Lin Shuhao: I didnt sleep last night. Such a failure is heartbreaking and heartbreaking

 Lin Shuhao: I didnt sleep last night. Such a failure is heartbreaking and heartbreaking

Im sorry, I had too much emotion yesterday, I didnt know what to say... I didnt sleep all night

I know weve done our best this season. When the epidemic happened, we didnt waste a day. Every day we dont know when or if the season will start again, but we train, prepare and keep fit every day. During that time, I learned from the frustrations of my past career and became stronger psychologically.

As athletes, we usually dont have the opportunity to sort out what weve been through. Ive been carrying a heavy burden throughout my career. I have a knee injury, I havent played 130 games in two years, and the team has been in various situations, which makes me feel powerless again and again. Its hard for me to believe that God can continue to lead me out of trouble. What Im really waiting for is another disappointment. I forget that I used to be so brave and fearless.

To be honest, this season Ive got rid of the shadow of the past. I put down my burden and reshaped myself. Im a brand new player now - learn from the past, continue to dream, play 100% fearless.

When you dream big, you take heartbreaking risks. I dont believe in spiritual victory. This time, we didnt succeed. But this season has been very valuable for me. This process, what the team taught me in the whole process, and the way we grew up, is a precious asset that nothing can get back.

Thanks to Beijing Shougang club for giving me this opportunity. I dont regret it. Thank my teammates for their all-out efforts, tolerance, acceptance, and sacrifice for playing with me. Thank you @ Josh fan for being with me to complete this journey. I want to thank the fans out loud, no matter what city I am in, you have been following me and supporting me. Thank you so much. Love you forever

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