunity came again. He won the Tang Lixin scholarship and went to Microsoft Asia Research Institute to start his internship at the invitation of his classmates. Liu dayiheng cherished the opportunity, and research became the only thing he wanted to do. In addition to sleeping, he left all his time in the laboratory, sometimes even sleeping directly in the office building for the experiment.

Liu dayiheng, an intern in Microsoft Asia Research Institute

Huawei took the initiative to extend an olive branch to him

What touched Liu dayiheng most was the interview at the final stage. In his communication with the companys executives, he felt Huaweis emphasis on high-end technology and talents, as well as his passion for scientific research. At that moment, he felt that he had found the stage for the future.

Liu dayiheng said frankly, compared with the millions of high salaries that attracted peoples attention, what he was more excited about was the opportunity to transform what he had learned into theoretical application and create more sophisticated technical possibilities.

He said that this is the dream deeply buried in his heart, and also the continuation of the teachers words and deeds. From undergraduate to doctor, he spent eight years with Sichuan University. If we say that overseas exchanges and competitions have opened a high window for ourselves, then the pursuit of knowledge and learning in Sichuan University has built a cornerstone for our progress.

Genius boy, come on!