Packaging test to fly alone, can the supporting role turn into the leading role?

 Packaging test to fly alone, can the supporting role turn into the leading role?

Test single flight

The new policy gives policies from eight dimensions, such as finance and taxation, investment and financing, research and development, import and export, and talents, and gives real benefits to the two major industries, i.e. integrated circuit industry and software industry. The new deal also stipulates that all qualified IC enterprises established in China, including those engaged in design, production, packaging, testing, equipment, materials and software, can enjoy this policy regardless of the nature of ownership.

The strategic significance of the integrated circuit industry is beyond doubt. The State Council basically publishes a programmatic document every ten years, from No.18 document in 2000 to No.4 document in 2011, and then to No.8 document in 2020, all policies are constantly improved and upgraded. In particular, compared with the original policy, the new policy changes software and integrated circuit industry to integrated circuit and software industry for the first time, and defines six types of enterprises related to the integrated circuit industry, especially the packaging and testing enterprises that were originally confused are divided into packaging enterprises and testing enterprises.

This also means that with the national policy level and practitioners of the whole industry chain starting to attach importance to the testing industry, the third-party professional testing is about to usher in great development.

From the perspective of international professional division mode, in fact, packaging and testing data have always been separately counted. Mo Dakang, a well-known expert in the industry, analyzes that the domestic test is relatively weak, so it has been used for statistics. However, there is a big difference between the two. On the one hand, test equipment is usually very expensive. The mainstream testing equipment in the world mainly comes from well-known suppliers such as Edwin and tirida. The most expensive tester needs tens of millions of yuan of investment. Although the packaging equipment is large in quantity, its price is relatively low. On the other hand, with the increasing SIP integration of SOC chip, the test will become more complex, and the requirements of memory and logic IC are different, so it is an inevitable trend for professional testing vendors to provide professional testing services.

In particular, on July 31, Liyang chip, the largest test service provider in China, successfully passed the IPO meeting on the science and technology innovation board, which attracted wide attention in the industry. The smooth passing of the meeting can be regarded as a landmark event. It is not only the affirmation of Liyang chips performance, but also the toughness of test manufacturers to attack the capital market and open a new chapter in domestic chip testing industry.

Some analysts pointed out that the IC testing industry has high requirements for capital investment, and companies with strong capital operation ability can rapidly realize expansion. The success of Liyang chip in the capital market will also provide important support for its further development.

have a brilliant future

In todays pressing and unpredictable international situation, the industry has formed a consensus that China core self-improvement is the only way out. With the help of policy and capital, and the surging 5g + aiot, the testing industry will also usher in a new disk.

From the perspective of the current industry structure, Taiwan occupies 70% of the global market share of professional testing, and is in an absolute leading position. According to the statistics of semiconductor comprehensive research, there are more than 60 pure test foundry manufacturers in Chinese mainland, but the scale and output value of them are all small. Many products have to be handed over to Taiwan funded or overseas testing plants, especially in comparison with the test factories in Taiwan, such as Jingyuan electronics, Xin Quan and Si Ge. There is huge space and potential.

Jingyuan electronics is currently the worlds largest chip testing plant. Li Jinggong, chairman of the board of directors, once optimistically pointed out in the media that the testing industry is a high-tech industry with capital intensive and advanced technology, and its entry barriers are quite high. In recent years, due to the increasing development of test facilities, foundry will gradually increase the demand for testing due to its increasingly complex test facilities.

It can be seen that professional testing plays an important role in the IC industry chain, because every chip delivered by the design company must be tested 100%, and the test plays an important role as a gatekeeper in the industry chain. While Chinas testing industry in the clouds, in the situation and reason should be both internal and external, for Chinas core to hold the last line of defense. (proofread / nanana)

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