Why do some people always feel short of money?

 Why do some people always feel short of money?

Some people feel short of money because they care too much about others evaluation. Some social views and views have influenced these peoples views on wealth, such as: being poor means not working hard enough or having problems in character and ability; being poor will be unpopular and disgrace the family; the amount of money is the standard to measure a persons value; only by constantly getting more money can they be aggressive and popular

It can be seen that they associate more money with being looked up to by others, thus becoming a spiritual burden. They will try their best to meet the so-called good social standards and live a life that others are satisfied with. If they can not earn enough money, they will increasingly be unable to enjoy the present and satisfy the status quo.

In some cases, people use the lack of money to escape the lack of heart. One of my former visitors kept repeating the life of make big money - lose all - make money - lose again. Because he found that when he did not lack money, he did not live well. He had a huge sense of emptiness, senselessness and loneliness. He felt that nothing had to be done, and the past trauma and pain would come out and occupy the spiritual space. So he had to lose all his money in the casino, and then let himself busy because of lack of money, too busy to spare time to face the heart of lack.

Internal pain is always more difficult to bear than external pain, so some people hurt themselves when they are in inner pain, and use body pain to transfer inner pain. There will also be many people who do not allow themselves to experience the current affluence, just to use the lack of money to transfer the lack of heart.

Source: Peoples daily.com editor in charge: Geng Yuanyuan_ NJ5571