Wang Shipeng: the guard of Chinese mens basketball team is far from enough. Please calm down

 Wang Shipeng: the guard of Chinese mens basketball team is far from enough. Please calm down

When Wang Shipeng made this evaluation, he was in Shanghai, participating in the annual release of Youku 2020, which was called this! Its the third season of slam dunk. Wang Shipeng put aside the variety show and talked about basketball. Wang Shipeng restrained his smile.

After more than four years of retirement, Wang Shipeng has constantly changed his identity - game spokesperson, reality TV mentor, talk show guest, basketball commentator, entrepreneur, associate professor of Sports College All kinds of titles record the wonderful second half of Wang Shipengs life.

(surging news Ma Zuoyu) I still hope that domestic players can dominate the CBA, after all, this is our league. In an exclusive interview with a surging journalist, Wang Shipeng was outspoken about some sensitive topics in the basketball circle. In his slightly harsh words, he expressed his expectation for the continued growth of Chinese basketball. Only when the young people become better, will Chinese basketball become better.

Its too far for our defenders to reach the international arena.

The interview with Wang Shipeng took place at 10:00 p.m. on August 5. In fact, Wang Shipeng arrived in Shanghai at more than 7 oclock that night. However, at that time, Xinjiang mens basketball team and Liaoning mens basketball team were in the first game of CBA playoff semi-final. Wang Shipeng hoped to do interviews after watching this game.

In the end, the interview started before 10 oclock - Liaoning took the lead by more than 20 points early, turning the last quarter into garbage time.

Because of this, the topic also falls naturally on the field focal point player Guo Allen and Zhou Qi body. That game, Guo Allens appearance time is not much, but in 22 minutes time, Guo Allen also got 15 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists, shooting a high percentage of 50%.

That is to say, after that game, the discussion of the first domestic guard on the social network became more and more intense. Sun Minghui, Wu Qian and Guo Allens brilliant performance in the second round stage made many fans shout out the praise of the domestic guards burst out collectively.

In Wang Shipengs opinion, a guard determines the future and development of a team, but todays local guards in China are not capable of supporting such a heavy burden

After all, there is no foreign aid on the back line in the second round this year, so what we see is very little real confrontation. In fact, the match between Liaoning mens basketball team and Zhejiang Chouzhou is close to a better guard line confrontation, but this kind of competition is too few

Indeed, just as Wang Shipeng said, Guo also said frankly after that game, this kind of pressure is much less than the national team competition.

We always think that Alan Guo, Wu Qian and sun Minghui have come out, but if these guards are brought to the international arena, they are far from enough. Wang Shipeng repeatedly stressed that domestic players and international high-level players are far from each other..

So I hope the fans can calm down and face their shortcomings and give them a space to grow. This season is just the beginning of their main season, it is not very good to really pull to the international arena

If you dont play well, dont let people talk about it.

At last years mens Basketball World Cup, Wang Shipeng, as a commentary guest, wept in front of the camera after Chinas mens basketball team narrowly lost to Polands mens basketball team.

At that moment, many domestic fans were moved by Wang Shipengs true feelings. Afterwards, Wang Shipeng also said the reason for his emotional excitement, in 2008, we left Wukesong with regret. Today, Chinese basketball especially needs this victory.

At that time, the Chinese mens basketball team lost the ticket to win the Tokyo Olympics in front of their home, and Zhou Qi and Guo Allen became the target of public criticism. In fact, Wang Shipeng talked to the audience more than once in his commentary or social network, I hope you dont be too extreme. Our players are fighting for our country, and they have done everything.

But Waterloo was a watershed. Zhou Qi has become the target of attack by keyboard man. Even though he has performed well this season and won the title of defensive player of the year, many netizens still sneer at him: it is worthy of his name to defend the Arab League and the Chinese team from the gate of the Olympic Games, worthy of being Polands first center

I remember Yao Ming said in the NBA, if you dont play well, dont let people talk about it. . This mentality seems to be quite indifferent, but Yao Ming regards these things as encouragement and encouragement Wang said the players of their generation also came from all kinds of abuse.

When we were in the Tianjin Asian championship, including our defeat in Manila, the Philippines, we also came out of the curse, which is a necessary step for the growth of young players.

Although he retired for many years, but looking back on the criticism he experienced in those years, Wang Shipengs personal experience is that only when he has carried these curses and negative emotions can he become more powerful. It still depends on the performance on the court. Its useless to say too much.

Because of this, Wang Shipeng affirmed the growth and maturity of Zhou Qi and Guo Allen after the mens Basketball World Cup.

Zhou Qis recovery and physical preparation, including the competition, are very good. And he is more mature mentally, especially in the second round. Losing to Yi Jianlian in MVP voting is also a kind of affirmation to him this season

Cultivating local stars for the future of the national team

In fact, Wang Shipeng and Zhou Qi had an unpleasant experience. At that time, the war of words was even pushed into the hot search of social networks. However, they quickly cleared up the past.

Wang Shipeng has been paying close attention to Zhou Qis performance. This season when he returned from NBA to CBA, Wang Shipeng talked about Zhou Qi more than once in the commentary, including affirming Zhou Qis contribution in defense, but also pointing out the incompleteness of his offensive style.

Zhou Qi is still young and has many opportunities. When talking to surging journalists about Zhou Qi, Wang Shipeng is full of expectations for the 26 year old centers future.

However, he also quickly corrected his own wording, after all, it is not young to say that he is young. Before that, he has been relatively smooth, so he still has to go through some ups and downs to make his basketball road more substantial.

Zhou Qi is now preparing for the semi-finals with the Xinjiang mens basketball team, which is the only one of the top four in the playoffs to take part in the all China team. Wang Shipeng also affirmed and praised the outstanding performance of the all China teams in the second round, including Xinjiang mens basketball team, Zhejiang Guangxia and Zhejiang Chouzhou.

Wang Shipeng for Guangdong mens basketball team in those years, there are foreign aid in the team, but in Wang Shipengs view, the use of foreign aid in the team is no longer the same as in those years.

At that time, we were actually assisted by foreign aid, and domestic players were the main players. But with the development, gradually become the main foreign aid, some teams two or three foreign aid, can enter the playoffs difference

Because of this, the second round of CBA after the epidemic has become an opportunity for more domestic players to come forward to pick the beam.

I still hope that domestic players can be the masters of the CBA, after all, it belongs to our league. As Wang Shipeng expected, the growth of Chinese basketball needs young peoples progress, in order to our national team can have very good results in the future, I hope CBA can cultivate more local players of our own.

Source: surging news Author: Ma Zuoyu, editor in charge: Gong Hao_ NB12610