Sister Lillard: Georges girlfriend is a stripper. The latter: youre like a sow

 Sister Lillard: Georges girlfriend is a stripper. The latter: youre like a sow

At the end of the game, Lillard missed two free throws and leveled three points in a row and was defeated by the Clippers. After the game Beverly and George scoffed: its like watching you go home.. Lillard hit back at George, who would only change teams after losing, while George countered by saying that injuries are part of the game and that people without champions are not worthy of ridicule.

The contradiction between the two is constantly escalating. George said that Lillard couldnt play the playoffs this year. Lillard said that I had beaten you in the playoffs. George continued to say that I was better than you in the Pacers. After that, he also took a taunt: your performance is not going to go.

After the game, more people got involved: Lillards sister was angry with Beverly and George on the social platform. She said that Georges girlfriend was a stripper, while Georges girlfriend replied that Lillards sister was fat like a cow.

This unprecedented swearing war has become the biggest conflict since the second round. Even Perkins commented, the original fight on the field can also let his wife and girlfriend join the battlefield. The online match between Lillard and George is the highest level of testosterone hormone!

At present, the Clippers are ranked second in the western region, and the Blazers need to continue to win in order to keep the ninth place in the West and fight for a playoff with the Grizzlies. At present, with the loss of the Blazers, the competition for the ninth place in the West has become more intense.