BMW lost money for the first time in a decade, but R & D investment rose to 6.3percent

 BMW lost money for the first time in a decade, but R & D investment rose to 6.3percent

The epidemic will affect the operation in the short term. Cash flow and profit margin are the focus of BMW Groups work this year. BMW will take a series of measures to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, but this will not affect the long-term strategic goal of BMW Group. In the next five years, it will invest more than 30 billion euro in R & D. BMW Group Chairman zipuce said.

BMW Group said that its higher R & D investment in the first half of the year was mainly used to promote the companys electrification process, such as BMW next. According to the data, BMW next is an electric concept car released by BMW group before, which represents the most advanced R & D and manufacturing level of BMW Group, and will have comprehensive interconnection function and highly automatic driving function. According to the plan, the car will be in mass production in 2021, and is now in a critical stage before its production.

In terms of new energy, BMW has launched a number of new energy vehicles such as BMW X5 plug-in hybrid in the Chinese market and obtained good market feedback. The data shows that the sales volume of BMWs new energy vehicles in China increased by 49.1% in the first half of the year. In terms of intelligent Internet connection, L3 level automatic driving function will be carried out on the upcoming bmwinext, and then L4 level automatic driving team test will be carried out in China and other markets.

It is worth noting that the Chinese market, as the worlds largest new energy vehicle market, has become the pioneer market for BMW Groups new technology research and application. It is understood that BMW pure electric bmwix3 will be listed and exported to overseas markets within the year. At the same time, in order to solve the pain point of electric vehicle use, BMW also reached a strategic cooperation with State Grid Electric in June this year to carry out research and innovation of charging technology. In terms of intelligent Internet connection and automatic driving, BMW has successively reached strategic cooperation with many domestic technology giants to promote technology development and application.

The impact of the current epidemic on the automobile market has not been completely eliminated, and there are views that the current crisis may accelerate the transformation of the global future travel market and drive the integration of the entire automobile industry. In response, BMW said it would maintain its confidence in the Chinese market and push ahead with its established investment plan in China, especially in the field of digitalization and electrification.

Since March this year, BMWs sales in the Chinese market have significantly recovered. According to the data, BMW delivered about 329100 new cars in China in the first half of the year. Among them, BMWs sales in China increased by 17.1% in the second quarter compared with the same period last year, continuing the recovery trend since March.

Source: Economic Observer: Wang Xiaowu, editor in charge_ NF