Packaging test to fly alone, can the supporting role turn into the leading role?

 Packaging test to fly alone, can the supporting role turn into the leading role?

Test single flight

The strategic significance of the integrated circuit industry is beyond doubt. The State Council basically publishes a programmatic document every ten years, from No.18 document in 2000 to No.4 document in 2011, and then to No.8 document in 2020, all policies are constantly improved and upgraded. In particular, compared with the original policy, the new policy changes software and integrated circuit industry to integrated circuit and software industry for the first time, and defines six types of enterprises related to the integrated circuit industry, especially the packaging and testing enterprises that were originally confused are divided into packaging enterprises and testing enterprises.

Some analysts pointed out that the IC testing industry has high requirements for capital investment, and companies with strong capital operation ability can rapidly realize expansion. The success of Liyang chip in the capital market will also provide important support for its further development.

have a brilliant future

In todays pressing and unpredictable international situation, the industry has formed a consensus that China core self-improvement is the only way out. With the help of policy and capital, and the surging 5g + aiot, the testing industry will also usher in a new disk.

According to the statistics of Taiwan Institute of technology, the proportion of testing cost in IC products is about 6-8%. It is estimated that the current scale of the mainland IC professional testing market is about 20 billion yuan. With the vigorous promotion of domestic chip substitution, the domestic IC test market will reach 10 billion US dollars in ten years, with broad prospects.

From a practical point of view, it can be said that testing is closely related to every link of the industrial chain: DFT (test oriented design) and simulation verification should be considered in chip design; functional test should be conducted to eliminate unqualified chips in wafer level test; electrical performance and continuity should be confirmed after packaging; function, performance and reliability of finished chip should be carried out after packaging The test can only be applied to the terminal. Moreover, the higher the high-end and complex chips are, the higher the dependence on test. The integrity of the test is directly related to the quality of the final electronic products.